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Issue 91 of Star Trek Monthly was the May 2002 issue.


The contents page is revamped from this issue on, being split into two pages, covering "Regulars" and "Features". First Contact becomes Captain's Log and appears either on the first or second page depending on the issue.
Captain's Log
Toby Weidmann on crime, in Star Trek and his own...
The Best of All Worlds
Interview – Rick Berman – "Above and Beyond"
by Ian Spelling.
Moved nearer the front of the magazine for greater prominence.
A Piece of the Action
Random Thoughts
Andrew Robinson.
Interview – Michael Dorn – "Tough Enough"
by Ian Spelling.
Interview – John Fleck – "Smooth as Silik"
by Andy Mangels.
Michael Dorn as Worf.
A Fistful of Data
Ro Laren's Bajoran earring, Geordi La Forge's uniform, manoeuvering at warp.
Rogues' Gallery
K. Stoddard Hayes investigates crime and punishment in Star Trek.
Interview – Dominic Keating – "A Good Reed"
by Paul Simpson and Ruth Thomas.
Court on Camera
Anna Bowles looks at trials and courts in Star Trek.
Interview – Rene Auberjonois – "Changing Faces"
by Paul Simpson and Ruth Thomas.
From the Replicator
On Screen: The Next Generation season one DVD, Enterprise volume 1.2 VHS.
Read Out: The Genesis Wave, Book Three, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Millennium, Have Tech, Will Travel.
Hollow Pursuits
Great Moments in Star Trek: "The Measure Of A Man", Data's trial.
Top 10: Notorious criminals.
Unforgettable: Samuel T. Cogley
Next Issue
Issue 90 Star Trek Monthly
Issue 91 – May 2002
Issue 92
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