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"A generation's final journey begins."

A coup d'état on Romulus brings a new praetor, Shinzon, to power. However, Shinzon is not a Romulan, but rather a genetic duplicate of Captain Jean-Luc Picard. After being banished to the planet Remus for years, he now plots to draw the Starship Enterprise and her crew into a deadly confrontation and destroy the Federation once and for all.


Romulus, 2379[]

Romulan capital 2379

Romulan capital

On Romulus, in the capital city, two Romulan commanders are urging the Senate to accept an alliance with Shinzon of Remus, an opportunity that would make the Empire powerful enough to outmatch any foe in the Quadrant, even the Federation. Unfortunately, their proposal falls on deaf ears, as Praetor Hiren silences him, telling him that "the military does not dictate policy on Romulus" and that Shinzon and his followers will be met with all deliberate force and sent back to "that black rock they came from!" Seeing that the Praetor has made himself clear, the two commanders leave (after a covert glance at Senator Tal'aura).

Hiren consumed by thalaron radiation

Praetor Hiren consumed by mysterious radiation

As soon as they are gone, Tal'aura stands and excuses herself for a scheduled meeting with the Tholian ambassador. As the Senate begins discussing trade relations with Celes II, a small device left behind by Tal'aura opens, sending a cascade of greenish energy particles over the room. Confused, the Praetor calls for security to bring Tal'aura back, but it is too late – the entire Senate begin to decay from inside, and the Praetor himself topples to the ground and crumbles into dust

Earth (Holodeck)[]

Riker-Troi wedding

The wedding

Captain Picard speaks about how a Starfleet captain's life is filled with solemn duties. Picard remembers commanding men in battle, negotiating peace treaties between implacable enemies and leading numerous first contact missions, but all of that pales in comparison with the duty he is performing now… as best man.

There is a wedding reception in progress for Commander (soon to be Captain) Will Riker and his new wife, Deanna Troi on Earth at the foot of the magnificent Alaskan mountains of Riker's home state. At the table, along with Picard and the Rikers, are Data, Geordi La Forge, Worf, Beverly Crusher, and her son Wesley Crusher. Picard talks about how as a best man, he is expected to be gracious and very complimentary on this blessed union but he begins jokingly complaining that they are not considering the "damned inconvenience," they are putting him through: the USS Enterprise-E is losing its first officer and counselor in one go, as they depart for Riker's new command, the USS Titan, where Picard is sure they will be blissfully happy, while he is left behind having to train his new first officer, "a tyrannical martinet who will never, ever allow me to go on away missions!" Data – to whom Picard is referring – begins quoting the applicable Starfleet Starfleet regulation, and Picard amiably tells him to "shut up." While the assembled laugh, Picard remarks that he's waited for fifteen years to say that to Data.

Picard solemnly tells Riker and Troi they still have time to change their minds, but they decide "nah." So Picard raises his glass, and expresses his sincere thanks to Riker and Troi as his indispensable guides and advisers, and wishes them both the greatest happiness in their new lives together. "You are my family," he says. Picard, in the best maritime tradition, wishes them both clear horizons and to "make it so". He invites everyone to join in his toast, "To the bride and groom!" Everyone raises their glass in a toast and Riker leans over and kisses Deanna, his new wife.

Later, as the guests dance, Geordi La Forge is sharing a table with Guinan and asks if she has ever considered remarrying. She says no, stating that "twenty-three was my limit." Meanwhile, a very hung-over Worf moans and grumbles that Romulan ale should be illegal, and La Forge reminds him that it is.

Back at the main table, Troi compliments Picard on his toast and she assures him she will brief his new counselor on all she needs to know, but Picard absolutely forbids it, saying Troi already knows too much about him as it is. Picard asks if he'll have to make a speech during the ceremony on Betazed. Riker tells him there'll be no speeches – and per tradition, no clothes either.

Data stands up on the dais and calls for everyone's attention. He announces that, according to his studies of Betazoid and Terran marriage traditions, both cultures find it customary to present the happy couple with a gift. Given Riker's fondness for archaic Terran musical forms, Data's gift to Riker and Troi, "in honor of their conjugation," is him singing "Blue Skies". The song is a big hit with the happy couple and most of the guests, while Worf sinks his head back down onto his table with a groan and mutters "Irving Berlin…"

Next stop, Betazed[]

La Forge, Data, Riker, Worf, and Picard, 2379

"We will all honor the Betazoid tradition."

Later, as the USS Enterprise-E is making its way to Betazed, Picard steps out onto the bridge while Troi is trying to convince Worf to honor the Betazoid wedding tradition – since, after all, he more than anyone should understand the importance of tradition. Worf appeals to Picard, saying it is inappropriate for a Starfleet officer to appear naked in public. Picard jokingly wonders what a "handsome, strapping fellow" like Worf would have to be embarrassed about. Before Worf can say anything, he is interrupted by a beeping from the tactical console, which has detected a signal coming from the Kolarin system – a positronic signature. La Forge narrows it down to the third planet in the system. Data speculates that as this signature has only been transmitted so far by androids created by Dr. Noonien Soong, Data's creator. Picard decides to set course for the planet, despite it being very close to the border with the Romulan Neutral Zone. Picard finds the planet to still be well on the Federation side of the border and believes it is worth taking a look at. Picard assures Riker that they will still arrive in time for the ceremony on Betazed where, Picard makes it clear, especially for Worf, that they will all observe the Betazoid tradition. And with that, Picard is off to the ship's gymnasium. Riker orders the ship to the Kolaran system at warp five and La Forge wonders if Data is about to discover a long-lost relative.

Kolarus III

The Enterprise enters orbit of Kolarus III

In orbit, six separate positronic signatures are detected. La Forge recommends that they not use the transporter as there is an ion storm nearby and there's always a chance that it could come their way. With that in mind, Picard tells Worf and Data to go with him. Riker tries to tell Picard that it's his job to go down and not Picard's, but Picard invokes captain's prerogative, especially as he's been wanting to try out the Argo. Plus the fact that Picard knows that Troi would never forgive him if anything should happen to Riker. As he leaves the bridge, he jokingly tells Riker "You have the bridge… Mr. Troi," causing snickers all over the bridge.

What do we have here on Kolarus?[]

The Argo flies out from the Enterprise's shuttlebay and lands on the surface. The away team takes the Argo's auxiliary all-terrain buggy out and Picard has fun with driving it at high speed around the local terrain. The team finds pieces of an android strewn throughout the area and, although the android is completely disassembled, its various pieces – including the head (which is identical to Data's) – are still active; an arm reaches out and grabs Worf by the foot, startling him, and the head speaks to Data. However, just as the searchers locate the final piece, they come under attack from Kolaran natives in vehicles of their own, so Picard drives the Argo back to the shuttle while Worf mans the buggy's aft phaser cannon. Data has the shuttle waiting behind a cliff. Picard jumps the buggy off the cliff and into the shuttle, where it is secured. The shuttle lifts back off toward the Enterprise.

Beverly Crusher examines B-4's eyes

"You know, all things considered, Data, I think you have nicer eyes."
"Our eyes are identical, doctor."

Back aboard the ship, Dr. Crusher looks at the newly discovered android's head and decides that Data has nicer eyes. Confused, Data points out that his eyes are identical to the other android's. La Forge's scans reveal that the android is likely a prototype built by Dr. Soong, as the android has the same physical makeup as Data, but not nearly as much development in its neural pathways. Data asks the head what its name is and the head refers to himself as B-4. Picard notes that Soong's penchant for whimsical names ("Before") continues. Data asks if B-4 knows how he got to the planet or anything about his life prior to that, but B-4 knows nothing. Picard tells La Forge to reassemble him. Data asks if B-4 knows him and B-4 tells Data "You are me." Data corrects him and tells B-4 that his own name is Data and that he is B-4's brother. It is becoming clear that the state of B-4's positronic brain results in him being simple-minded.

A new mission[]

In his ready room, Picard orders Earl Grey tea from his replicator while reading a PADD at his desk. Shortly after, he receives a message from Starfleet Command and when the signal comes through, he's pleased to see the recently-returned Admiral Janeway on the screen. Janeway surprises Picard by sending him on a diplomatic mission to Romulus. The recently-installed Praetor, Shinzon, has requested a Federation envoy. As if that weren't surprising enough, Shinzon himself is Reman, not Romulan, having ascended as a result of some kind of political shake-up. Janeway says that Starfleet is just as confused as Picard must be, but needs an experienced captain on the scene, and the Enterprise happens to be the closest ship to the Romulan border. Janeway warns Picard to watch his back, and to be careful, since instability in the Empire could have consequences for the entire quadrant.

Picard steps out onto the bridge and tells the helmsman, Lieutenant Branson, to set course for Romulus, regretfully telling Riker "I'm afraid the Opal Sea will have to wait, Number One." With Picard's command, the Enterprise warps into Romulan territory.

In the observation lounge, Data briefs the crew on what little the Federation knows of Remus and the Remans: the planet Remus is tidally-locked, leaving one side permanently facing the Romulan sun and therefore uninhabitable, and the other side in permanent dark, which is where the Remans live. Virtually nothing is known of life on the planet, except Starfleet Intelligence has conducted long-range scans that indicate the presence of dilithium mining and heavy weapons construction.

As for the Remans themselves, Data notes that they are, in the hierarchy of the Empire, second-class citizens, but Riker notes that they also have a reputation as being formidable warriors; during the Dominion War, Reman troops were used as ground assault troops (i.e., cannon fodder) in the most violent encounters. La Forge wonders how a Reman could have become Praetor, and Riker theorizes that the Remans must have orchestrated a coup d'état with the support of the Romulan military.

Picard asks what is known about Shinzon himself. Data reports that Starfleet has nothing except a portion of his military record, from which it can be inferred that he is relatively young, but a very capable commander, having fought twelve successful engagements in the war. Picard remarks that the Enterprise is truly "sailing into the unknown" and asks everyone to keep up their research.

On the way to Romulus, Data, with La Forge's help, downloads a copy of his memory into B-4. Data is hopeful that with his memories and information that B-4 will be more successful in becoming a productive member of society. To Data's silent disappointment, the results of the memory download do not appear to be successful but La Forge notes that B-4 is assimilating a lot of information and it could just take some time. Data examines the back of B-4's head while La Forge is talking, and discovers an unknown port on his neck. La Forge thinks it may be a redundant memory port, believing it could possibly be provisional memory storage in case B-4's neural pathways overload. La Forge decides to keep B-4 with him in order to see if there's more he can do for him.


"Captain's log, stardate 56844.9. The Enterprise has arrived at Romulus and is waiting at the designated coordinates. All our hails have gone unanswered. We've been waiting for seventeen hours."

On the bridge, the crew continues to wait. Picard asks Troi for impressions, and she reports that "they're out there, captain." Worf recommends raising shields but Picard refuses. Riker comments that "with all due respect to diplomatic protocol, the Federation Council isn't sitting out here; we are." Picard reminds Riker that "diplomacy is an exacting occupation" and that they will continue to wait. On the viewscreen, a massive warship decloaks in front of them, easily twice the size of the Enterprise. Worf automatically begins to raise shields, but Picard tells him to stop and calls for a tactical analysis. Worf scans the ship and reports grimly that the vessel is loaded with weapons systems: 52 disruptor banks, 27 photon torpedo bays, and primary and secondary shield generators. Picard grimly sums up the vessel: "She's a predator."

They are hailed by the warship. A Reman holding a scepter appears on screen and identifies their ship as the Reman Warbird Scimitar. Picard, thinking this is Shinzon, begins to address him, but the Reman tells them he is not Shinzon, but rather his viceroy. He relays transport coordinates to the Enterprise and promptly cuts off the transmission. The senior staff head for the transporter room.


Praetor Shinzon

They beam over to Scimitar and find themselves in a darkened room. A man hidden from view up a flight of stairs asks their forgiveness for receiving them in such a darkened room but Remans are uncomfortable in light. The man, Shinzon, finally walks into view although his face is still hidden by the darkness. He tells Picard that he imagined Picard to be taller and that Data may scan him without trying to hide the tricorder. Picard tells Shinzon he is not what they imagined him to be and Worf correctly identifies him as Human. Shinzon takes notice of Troi while Picard asks why they were summoned here. Shinzon says he's never met a Human woman before, but Troi tells Shinzon she's only half-Human. Shinzon recites many statistics about Troi, how she's from Betazed, and the ship's counselor. All this Shinzon knew, but he states he did not know she was so beautiful. Riker, obviously concerned about the remarks Shinzon is making about his wife, comments that he seems to know a lot about their personnel, Shinzon tells Riker he does indeed. He asks Troi if he can touch her hair, but Picard steps in and tells Shinzon that they came on what was made to sound like an important mission and if Shinzon has any real business to do with them, he should get on with it. Shinzon apologizes and says there is much to discuss. Shinzon proposes unity, tearing down the Neutral Zone and establishing peace. Shinzon tells Picard that he's likely thinking this is too good to be true, but that a chance for peace cannot be ignored. When Picard confirms it, Shinzon raises the light level in the room, which causes the Viceroy to step back into the shadows. No one but Picard recognizes who Shinzon appears to be. Shinzon looks just as Picard did in his early 20s. They are of the same flesh, the same blood, the same person. Shinzon tells Picard to come tomorrow to Romulus and the two of them – or rather – the one of them, will have dinner and speak more about the future then. He pulls out a knife, cuts his hand, and gives the blood stained blade to Data, knowing they'll want to scan it. He bids them farewell, returns the light back to the previous levels and he and the Viceroy leave the room and the away team beams back up to the Enterprise.

In sickbay, Beverly Crusher examines the bloodstain in the computer and tells Picard that right down to his aggressive strain of Shalaft's Syndrome, Shinzon is a clone of Picard. She notes that they probably cloned him from a hair follicle or a skin cell of Picard's. Riker wonders why the Romulans would clone Picard; Picard tells Riker that he intends to find out.

On Romulus, Suran is growing impatient with Shinzon, telling him that they only supported him because Shinzon said it was time for an attack on the Federation but now Shinzon is delaying and he wonders what purpose bringing the Enterprise here serves. Shinzon tells Suran he doesn't have to understand Shinzon's purpose and that he should really learn patience – something that spending eighteen hours a day being harassed by a Romulan guard will teach a man. Shinzon sends them away but asks Commander Donatra to remain a moment. Shinzon tells Donatra to consider the word "allegiance," and that he demands that from people who serve him. He says that Donatra serves him and he believes she does so faithfully but not so with Suran. Donatra asks Shinzon to consider the word "trust" and asks if he trusts her and to what extent. She asks what she should do to prove herself faithful as an officer and as a woman. Shinzon, however, tells her that she's not a woman, but merely a Romulan. He tells her to watch Commander Suran and if he shows any sign of disloyalty, he is to be eliminated. Then she will have proven herself. On her way out, Shinzon tells Donatra that if she ever touches him again, he will kill her. She leaves the Senate hall as Shinzon doubles over immediately after and the Viceroy touches his chest and appears to calm him. Donatra meanwhile, watches the entire incident outside the door.

In Data's quarters, B-4 seems to receive a signal. He stops petting Spot and walks over to the computer and begins working it with the apparent skill and ability of Data.

That next day, in the Senate Hall, Shinzon tells Picard he was created from a sample of Picard's DNA and that at the right time, he would replace Picard and be a Romulan spy in the heart of Starfleet. When Picard asks what happened, Shinzon explains that the plan was abandoned some time ago when a new government came to power and they deemed the idea too risky, fearing it would incite a war with the Federation were he discovered. Shinzon explains that his face isn't exactly as Picard's was because of how he's endured a lifetime of violence, with the Romulans breaking his nose and jaw. But Shinzon says that the eyes should be very similar and Picard agrees. Shinzon says a man's eyes reflect the life he's led and says Picard's eyes are so confident. Shinzon confesses he hoped to grow to a height of two meters, a feeling Picard shared. Picard asks how Shinzon ended up on Remus and Shinzon tells Picard that he was sent to the Reman mines to die. They didn't think a Human would last very long there. Shinzon recalled not seeing the stars again for almost ten years after he arrived and also how the only thing the Romulan guards hated more than the Remans was him. He would have died quickly had a man not taken pity on him and kept the Romulans away from him. The man that helped him when he was only a small child became his Viceroy after Shinzon began his rise to power. He tells Picard that everything he has done has been for the sole purpose of liberating the Remans, from building the Scimitar at a secret shipyard to assembling his army and finally coming to Romulus in force. Shinzon realized the Romulans would never willingly liberate them and so they would have to forcibly take their freedom.

When Picard asks just how many Romulans died for their freedom, Shinzon has to admit it was "too many", but he is also glad to see that the Empire is finally beginning to realize there is a better way, the way of peace. Shinzon realizes that Picard doesn't trust him and Picard has to admit it is so. Shinzon tells Picard that if it had been him on Remus, he would be doing the exact same thing; Picard tells Shinzon if he were in Picard's position he'd know that Picard's responsibility to the Federation prevents him from letting his personal feelings affect his judgment. Shinzon remarks that all he has to go with are his personal feelings, and that he wants to know what it means to be Human. While the Remans have given Shinzon a future, he wants to know about his past. Picard says that he can tell Shinzon about Picard's own past. Shinzon asks if the Picards were always warriors. Picard says he prefers to think of himself as an explorer, so Shinzon asks if they were always explorers. Picard says he was the first of the family to ever leave the solar system; it caused a great stir in his family, but he had spent his life looking at the stars and dreaming of new worlds. Picard says that he wants to believe Shinzon and that the Federation strongly believes that all races can be united, and that a Starfleet captain standing in the Romulan Senate is a good example of that. Picard adds that when the trust of the Romulan Empire has been earned, he will be pleased to take Shinzon's hand in friendship.

Sovereign Sickbay

Dr. Crusher explains

Later, back aboard the Enterprise, Worf reports an unauthorized access of the ship's main computer and that La Forge is working on locating the source, but what he finds strange is that no restricted material was accessed – just basic stellar cartography and colony tracking station uplinks, for example. Picard says that they must still find the source of the break-in. La Forge also tells Picard that when the Scimitar decloaked, they detected thalaron radiation; because it was thought to be theoretical, initial scans didn't detect it earlier. Picard remembers how research into thalaron radiation was outlawed in the Federation because it could be used as a biogenic weapon. Crusher tells Picard that merely a microscopic amount of the radiation could kill all life on the Enterprise-E in seconds.

In the Senate, the viceroy tells Shinzon that this was a mistake and they are wasting time. The viceroy reminds Shinzon that he must not forget their mission and they must act now. Shinzon says he'll spend his time how he pleases, but that he was merely curious about Picard.

In Picard's quarters, Crusher comes to visit him. They reminisce about how Picard was when he was younger, and Crusher mentions that he turned out alright. Picard says that he wanted to believe Shinzon, but the evidence of the thalaron radiation proves that whatever he is after, it is not peace. Picard tells Crusher that Shinzon is very much as Picard was when he was younger. Data signals from engineering and says he and La Forge have found the source of the unauthorized access, as well as a way to take tactical advantage of it.

In Riker's quarters, Riker and Troi head for bed and they begin kissing each other passionately. In Troi's mind, Riker disappears and is replaced by Shinzon, telling her that Riker can never know Troi as Shinzon could. Troi realizes this isn't real, but the image of Shinzon changes into the Viceroy. As it turns out, the Viceroy is creating a sort of mental link and placing himself and Shinzon in Troi's mind, a form of telepathic rape. Riker finally manages to snap Troi out of the assault, and Shinzon tells the Viceroy to find her again. Another Reman enters and informs Shinzon that they've received the transponder signal. As he leaves, Shinzon doubles over again. The Viceroy touches Shinzon's chest and tells him that Shinzon's condition is accelerating and that he has no more time for games. Shinzon tells the Viceroy to get the doctors ready.

On the bridge of the Scimitar, Shinzon orders B-4 beamed aboard. The Remans tap into him and begin a download of the files that he accessed from the Enterprise. Meanwhile, Shinzon orders a cup of hot tea.

In sickbay, Crusher tells Troi that, other than elevated readings of adrenaline and serotonin, she's all right. Troi tells Picard that she was violated and that she feels herself to be a liability, and asks to be relieved of duty. Picard denies her request, telling her if she can withstand any future assaults, he needs her by his side now more than ever with the Enterprise being so far from Federation space. Before he can say anything further, Picard is beamed away before Riker can order Worf to put the shields up. The Scimitar cloaks and moves away from the Enterprise.

Aboard the Scimitar, Picard is restrained in a medical lab. Shinzon has the doctors take a sample of Picard's blood and he points out that B-4 was bait that Picard couldn't refuse. Shinzon says that with the information obtained from B-4, he now has all of Starfleet's communications protocols and knows the exact locations of the entire Federation fleet. Shinzon says his life has no meaning as long as Picard is alive. Picard says that if Shinzon has issues with him, then Shinzon should deal with him, and leave the Enterprise and the Federation alone. However, Shinzon says that the Remans will no longer bow before anyone – not the Romulans, and not the Federation. Shinzon says that if Picard had lived Shinzon's life, Picard would do the exact thing Shinzon is doing. Picard tells Shinzon that he's a mirror for Shinzon as well, but Shinzon says that he won't be for long, and that he's about to witness the echo triumph over the voice.

On the Enterprise, La Forge tells Riker that Shinzon's cloak is perfect and that there's no way to detect the Scimitar. Riker tells La Forge to keep trying.

Emergency transport unit - arm compartment

The emergency transport unit concealed in Data's forearm

On the Scimitar, B-4 enters and tells the Reman guard that Shinzon wants the prisoner. As the guard releases Picard, B-4 – revealed to be Data posing as B-4 – gives the Reman a Vulcan neck pinch to incapacitate him. After completely freeing Picard, Data tells Picard that Scimitar is, for all intents and purposes, an enormous thalaron generator. He also tells Picard that the information he (as B-4) gave Shinzon was false, created by himself and La Forge. He offers Picard the prototype of the emergency transport unit that La Forge gave him. Since it will only work for one person, Picard says he and Data will find a way off together.

The viceroy comes to the bridge and tells Shinzon that it's time; Shinzon goes with him to the medical lab. Meanwhile Data, acting as B-4, has Picard cuffed and taken at gunpoint away as an act to fool any passing Remans. Eventually, when Shinzon and the Viceroy arrive at the medical lab, they find the doctor just waking up and Picard gone. The Viceroy kills the Reman doctor on Shinzon's order, and the alert is sounded. Picard is freed of his manacles and given a disruptor. Once they reach the shuttlebay, Data attempts to decipher the code while Picard holds off the Reman security force by himself. Data does not have much luck initially, as Reman is a very complex and difficult language. Picard urges him on, telling him, "We really need that door open!" Finally, Data manages to punch in the right code. He and Picard enter the shuttlebay, and Picard welds the bay doors shut with his disruptor rifle. Data tells Picard that the shuttles on board are Scorpion-class attack fliers. While the Reman guards try to shoot through the door, Picard tries to become acquainted with the controls of the fighter. After being able to lift off, Data tells Picard that force fields have been erected around exterior portals, preventing them from leaving through the shuttlebay doors. Picard has Data fire through the door from which they came, and flies the fighter through the Scimitar's corridors. They finally return to the observation deck where Shinzon had initially received them, and fly out through the window. This causes a disruption in the cloaking field, revealing the location of the Scimitar. Shinzon notices the fighter flying toward the Enterprise and orders that it be caught in a tractor beam. At the same time on the Enterprise, they see the fighter flying toward them, and Riker has Worf transport the fighter aboard into a shuttlebay. As transport completes, the Enterprise races away from Romulus at maximum warp.

Commander Suran shortly thereafter calls Shinzon and tells him his patience is wearing thin, wondering why Shinzon continues to delay further after promising that it was time for action. Shinzon tells Suran that the Enterprise won't even make it out of the Neutral Zone, and that two days later, the Federation would be crippled beyond repair. Shinzon asks if that will satisfy Suran, who says it will, "for the moment." Shinzon says that when he returns to Romulus, he and Suran will have a little chat about showing proper respect. He closes the channel. Tal'aura wonders what's happening to Shinzon's face. Before everyone leaves the Senate Hall, Donatra stops Suran and asks him if he's truly ready to have his hands drenched in blood, and explains that instead of trying to conquer Earth, Shinzon plans on annihilating it; that crime will dishonor and stain their hands with blood for many generations.

En route to Earth[]

Later, aboard the Enterprise, Beverly Crusher explains that Shinzon is dying from genetic degeneration because he was created with a temporal RNA sequence, which would allow him to skip thirty years of his life in order to reach Picard's actual age more quickly. But since that wasn't activated, his body is beginning to break down and the only thing that will save him is a complete blood transfusion from Picard, which would kill him. Crusher says she doesn't know how long it will take for Shinzon to die, but knows that the effect is accelerating. With this information at hand, Picard realizes that Shinzon will come for him.

In Data's quarters, Data has B-4 restrained and activates only cognitive and vocal subroutines. Data tells B-4 that because he is a danger to the ship, he must be deactivated indefinitely. However B-4 does not understand and wishes to be released but Data cannot allow it. Data asks about Shinzon's plans, but B-4 doesn't have any useful information. B-4 asks how long "indefinitely" is, and after deactivating him, Data says it is a long time.

During a senior staff briefing, La Forge calls Shinzon's weapon a cascading biogenic pulse and that the properties of thalaron radiation allow the weapon to expand its radius enough to affect a ship, or even a planet. Picard realizes that the only reason Shinzon would have built such a weapon would be to destroy Earth. If Humanity is destroyed, the Federation is crippled and would be an easy target for a Romulan invasion. La Forge also reluctantly tells Riker that there is no way to penetrate Shinzon's cloak. Crusher notes that Shinzon will likely come after Picard before going to Earth, which is what Picard is counting on. He tells the crew they're being sent to Sector 1045 to meet Star Fleet Battle Group Omega; hopefully the fleet will be able to stop the Scimitar. Picard stands and tells the staff that under no circumstances can Shinzon be allowed to use the weapon, and that all other concerns are secondary. After Riker assures him they understand his order, Picard orders the ship to battle stations.

"Captain's personal log, supplemental. We're heading toward Federation space at maximum warp. The crew has responded with the dedication I've come to expect of them. And like a thousand other commanders on a thousand other battlefields, I wait for the dawn."

On the Scimitar, the viceroy touches Shinzon's chest, and tells him that he only has a matter of hours and they must begin the procedure. As it turns out, the Scimitar is cloaked and right behind the Enterprise. The viceroy tells Shinzon they will reach the Bassen Rift in seven minutes.

In astrometrics, Picard asks Data where their current position is. Data reports that they will reach the fleet in forty minutes. Picard remarks that Shinzon called himself a mirror of Picard, but Data disagrees, saying the events of Picard's life have created a unique individual. He compares Picard's situation with Shinzon to his situation with B-4; he says that while B-4 may be physically identical to Data aside from the former's less developed neural ability, B-4 would not be Data even if he did have equal mental powers. Data explains that he aspires to be better than he is, as does Picard – but neither B-4 nor Shinzon share that trait. As they begin passing through the rift, their connection to Starfleet Cartography is interrupted, and Data explains that all long-range communication will be affected. As he does so, both he and Picard realize that this is what Shinzon has been waiting for. Picard taps his combadge and orders Riker to take evasive maneuvers, but it is too late, as Shinzon has already begun firing at them. Shinzon orders his gunner to only target weapons and shields, as he doesn't want the Enterprise destroyed.

The Battle in the Bassen Rift[]

The next shot knocks out the Enterprise's warp drive, causing it to revert to impulse speed. The Scimitar is visible for the briefest moment as it too drops out of warp, disappearing completely as it turns about to resume the attack.

Picard and Data arrive on the bridge as disruptor blasts continue to impact the Enterprise. Riker reports that they cannot return fire while the Scimitar is firing through its cloak, and La Forge says their warp drive is inoperable. Picard orders Worf to fire a full phaser spread at zero elevation, with photon torpedoes ready to launch at any shield impact. The Enterprise looses a corona of phaser blasts, a few of which hit the Scimitar behind it, but it easily evades the volley of torpedoes. On his bridge, Shinzon sneers, "You're too slow, old man," and orders his crew to perform Attack Pattern Shinzon Theta.

Passing overhead, the Scimitar rakes the Enterprise's dorsal hull with disruptor blasts, almost draining its shields in that quarter. Picard orders a full-axis rotation to port, and to fire all ventral phaser banks. The Enterprise scores several hits, but only causes minimal damage to the Scimitar. Riker orders evasive pattern Kirk Epsilon and Picard calls Troi to the bridge. Shinzon hails and asks to see Picard in his ready room.

Cease fire[]

In the ready room, Picard encounters a holographic Shinzon, who tells him not to bother trying to trace the holographic emitters. Shinzon wants Picard to surrender and to allow him to transport Picard aboard his ship. When Picard asks about the Enterprise, Shinzon says he has little interest in it. Picard asks Shinzon to look at him; he says that Shinzon's heart, hands and eyes are all the same as his own, and that they all have the same potential. Picard tells Shinzon that using that potential to make yourself a better man is what it means to be Human. Shinzon dismisses all of this as childish dreams he lost in the brutality he experienced in the Reman mines. Picard says that he knows that deep down, they are a better man than someone who would exterminate an entire planet's population. Picard asks if Shinzon will waste his life with in a blaze of hatred, and says he can make another choice. However, Shinzon says that he can't change what he is, and that he will show Picard their true nature; he says his voice will echo through time after Picard's fades to a dim memory. With that, the hologram disappears. Picard sighs sadly, forced to accept that he has lost his last chance to get through to Shinzon, and now has no choice but to fight him to the death.

The Romulans arrive[]

Shinzon returns to his bridge just in time to see two Romulan Warbirds decloak. On the Enterprise, Picard steps out just in time to see the same thing. Riker tells Picard this is happening "just when I thought it couldn't get any worse." At that moment, they are hailed and Commander Donatra, aboard the warbird Valdore, offers her assistance to the Enterprise. Picard is amazed that they're here to help them instead of Shinzon. She explains that the Empire considers this situation a matter of internal security and she apologizes that Picard has had to get involved. Picard says when this is over, he owes Donatra a drink; Donatra suggests Romulan ale. The three ships get to work coordinating with each other to make a full attack on the Scimitar. Shinzon attacks the flanking Warbird and manages to disable it. The Valdore makes a strafing run on the Scimitar. Shinzon orders a partial de-cloaking and has the ship come to a full stop, making it looks like the Scimitar has suffered significant damage. Donatra takes the bait and has the Valdore close in. At the critical moment, Shinzon fires all weapons just as Valdore passes over them, and Valdore is disabled as well. Donatra tells Picard they have life support but are otherwise disabled. With the Romulans out of the way, Scimitar turns its attention back to the Enterprise. With shields failing and the hull beginning to fail in certain areas, Troi has an idea.

On Scimitar, as Shinzon prepares the next attack, the viceroy suddenly gasps in shock. When Shinzon asks what's wrong, the Viceroy tells him "She's here…" Troi has used the same trick the viceroy did earlier to get Shinzon in her mind. She is locating the viceroy through her mind and at the same time, guiding Worf's hand to precisely locate the Scimitar. After a few moments, she locks onto the Viceroy despite his attempts to resist, telling him to "Remember me!" At that moment, she tells Worf "Now!", and Worf fires a full volley of quantum torpedoes toward the Scimitar, all of which score direct hits. Picard has the Enterprise continue to fire. The ship makes a strafing run over the Scimitar while slamming it with phasers and more quantum torpedoes, which finally disable the cloak. Shinzon orders the Viceroy to prepare a boarding party and to go get Picard. Shinzon orders full disruptors targeting one specific point on the Enterprise; it is enough to disable the Enterprise's shields, and the Reman boarding party beams to the Enterprise. Riker and Worf lead a team to confront their intruders. On the way, Worf admits to Riker that the Romulans fought with honor, and Riker agrees.

Reman boarding party

Reman boarding party

At that moment, the parties meet, and a firefight ensues in the corridor. The viceroy, after sneering at Riker, eventually ducks into a Jefferies tube; with Worf covering him, Riker follows. They soon meet in the tube, the viceroy knocking Riker's phaser rifle away and cutting Riker's arm with his knife.

The Scimitar fires on the bridge, destroying the viewscreen and causing a massive hull breach that blows the helmsman, Lieutenant Branson, out into space. The rest of the crew hang on to whatever is nearby until the emergency force fields are put in place. Picard calls for medical teams as Troi races down to take over the Ops position in order to pilot (the conn position having been destroyed along with half the bridge). Data reports that they have exhausted their torpedo complement and phasers are down to four percent. Picard considers targeting all phasers on one spot, but with the Scimitar's shields still at seventy percent, La Forge tells him it would make no difference. The Scimitar pulls into position so they can see it right through the hole in the bridge where the viewscreen was. Troi wonders what Shinzon is doing. Picard realizes that Shinzon is trying to look him in the eye; thinking Shinzon knows what Picard will do, Picard realizes they have a chance to get him. Picard tells La Forge to divert all power to engines and has Troi standing by. Shinzon hails and asks if Picard is still alive; Picard says he is. Shinzon suggests that Picard go ahead and surrender. Picard tells Shinzon that when he was in the Academy, during his first evaluation, he was considered to be very overconfident; Picard cuts off the channel before Shinzon can finish his reply. Meanwhile, as he was talking to Shinzon, Picard sent Troi an order via text message to prepare to engage the engines at full impulse on his command. As Picard cuts off the channel, he tells Troi to engage, and orders all hands to brace for impact. Troi takes the Enterprise to maximum impulse on a direct collision course with the Scimitar. Shinzon quickly notices what Picard is doing and orders evasive action, but not in time. The Enterprise collides with the Scimitar, and starts to plow its way through the main hull. The Enterprise suffers massive damage, throwing the entire crew off their feet and destroying several sections of the ship, while the Scimitar's hangar and other decks are completely demolished by the saucer. Eventually, the Enterprise comes to a stop, leaving both ships locked together.

In the Jefferies tube, Riker gets the drop on the viceroy and kicks the knife away from him; at that point, their battle becomes a hand-to-hand brawl.

USS Enterprise-E and Scimitar following collision extraction

The Battle in the Bassen Rift

On the Scimitar, Shinzon orders full reverse on the engines, which separates the ships and destroys several decks, leaving part of the Enterprise's saucer section in the Scimitar. During the pull away, Riker and the viceroy fall into a chasm, likely caused by the ship's separation; Riker, hanging onto a metal causeway, kicks the Viceroy's leg out from under him and sends him plummeting to his death.

With both ships separated and all other options exhausted, Picard attempts to initiate the auto-destruct sequence; however, the computer informs him that it is offline. On the Scimitar, Shinzon is told that their disruptors are off-line. Shinzon orders that the weapon be deployed and used to kill everyone on the Enterprise; afterward, they are to set course for Earth and complete their mission. As the thalaron matrix begins to activate, Shinzon quietly says to Picard that there are some ideals worth dying for.

The activation is noticed on the Enterprise. When Picard asks how long they have, La Forge says the sequence should take about seven minutes as the thalaron radiation is relayed to the firing points; once that happens, no one on the Enterprise will survive. When Troi wonders how Shinzon can do that, knowing it will kill Picard, Picard tells her it's not about him anymore. Picard picks up a phaser rifle stored behind a wall on the bridge and orders La Forge to prepare for a site-to-site transport. When La Forge begins to tell Picard that he might not make it, Picard says that's an order. Data asks Picard to let him go, but Picard says he must do this. He leaves Data in command, and tells him to try to put some distance between them and the Scimitar. Just as the transport completes, they short out and transporters go down. Data orders Troi to assume command and takes La Forge with him. Data and La Forge head for an exposed corridor that faces Shinzon's vessel. The two old friends exchange a brief look at each other, knowing it is for the final time, before La Forge activates another force field between him and Data. As Data runs toward the hole in the ship, La Forge deactivates that force field which, as he leaps, blows Data out of the Enterprise and toward the Scimitar. When he reaches it, Data grabs hold and activates a hatch, allowing him access.

On the Scimitar, Picard heads toward the bridge, shooting any Reman he comes across. Upon reaching the bridge, Picard destroys the door and begins firing at any and all Remans on the bridge. One Reman gets close to him; he beats the Reman with his phaser rifle, which unfortunately destroys the rifle. Shinzon and Picard begin brawling, and Picard loses his phaser when it falls out of its holster. Picard gets away from Shinzon long enough to get up close to the thalaron generator, but realizes he's lost his phaser; between the generator and him is Shinzon, holding a knife. The two have another close fight, and the knife is lost into the thalaron generator, destroying it immediately. Shinzon pulls out a smaller blade, but Picard, against the wall, pulls down a pipe and impales Shinzon with it. Shinzon pulls himself along the pipe, running it all the way through himself; he puts his hands around Picard's neck, and tells him that he's glad they're together at that moment and that their destiny's complete. Shinzon dies with his hands around Picard's throat, and Picard is left frozen in shock.

Picard and Data (2379)

"Good bye…"

Data enters the Scimitar's bridge, goes up to the generator, and pulls Shinzon's body off of Picard. In the ultimate sacrifice, Data activates the emergency transport beacon on Picard, who disappears just as he begins to protest. Data softly says "Goodbye." He turns toward the thalaron generator, which will fire in ten seconds; he aims his phaser at the thalaron generator and shoots it in the final seconds, which destroys the generator, the Scimitar, and himself along with it.

Data opens fire on Scimitar

Data makes the final sacrifice

From the Enterprise, La Forge and Troi witness the destruction of Scimitar, shocked by what they see. They turn and see Picard standing on the bridge. Troi asks about Data, but Picard can only shake his head. The Valdore signals as Commander Donatra tells Picard she is sending shuttles with medical personnel and supplies; she informs Picard that he's earned a friend in the Romulan Empire, which she hopes will be the first of many. A devastated Picard asks La Forge to open the doors, as the Romulans won't know their procedures. He tells La Forge to "just open the doors." La Forge gently assures Picard that he'll take care of it as Picard retreats to his ready room.

Sovereign Crew Quarters

A toast to Data

Later in Picard's quarters, he hands glasses of Chateau Picard to Riker, Troi, La Forge, Crusher, and Worf. He makes a toast in remembrance of their fallen crewmate and friend. Troi begins to cry, and in Irish wake tradition, Riker, through tears, chuckles and recalls the first time he saw Data on the holodeck. Riker mentions how Data was trying to whistle but couldn't ever get the tune right, but Riker can't remember the name of the tune Data was trying to whistle.

Spacedock: Earth[]

USS Enterprise-E in drydock

The Enterprise undergoing repairs

Later, after the Enterprise is taken to Earth, the ship is undergoing extensive repairs in drydock. Picard is reading something in his ready room when Riker comes in, now wearing his captain's rank pips, and asks Picard for permission to disembark, which Picard grants. Picard asks where Titan is headed off to and Riker tells Picard they're going back to the Neutral Zone and that they're heading up a task force out there. It seems the Romulans are now interested in talking. Picard offers Riker one piece of advice and Riker is happy to take it. Picard tells Riker that when his first officer insists that he can't go on away missions to ignore him. Riker says he intends to. The two men and old friends clasp hands. Riker tells Picard that serving with him has been an honor and Picard says the honor was his. And with that, Captain Riker leaves the Enterprise to head for the Titan.

Picard goes to his quarters and talks to B-4, telling him about Data's goal of becoming more Human and that Data's wonder about Human nature allowed them to see the best part of themselves and Data embraced change because he always wanted to be better than he was. B-4 doesn't understand though and Picard says he hopes B-4 eventually will and that they will talk again. Worf calls and tells Picard they're ready to put the warp engines online and Picard leaves for the bridge. B-4 begins to mumble lyrics from "Blue Skies." Picard helps him continue by singing along a couple of lines. As he walks down the corridor, Picard smiles knowing that a small part of Data survives in B-4 and that despite all that's changed recently, things will indeed be all right.

Log entries[]

"Captain's Log, Stardate 56844.9. The Enterprise has arrived at Romulus and is waiting at the designated coordinates. All our hails have gone unanswered. We've been waiting for seventeen hours."
"Captain's Personal Log, supplemental. We're heading toward Federation space at maximum warp. The crew has responded with the dedication I've come to expect of them, and like a thousand other commanders on a thousand other battlefields, I wait for the dawn."

Memorable quotes[]

"A starship captain's life is filled with solemn duty."

- Picard, at Riker and Troi's wedding reception

"Shut up."
"Yes, sir."
"Fifteen years I've been waiting to say that!"

- Picard and Data, as Data recites Starfleet regulations

"Did you ever think about getting married again?"
"No. Twenty-three was my limit."

- La Forge and Guinan

"Romulan ale should be illegal."
"It is."

- an extremely hung-over Worf and La Forge

"But I take it there will be no speeches during the ceremony on Betazed?"
"No. No speeches and… no clothes."

- Picard and Riker

"Ladies and gentlemen, and invited transgendered species…"

- Data, addressing the crowd at the wedding reception

"Captain, I do not think it is appropriate for a Starfleet officer to appear… naked."
"Oh, come now! A big, handsome, strapping fellow like you? What can you be afraid of?"

- Worf and Picard

"Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be in the gym."

- Picard, after announcing that all of the guests will observe the Betazoid wedding tradition

"The Son'a, the Borg, the Romulans – you seem to get all the easy assignments."
"Just lucky, Admiral."
"Let's hope that luck holds."

- Admiral Janeway giving Captain Picard his new assignment

"You have the bridge… Mister Troi."

- Picard, to Riker

"I will always be puzzled by the Human predilection for piloting vehicles at unsafe velocities."

- Data, traveling on Kolarus III

"It appears to be a robotic arm."
"Very astute."

- Data, when Worf picks up B-4's arm on Kolarus III

"Why do you have a shiny head?"

- B-4, to Picard

"B-4? Doctor Soong's penchant for whimsical names seems to have no end."

- Picard

"Why does the tall man have a furry face?"

- B-4, at Riker

"I am in a room, with lights!"

- B-4 when asked where he was questioned in engineering

"Jean-Luc… how'd you like a trip to Romulus?"
"With or without the rest of the fleet?"

- Janeway and Picard

"Diplomacy is a very exacting occupation."

- Picard, to Riker

"Raising shields!"
"Tactical analysis, Mr. Worf"
"52 disruptor banks, 27 photon torpedo bays, primary and secondary shielding"
"She's a predator"

- Worf and Picard when the Scimitar decloaks

"Come to dinner tomorrow on Romulus! Just the two of us. Or, should I say, just the one of us?"

- Shinzon, to Picard

"Our eyes reflect our lives, don't they? And yours, so confident!"

- Shinzon, to Picard

"If there is one ideal the Federation holds most dear is that all men, all races, can be united."

- Picard, to Shinzon

"Remember him?"
"He was a bit cocky as I recall."
"He was a damn fool. Selfish, ambitious, very much in need of seasoning."
"He turned out alright."

- Picard and Crusher, reflecting on his younger self

"As ship's counselor, I recommend you come and get some sleep."
"Some honeymoon!"

- Troi and Riker

"Why am I here? Why have you done this?"
"I was lonely."

- Picard and Shinzon, after Picard's kidnapping

"What is it your Borg friends say? Resistance is futile."

- Shinzon, to Picard

"What am I while you exist? A shadow? An echo?"

- Shinzon, to Picard

"I'm a mirror for you as well."
"Not for long, Captain. I'm afraid you won't survive to witness the victory of the echo over the voice."

- Picard and Shinzon

"And like a thousand other commanders on a thousand other battlefields, I wait for the dawn."

- Picard's personal log

"For now we see but through a glass darkly."

- Picard

"Can you learn to see in the dark, captain?"

- Shinzon, as the Scimitar attacks the Enterprise

"Captain Picard, Commander Donatra of the warbird Valdore. Might we be of assistance?"
"The Empire considers this a matter of internal security. We regret you've become involved."
"Commander… when this is over, I owe you a drink."

- Donatra and Picard

"The Romulans… fought with honor."
"Yes, they did, Mr. Worf."

- Worf and Riker


- Data's final word, to Picard

"Captain, we are being hailed."
"On screen. (looks up to see there is not screen) Open a channel."

- La Forge and Picard

"You've earned a friend in the Romulan Empire today, captain. I hope the first of many."

- Donatra to Picard, after defeating Shinzon

"To absent friends. To family."

- Picard, toasting Data

"Serving with you has been an honor."
"The honor was mine… captain."

- Riker and Picard, before Riker departs for the Titan

"Never saw things…"
"…going so right."
"…going so right."

- B-4, assimilating Data's memories, with Picard chiming along

Background information[]

Enterprise-E saucer section, regeneration

Enterprise-E saucer section in "Regeneration"

  • Jeri Ryan was asked to reprise the role of Seven of Nine in a cameo at Riker and Troi's wedding, but refused both because she wanted to avoid being too attached to Star Trek and she was confused as to why Seven would attend the wedding of people she did not know. (The Fifty-Year Mission: The Next 25 Years)
  • The song Riker can't remember from his first encounter with Data was "Pop Goes the Weasel," dating all the way back to the pilot, "Encounter at Farpoint".
  • A large mock-up of the saucer section of the Enterprise-E, used during the collision course sequence, later appeared in the debris field of a Borg sphere in the Star Trek: Enterprise second season episode "Regeneration". (ENT Season 2 Blu-ray, "Regeneration" audio commentary)
  • As with the actors portraying Remans, Michael Dorn's voice was electronically lowered in pitch in post production to give Worf a more alien sound.
  • The contact lenses used in Data's makeup differed from those used in previous outings as, this time, they were more opaque yellow.
  • In an interview early in the film's preproduction, John Logan stated that a Gorn would be present in Riker and Troi's wedding reception. However, no such alien appeared in the final movie due to the prohibitively high cost of creating such a creature. However, Logan's insertion of a "Tholian ambassador," spoken by Tal'aura, survived the final cut of the movie. A redesigned Gorn later made an appearance in ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II". (citation needededit)
  • Logan also wanted the battle in the Bassen Rift to be fought with a fleet of vessels, not just four, however, this too would have been prohibitively expensive. (citation needededit)
  • A scene cut from the movie's script states that the USS Hemingway towed the critically-damaged Enterprise to Earth following the latter ship's battle against the Scimitar. (citation needededit)
  • In the It's A Wrap! sale and auction, an unused blue casual jumpsuit that was to be used by Shinzon was put up for auction. This costume was never used, which could suggest that there was an intended scene which may have had Shinzon in a casual state.
  • The film's visual effects were provided by Digital Domain.
  • Before kicking the Reman viceroy to his death, Riker originally was going to quip "Don't worry, hell is dark." Jonathan Frakes objected to the line, feeling that it made Riker seem like he was enjoying the thought of killing the viceroy rather than doing it out of self defense, but it initially remained in the movie. However, when the film's script was leaked on the internet in mid-2002, Riker's quip in particular was widely ridiculed by fans, which finally led to the line's removal. It is, however, kept in the novel.
  • The leaked script also revealed that the bridge of the Scimitar would have had several warp core relays built into it, and Data would have destroyed the ship by shooting one of the relays at the climax. This ended up being removed after Rick Sternbach pointed out how ridiculous it would be to have part of the warp core routed through the bridge, and Sternbach also called attention to the fact that if a firefight broke out on the bridge (as indeed happens when Picard arrives) one misplaced shot by either party could destroy the whole ship. As a result, the script was changed so that Data destroyed the Scimitar by shooting the thalaron generator. (citation needededit)
  • Just after Data destroys the Scimitar, Picard appears suddenly on the bridge of the Enterprise in very much the same fashion that Data suddenly appears on the bridge after Gomtuu leaves in a brilliant flash of light in TNG: "Tin Man".
  • This is the first Star Trek film to use the 2002-2012 Paramount Pictures logo.

Cast trivia[]

  • The only actors, beside the main cast, to participate in both this film and the first TNG film, Star Trek Generations, are Majel Barrett and Whoopi Goldberg. In both films, Barrett voiced the Enterprise computer and Goldberg played Guinan.
  • Shannon Cochran had previously appeared as Kalita in TNG: "Preemptive Strike" and DS9: "Defiant" and as Martok's wife Sirella in DS9: "You Are Cordially Invited".
  • J. Patrick McCormack had previously played Admiral Bennett in DS9: "Doctor Bashir, I Presume" and Prax in VOY: "Counterpoint".
  • Bryan Singer, director of the first two X-Men films (which featured Patrick Stewart), can be seen in one scene as the replacement tactical officer.
  • Although Wil Wheaton's (Wesley Crusher) only scene in the movie with any dialogue was cut from the final film, he can be seen sitting to the left of his mother at the far end of the front table during the wedding celebration (note inset photo marked "The wedding"). Several deleted scenes, including that one, can be seen in the two-disc DVD Special Collector's Edition.
  • In a 2012 convention appearance, Wil Wheaton talked about his appearance in this film. According to Wheaton, he found out about it and that it was going to be the last one after a chance run-in with LeVar Burton and that it was Burton who went to the producers and asked that Wheaton be included in the film. Wheaton said that only a few days later, his agent got an offer from Paramount to appear in the film and Wheaton agreed without even knowing what he would be doing, only that he would be again portraying Wesley Crusher. Wheaton also said that he asked John Logan what Wesley was doing there, was he still a Traveler and just visiting or had he stopped traveling and returned to Starfleet? Wheaton said that Logan told him he didn't have an opportunity in the script to decide that one way or the other and it really didn't matter as far as the rest of the film went and that it would just have to be one of those things left to the audience to decide which would be the case.

Wesley is a lieutenant junior grade assigned to the operations branch.

References to other series and films[]

  • Admiral Kathryn Janeway's comments to Captain Picard in the original script called for her to name "the Borg, the Son'a, the Romulans, even that pesky Dr. Soran", referencing the main adversaries of all four TNG films. The first three made it into the final cut; Janeway and her ship were already whisked away to the Delta Quadrant when the Soran incident took place and entirely out-of-contact with Starfleet, before managing to re-establish regular contact at a later point in time.

Janeway has been promoted from captain to a three-pip or vice admiral. This also makes Janeway the only member of the USS Voyager crew seen in a Star Trek: First Contact-style uniform in live action (LD: "We'll Always Have Tom Paris" features an animated version of Tom Paris in that style uniform), although a Mark I EMH was seen during (Star Trek: First Contact), and in DS9: "Doctor Bashir, I Presume", in the same style of uniform.

  • The film contains references to all five live-action Star Trek television series that had been released at this time. Riker employs an evasive maneuver named after James T. Kirk, the entire cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation appears, Riker discusses the Remans' participation in the war with the Dominion, Admiral Janeway appears, and a USS Archer is listed among a Starfleet battle group.
  • The name of the Romulan ship Valdore was later reused as the name of a 22nd century Romulan senator and admiral, Valdore, in Star Trek: Enterprise.
  • The toast given in Data's honor posthumously by Captain Picard, "To absent friends", was also spoken by Admiral Kirk in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, in reference to Spock's death in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. "To absent friends" is the traditional naval toast of the day for Sunday. A similar toast, "To absent comrades" was given by Kor given in Jadzia Dax' honor in "Once More Unto the Breach".
  • The end of the film (where Shinzon decides to unleash the thalaron device to destroy the Enterprise and Data's subsequent decision to destroy it, ultimately killing him) mirrors the end of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, where Khan decides to unleash the Genesis device on the Enterprise, in which Spock sacrifices himself to save the Enterprise.
  • Additionally, the closing scene between Picard and B-4, in which it is hinted that Data's memory transfer to the prototype android was seemingly successful, could be interpreted as setting up a potential regeneration of Data through B-4 – just as Spock was regenerated in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock – for a next outing in the film series, which however did not come to fruition, as explained below.
  • The way Riker defeats Shinzon's viceroy is also reminiscent of the way Kirk defeats the Klingon, Kruge, in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.
  • The closing scene with the Enterprise undergoing repairs in drydock over Earth pays homage to Star Trek: The Motion Picture, reusing music from the scene in which the refurbished USS Enterprise is first viewed by Kirk from a shuttle.
B4's remains

…the ultimate fate of B-4…

  • Data's self-sacrifice became a major plot point for Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: Picard which premiered in 2020, and in which Picard stated on several occasions that he still mourned his friend after two decades. It was also revealed in the opening episode "Remembrance" that B-4 had been deactivated and disassembled when it became evident that Data's memory engrams had not taken hold after all. The disassembled B-4 being put in storage at the Daystrom Institute indefinitely, effectively put an end to any possibility of Data being resurrected à la Spock as he only appeared in Picard's guilt induced dreams.
  • In Picard's season one finale "Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2" however, it turned out that Data was not dead in the truest sense of the word, as his consciousness had been preserved by Bruce Maddox and Altan Soong in an artificial construct. A single neuron from the memory engrams Data had copied into B-4 was used to reconstruct his consciousness. When a dying Picard got to visit Data in the construct, he was finally able to get closure by thanking Data in person for his self-sacrifice, who himself had no memory of the event as it occurred after he had transferred his memory engrams into B-4. Aware that he was only "living" in a simulation, Data however, requests Picard to terminate the simulation, thereby making his death definitive. Picard grants Data's wish.

Sets, props, and costumes[]


Nemesis official site

The main page of the official Nemesis website

  • The film's official website, operated by and located at "", was launched on 28 June 2002. The website's main page contained links to the film's trailer and the option of activating the site as run by Macromedia Flash or viewing a non-Flash version of the site. The site itself, like most official sites, contained information on the film and its cast and crew, as well as images, trailers, and downloads. The American version of the site was fully activated and updated by 30 November 2002, and by February 2003, links to foreign-language versions of the site had been added to the homepage. On 3 June 2005, the site was integrated into's main website. [13](X)
  • The fast food restaurant Del Taco featured promotional tie-ins to the film.
  • Trailers and TV spots featured Shinzon's line "Kill everything aboard that ship, then set a course for Earth" edited into "Set a course for Earth – kill everything".


  • The toy company Art Asylum released four action figures based on the film in the likeness of Picard, Data, Shinzon, and the viceroy. However, its replica of the Enterprise-E (with lights and sound) was finally released in February 2006, over three years later.


  • Much like the score for Star Trek: Insurrection, the original soundtrack had a lot of material left off of it. A bootleg began circulation about six months after the film was released on home video. Yet while this bootleg contained more music, a couple of vital cues were left out of the score.
  • In January 2013, Varèse Sarabande released a Limited Edition 2-CD Deluxe Edition of the score which contained everything heard in the film. [14] This release also revealed it contained mixes that the bootleg had and the two missing vital cues. This set also contains "Blue Skies" as heard by Brent Spiner in the film.

Merchandise gallery[]

Box office performance[]

  • Opening on Friday, 13 December 2002, Star Trek Nemesis earned a lower-than-expected US$18.5 million in its opening weekend. It became the first Star Trek film to not debut in the number one spot at the box office. That honor instead went to the Jennifer Lopez romantic comedy Maid in Manhattan, which beat out Nemesis by less than US$200,000 (Nemesis actually made slightly more per cinema than Maid in Manhattan, but opened in nearly two hundred fewer theaters). Nemesis went on to lose over 76% of its business the following weekend, falling to eighth place in the face of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. At the time, reflecting the fan's perception of the movie, this was the worst revenue drop of any major studio film in box office history, though it would be surpassed the following summer when Gigli (also starring Jennifer Lopez) lost 89% of its first-week business. The movie closed on Thursday, 13 March 2003 with a total gross of US$43.25 million, the lowest of all Star Trek films.
  • Nemesis was equally disappointing in the United Kingdom. Opening on 3 January 2003, it grossed only £4,666,630 in its entire run at the UK box office, considerably down on the other Next Generation films.
  • The movie has the dubious distinction of becoming the all-time worst performing Star Trek movie, with the preceding Next Generation movie, Insurrection, coming in third, and one of only four which turned in an official net loss for the studio, the biggest one as a matter of fact. Even the hitherto most reviled one, The Final Frontier, had been able to break even. See for further details, Star Trek films: Performance summary.


  • LeVar Burton is on record as having said that the film "sucked." [15] Marina Sirtis backed him up, but also quipped "it sucked less than Insurrection." Burton and Sirtis also criticized Stuart Baird for not watching a single episode of TNG. In later years, Sirtis has been more vocal in her criticisms of Baird, referring to him as "an idiot."[16] According to Burton and several other members of the main cast, Baird kept referring to LeVar as "Laverne" throughout production and thought the character of Geordi La Forge was an alien.
  • Fans came to agree with the assessments of Burton and Sirtis: the film review website Rotten Tomatoes calculated a 37% overall approval rate for Nemesis. As of 2016, this is the second lowest of all Star Trek films, only surpassed by Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, which is widely considered to be the worst Star Trek film. [17] Released at a time when the franchise was already under fire for the poorly-received television series Star Trek: Enterprise, it added considerable weight to a fan campaign seeking the removal of the "current leadership of the franchise from their positions, including Rick Berman, Brannon Braga [note: who, incidentally, had not worked on Nemesis], and their entire staff".
  • Patrick Stewart has divulged that Nemesis was not intended to be the last in the Next Generation series, but a subsequent, fifth, one, "While we were filming Nemesis, an idea was being developed by John Logan, the screenwriter of Nemesis, and Brent Spiner for a fifth and final movie. It was a very exciting idea for a screenplay. It would have been a real farewell to Next Generation, but it would have involved other historic aspects of Star Trek as well." However, the dismal reception and performance of Nemesis ended all notions for an encore. [18]
  • The poor performance and reception of Nemesis – hard on the heels of the equally poor performance and dismal reception of Insurrection – , combined with the failure of Enterprise, was for the franchise conglomerate the reason to cease any and all further investments in prime universe Star Trek. Pursuant the cancellation of Enterprise, the studio one-and-a-half years later sold off their entire warehouses' contents of Star Trek production stock assets in the 2006-2009 40 Years of Star Trek: The Collection, and It's A Wrap! sale and auction wave of auctions, save for a limited amount for exhibition purposes, making it abundantly clear that Paramount was done with Star Trek as has been. Not only were live-action productions suspended, the release of related merchandise was, with the exception of home media formats, also dialed down considerably; exemplary of this was the publication cessation of two of the three official Star Trek magazines in existence at that time, Star Trek: Communicator in 2005, and the franchise's flagship magazine, Star Trek: The Magazine already in 2003, leaving the originally British Star Trek Magazine the sole survivor. Still, Paramount quite literally rebooted Star Trek with the alternate universe 2009 movie Star Trek, essentially reinventing and recreating Star Trek from scratch. It would not be until 2015 that a new prime universe work, which became Star Trek: Discovery, was announced.
  • The poor fan reception became part of pop-culture when Nemesis was labeled a "terrible movie" in the otherwise Star Trek-friendly and heavily referencing sitcom The Big Bang Theory, in its only reference in the season four episode "The 21-Second Excitation".

Deleted scenes[]

  • Several deleted scenes appear on the special edition DVD with introduction by producer Rick Berman. In the intro, Berman confirms that roughly fifty minutes of footage was trimmed from the original version. Known filmed but deleted scenes include:
    • An extended wedding scene where Picard speaks with Wesley Crusher, who confirms that he has returned to Starfleet and will be serving aboard the USS Titan.
    • A private conversation on board the Enterprise following the wedding between Picard and Data over a glass of Chateau Picard where Data examines Picard's Ressikan flute and Picard confirms that not only are Riker and Troi leaving the Enterprise but Dr. Crusher is also leaving to return to Starfleet Medical. They toast to "new worlds", which is later echoed during the dinner between Shinzon and Picard.
    • Early introduction of Shinzon in the film (right after the wedding reception). This is the scene that includes the dialogue from the theatrical trailers, "But in darkness there is strength…" (Viceroy) and "The time we have dreamed of is at hand… the mighty Federation will fall before us…" (Shinzon).
    • A discussion between Riker, Troi and Worf in the crew lounge about spending their honeymoon on the Opal Sea on Betazed (which is later expounded on in the theatrical cut where Picard tells Riker that "the Opal Sea will have to wait, Number One" after the Enterprise sets course for Romulus). Data also enters with B-4 and attempts to show the prototype android how to eat with a spoon.
    • Worf warning Picard about the Romulans following the scene in the observation lounge on course for Romulus. This scene includes Worf's dialogue from the teaser trailer, "I recommend extreme caution…"
Jean-Luc Picard, command chair seat belts

Captain Picard enjoys the new upgrade to the captain's chair in the original ending of the movie

  • Picard's new captain's chair used in a deleted scene set at the end of the film was later reused as Captain Archer's command chair during the fourth season of Star Trek: Enterprise. The deleted scene had Picard pressing a button on the left armrest to activate the chair's built-in seat belts, to which he exclaims "It's about time!"
    • A scene of Picard walking with Troi down a corridor and Troi explaining to him that he and Shinzon are two different people. This scene includes the line from the trailer, "it was like a part of me had been stolen…" (Picard).
    • The second mind-rape scene of Counselor Troi in a turbolift. Parts of this scene also appeared in the trailer showing Shinzon telling Troi "Don't fear" and later her on the floor of the turbolift looking distressed
    • Sickbay getting ready for battle with dialogue between Dr. Crusher and Picard, referencing Zefram Cochrane's quote "to seek out new life and new civilizations."
    • A scene of Worf and La Forge packing up Data's personal belongings in his quarters after his memorial service. La Forge examines Data's violin and Sherlock Holmes pipe. Spot jumps up in Worf's arms, who complains that he is "not a cat person", as La Forge quips "you are now."
    • A conversation over subspace between Picard and Crusher, where she invites him to dinner on Earth after she has left the Enterprise for Starfleet Medical.
    • The original ending – a new first officer is introduced on board the Enterprise as Riker departs and a new command chair is installed on the bridge.


The A Time to… series of novels depicted Wesley Crusher still as a Traveler, and that he arrived to the wedding ceremony naked as he was expecting a Betazoid wedding. To cover the snafu, Picard had a uniform beamed down for Wesley to wear during the ceremony. The novel also established that Dr. Pulaski was present at the ceremony. The novel also establishes that Worf was serving temporarily as acting chief of security/tactical officer as the Enterprise's chief of security was on shore leave on Earth and her second in command had recently resigned. Worf was also planning to transfer to the Titan with Riker and Troi as first officer, but after the death of Data, Picard requested Worf remain aboard the Enterprise and he agreed to do so.

Also, several novels, including Death in Winter, Resistance, Q&A, Before Dishonor, Greater than the Sum, and the Destiny trilogy have continued the adventures of the Enterprise beyond the events of Nemesis and showed further crew changes, for example, Beverly Crusher returning to the Enterprise after falling in love with, eventually marrying Captain Picard and becoming pregnant with their first child. Also, Worf is shown being promoted to full commander and becoming the Enterprise's new permanent first officer.

The comic book series Star Trek: Countdown (that also functions as a prequel to the J.J. Abrams movie), shows that Data "returned" to life by having his neural pathways eventually overwrite B-4 and then with help from Geordi and the Soong Foundation, upgraded B-4's neural net, thereby allowing Data's pathways to be fully operational. The restored Data would eventually become captain of the Enterprise after Picard becomes the Federation Ambassador to Vulcan. However, the events of this series would be later contradicted by the Cold Equations novel trilogy where Data's and B-4's fates take different paths than what are depicted in the comic.

Awards and honors[]

Star Trek Nemesis received the following awards and honors.

Year Group Award Nominee(s) Result
2003 Saturn Awards Best Supporting Actor Tom Hardy Nominated
Best Costumes Bob Ringwood
Best Make-up Michael Westmore
Best Science Fiction Film -
Young Artist Awards Best Family Feature Film – Fantasy Won

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Beagle, HMS; Denab system; Fire Caves; Hemingway, USS; Kholamar desert march; Madden, Martin; Talos, USS; vintner


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