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UMD release
Series: Star Trek films
No. of discs: 1
Director: Stuart Baird
Release date: 4 October 2005
Rating(s): MPAA - Parents Strongly Cautioned CHVRS - Parental Guidance
Subtitles: English
Reference: 03412
ASIN B000A6T294
Year: 2379

Star Trek Nemesis is the UMD release of Star Trek Nemesis.

This is the only Star Trek film released on the UMD format.
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This film has been sectioned into chapters, similar to tracks on a DVD.

Scene Title
1 Conspiracy
2 Blue Skies
3 Positronic Signature
4 Unsafe Volocities
5 Sailing Into The Unknown
6 Memory Download
7 Predator
8 Praetor Shinzon
9 Allegiance
10 Not Quite Human
11 Violation
12 The Echo Over The Voice
13 Escape
14 Rate Of Decay
15 Battle Stations
16 But Through A Glass Darkly
17 Romulan Assistance
18 Remember Me
19 Brace For Impact
20 Worth Dying For
21 Face Of The Enemy
22 Journey's End
23 New Horizons
24 Credits

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