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The Star Trek Nemesis – Expansion Set was a trading card set produced by Rittenhouse Archives as an expansion of their Star Trek Nemesis set. Limited to 999 sealed sets, the expansion consisted of a eighteen-card base set and a single costume card. A bonus signature card signed by Bryan Singer – which was originally intended to appear in the Nemesis set, but arrived too late for inclusion – was available to purchasers of five sets.

Base set

Card # Title Card # Title
NE1 The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E NE10 Waiting for Shinzon
NE2 The Argo Takes Flight NE11 Phaser Fire
NE3 Romulan Encounter NE12 Face to Face
NE4 Blasting Through NE13 Ramming Speed
NE5 Evasive Maneuvers NE14 Weapon of Mass Destruction
NE6 On the Offensive NE15 Transporting to the Scimitar
NE7 An Unlikely Ally NE16 The Scimitar's Ultimate Weapon
NE8 Battle Stations NE17 Taking Out the Enemy
NE9 Romulans Under Attack NE18 Space Dock

Chase cards

Card # Card image Title
"From the Archives" Costume Card (1:set)
CC1 Nemesis expansion card CC1.jpg Jonathan Frakes as Commander William T. Riker
Autographed card
One sent for every five packs ordered – approx. 200 produced
NA11 Nemesis expansion card NA11.jpg Bryan Singer

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