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BBC Trek night 96

A 1996 BBC Star Trek Night promotional graphic

The 1996 Star Trek Night was a special evening of programs broadcast by the BBC on BBC2 on 26 August 1996. Presented by Red Dwarf star Craig Charles, the night was designed to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the franchise, as well as to launch the just-acquired Star Trek: Voyager.

A common strand throughout the evening was "Star Trekkers," a series of short interviews in which celebrity Trek fans talked about the series.


Time Program Synopsis
19:15 Introduction by Craig Charles
19:20 To Boldly Go Where No Quiz Has Gone Before Channel 4 newsreader Peter Smith presents a Star Trek quiz, with a special appearance by impressionist Jon Culshaw, in his first TV appearance.
19:52 Star Trekkers Josie Lawrence
19:57 Star Trekkers Paul Boateng
20:02 Horizon – The Science of Star Trek Roger Penrose, Stephen Hawking and Lawrence M. Krauss discuss the real science behind the Treknobabble.
21:01 Spoof Trek A look at the best and worst comedy sketches about Star Trek – hosted by Alistair McGowan (including, amongst others, "Get a Life!", and "The Last Voyage of the Enterprise")
21:16 Star Trekkers Jonathan Ross
21:20 Star Trekkers Damien Hirst
21:27 The Star Trek Story Documentary exploring the history and cultural impact of the series
22:19 Funk Me Up, Scotty John Peel (not to be confused with Star Trek author John Peel) trawls through the musical careers of the Star Trek cast
22:35 Star Trekkers Patrick Moore
22:38 Star Trekkers Camille Paglia
22:43 Star Trekkers Ben and Jerry (presumably Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield)
22:50 VOY: "Caretaker" UK terrestrial premiere. The series continued with "Parallax" on 29 September 1996.
00:20 Star Trekkers Shaun Ryder & Paul "Kermit" Leveridge

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