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Star Trek Scene It? is an interactive, DVD-based board game by Mattel and Screenlife. Questions are based on the first five live-action Star Trek television series and the first ten feature films. Questions may be read from cards or are featured on the DVD. Actress Judi Durand voiced the role of the Starfleet computer for the game.

Four versions of the game have been released: a boxed Regular Edition, two Deluxe Editions (the Ships Edition and the Captain's Edition), and the Ultimate Fan Pack Limited Edition.

Game Components

Regular Edition packaging

Regular Edition

The boxed Regular Edition game includes:

  • 1 DVD
  • 1 Flextime® Game Board
  • 1 Six-Sided Numbered Die
  • 1 Eight-Sided Category Die
  • 4 Plastic Movers (the Enterprise 1701, the Enterprise-D, the Defiant & Voyager)
  • 10 Prime Directive Cards (these replace the "Buzz" cards seen in the pre-release Components photo below)
  • 144 Trivia Cards
  • 4 Category Reference Cards
  • 1 Instruction Sheet

Deluxe Editions

Deluxe Edition packaging

Both Deluxe Edition games differ from the Regular Edition as follows:

  • The game is packaged in "Collector Tin" metal boxes (the Ships Edition packaging features pictures of Starfleet ships and DS9 while the Captain's Edition features pictures of Starfleet captains, similar to those on the cover of the Regular Edition)
  • The "Movers" are now metal and described as "4 Collectible Metal Tokens" (the same ships seen in the Regular Edition)
  • 16 Prime Directive Cards instead of 10
  • 175 Trivia Cards instead of 144

All the other game components are identical to their Regular Edition counterparts

NOTE: When originally solicited, the Captain's Edition was slated to have five "Captain" movers (Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway & Archer) in place of ships, but this did not occur. The cover art on the tin boxes is the only difference between the two Deluxe Editions.

Ultimate Fan Pack Limited Edition

Ultimate Fan Pack Limited Edition packaging

The Ultimate Fan Pack Limited Edition included the Regular Edition of the game packed with six individually-packaged Hot Wheels die-cast and plastic starship miniatures. It was released exclusively in North America at Costco stores in September 2010. The following ships were included:


As with most versions of SCENE IT?, the object is to be the first player to reach the center of the "Final Frontier" circle (named "Final Cut" in other versions) to win the game.

Players roll both dice to (a) move around the game track, and (b) determine what action is to take place (getting a Trivia Challenge question from card; playing a DVD Challenge; drawing a Prime Directive card, or Player's Choice of any of the above). Winning a Challenge allows the player to continue their turn and roll again.

The game track incudes several "Warp Speed" spaces. Landing there and completing a Challenge allows the player to move DOUBLE the distance of the Numbered Die on their next roll.

Trivia Challenge Types

United Federation of Planets
Questions on aliens, planets, ships, etc.
Questions on major events in the TREK universe
Questions on "the world of Pop Culture surrounding STAR TREK."

DVD Challenge Types

Who Am I?
Identify the character, alien, planet or object described using the four clues provided.
Identify the character removed from an episode or movie still.
Sensor Readings
Identify the starship from a distorted image which slowly resolves itself.
Finish the Line
Identify the next line following a displayed scene.
Mind Meld
Identify the character names from jumbled and constantly changing letters.
Spatial Anomaly
Identify the character from a distorted image.
Questions based on scenes
Answer a question based on a displayed scene, or the episode from which the scene originates.
First Contact
Identify the species from a pixelated image.
Captain's Log
Identify the episode or film from the captain's log.
What's Missing?
Identify the item removed or hidden from an image.
Coded Transmission
Identify the Star Trek-related word within the encoded message.
Final Frontier
A series of challenging questions which must be answered in order to win the game.


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