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Star Trek Scrabble is a special Star Trek-themed edition of the board game Scrabble. The game was released in 2009 by Fundex Games (under license from Hasbro), timed to coincide with the release of Star Trek, although the game's graphics and materiel is specifically based on Star Trek: The Original Series rather than the new movie.

Game components

  • One Star Trek-themed gameboard
  • 100 Letter Tiles (in the same standard distribution as the basic Scrabble game, but made of black plastic with white lettering rather than natural wood with black lettering)
  • Two black plastic Tile Racks
  • Two silver plastic Tile Racks
  • Four Reference Cards describing the Bonus Squares on the game board
  • Instruction Book with listing of Bonus Words


The game plays much like standard Scrabble, with the addition that 79 specifically-noted Trek-related words (one each for the 79 original episodes) are worth extra bonus points (five, ten or twenty points) if played during the game. (The majority of these are character and place names; proper nouns like these are not normally allowed in regular Scrabble.) Additionally, if you can play any legally-provable Klingon language word (as seen in any form of The Klingon Dictionary by Marc Okrand), the word earns fifteen additional bonus points.

Several descriptive modifications were made to the game for Trek fans. One is that the normal "Triple Score" (word and letter) squares are listed as "Tribble Score". Another is that the traditional 50-point "Bingo" for using all seven tiles in one play is referred to as "entering warp speed."

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