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The Star Trek Star Fleet Technical Manual is a reference book, ostensibly created as a compilation of material accidentally transmitted by the USS Enterprise during the events of "Tomorrow is Yesterday", and detailing the technology of the 23rd century.

This work is noted as providing the basis for the Star Fleet Universe series of games.


All sections of the manual except the Introduction have "flysheets" that bear the Enterprise ship badge with various symbols in the centers.


Foreword I
1973 memorandum to Franz Joseph from the US Director of Security Control regarding the computer data from USS Enterprise accidentally dumped at Omaha Air Force Base in 1969.
Foreword II
Stardate 3150.10 (2267) memorandum regarding Star Fleet investigation of the sensitive data given to 20th century Humans. This is described as having been written by Sidre Ael Sardelas, Director of the United Federation Military Staff Committee.

General Section[]

  • Articles of Federation
    • Declaration
    • Chapters 1 – 19 (containing 110 articles)
  • Statute – Interplanetary Supreme Court of Justice – not printed
  • Statute Regulating Interplanetary Commerce – not printed
  • Romulan Treaty of Peace
  • Organian Treaty of Peace
  • United Federation of Planets Banner
  • United Federation of Planets Seal
  • United Nations Planet Earth, Sol system Flag
  • United Nations Planet Earth, Sol system Seal
  • Planetary Confederation of 40 Eridani Banner
  • Planetary Confederation of 40 Eridani Signat
  • United Planets of 61 Cygni Shield
  • United Planets of 61 Cygni Arms
  • Star Empire of Epsilon Indii Standard
  • Star Empire of Epsilon Indii Seal
  • Alpha Centauri Concordium of Planets Pennant
  • Alpha Centauri Concordium of Planets Arms
  • Official Type Style – Earth, Sol system – Star Fleet Specification
  • Official Type Style – Alpha Kentaurus – Star Fleet Specification
  • Uniform Color Code – Star Fleet Specification

Command Section[]

  • Star Fleet Armed Forces – Organization:
    • SFAF – Org – Simplified Chart
    • SFAF – Org – Mil. Staff Comm./Star Fleet Command
    • SFAF – Org – Fleet Operations/Base Operations
    • SFAF – Org – Logistics/Inspector General – not printed
    • SFAF – Org – Personnel/Judge Advocate General – not printed
    • SFAF – Org – Surgeon General/Sciences – not printed
    • SFAF – Org – Engineering/Comptroller General – not printed
    • SFAF – Org – Technology/Communications – not printed
    • SFAF – Org – Nav. Gen/Planetary Rel./Galaxy Exp – not printed
    • SFAF – Org – Tactician/Cosmologist/Alienologist – not printed
    • The Star Fleet Academy – Organization
  • Fleet Headquarters:
    • SFHQ – External Arrangement
    • SFHQ – Typical Cross-Section
    • SFHQ – Typical Section Thru Dock
    • SFHQ – Typical Long. Section
    • SFHQ – Ground Plan – Bays 1 & 2
    • SFHQ – Ground Plan – Bays 3 & 4
    • SFHQ – Ground Plan – Bays 5 & 6
  • Uniform Recognition:
    • Insignia and Rank – Star Fleet Armed Forces
    • Duty Uniform – Male – All SFAF
    • N/C (Non-Computerized) Tunic Pattern
    • Duty Uniform – Female – Officers SFAF
    • N/C (Non-Computerized) Tunic and Panty Pattern
    • Duty Uniform – Female – Ensigns SFAF
    • N/C (Non-Computerized) Tunic and Panty Pattern
    • Duty Uniform – Male – Medical SFAF
    • N/C (Non-Computerized) Tunic and Panty Pattern
    • Duty Uniform – Academy Cadet – Male – not printed
    • N/C (Non-Computerized) Tunic Pattern – not printed
    • Duty Uniform – Academy Cadet – Female – not printed
    • N/C (Non-Computerized) Tunic and Panty Pattern – not printed
  • Ship Recognition:
    • Fleet Ship Classifications – SFAF – Class I Starships
    • Class I Heavy Cruiser – MK-IX
    • Authorized Construction
    • Class I Destroyer – MK-VIII
    • Authorized Construction
    • Class I Scout – MK-VII
    • Authorized Construction
    • Class I Transport/Tug – MK-VI
    • Authorized Construction
    • Class I Transport Containers – MK-V and MK-III
    • Class I Transport Containers – MK-II and MK-I
    • Class I Transport Containers – MK-IV Starliner
    • Class I Transport Containers – MK-IV Deck Plans
    • Class I Dreadnought – MK-X
    • Authorized Construction
    • Shuttlecraft – 7 person – MK-12B – External Arrangement
    • Shuttlecraft – 7 person – MK-12B – Internal Arrangement – only partially printed
    • Typical Single Stateroom – Primary Hull – Class I SS
    • Typical Double Stateroom – Primary Hull – Class I SS
    • Main Bridge – Primary Hull – Class I SS – Deck Plan
    • Main Bridge – Primary Hull – Class I SS – Elevations
    • Command Module – Main Bridge – Plan & Profile
    • Command Module – Main Bridge – Elevations
    • Main Bridge – Primary Hull – Helmsman's Station
    • Main Bridge – Primary Hull – Navigator's Station
    • Main Bridge – Primary Hull – Command Con
    • Main Bridge – Primary Hull – Astrogator
  • Security Section – Primary Hull – Class I SS (This actually depicts the main brig.)
  • Defense & Weapons Station – Main Bridge – not printed
    • Controls Console – not printed
  • Hand PhaserType I – General Arrangement
  • Hand Phaser – Type II – General Arrangement
  • Hand Phaser – Type II – Details
  • Offensive/Defensive Ray Gun – General Arrangement (This is actually the hand beacon used unsuccessfully in "The Squire of Gothos".)

NOT depicted is the Phaser rifle that James T. Kirk used in "Where No Man Has Gone Before" against Gary Mitchell. (The rifle was, unfortunately, never shown, much less employed, in any other TOS episode.)

Sciences Section[]

  • Main Bridge Station:
    • Command Intelligence – Main Bridge Station-Class I Starships
    • Controls Console (Bridge Science Station)
  • Sciences Tricorder - Type I:
    • Sciences Tricorder – External Arrangement
    • Sciences Tricorder – Arrangement - Unit Open
    • Sciences Tricorder – Internal Arrangement (This is depicted as a 20th Century substitute; the actual is declared CLASSIFIED under the Prime Directive.)
    • Sciences Tricorder – Case Details
  • Scientific Data:
    • Galactic Coordinate System – Great Spiral Milky Way Galaxy M-O
    • S.I.N.S. Database Datum – In Galactic Coordinate System
    • Course Tracking Element Schematic Diagram – Class I Starships
    • Velocity/Time Relationship – Interstellar Space/Warp Technology
    • Standard Orbits – Class I Starships
  • Star Charts:
  • Medical Section:
    • Deck 7 – Plan – Primary Hull – Class I Starships (This depicts the Sickbay.)
    • Medical tricorder – Standard Field Equipment Item – Type I
    • Medical tricorder – Open Arrangement
    • Medical tricorder – Internal Arrangement (The internal circuitry is marked CLASSIFIED, being subject to the Prime Directive.)
    • Medical tricorder – Details
    • Heartbeat Reader – Star Fleet College of Medicine Standard
    • Spray Applicator – Star Fleet College of Medicine Standard
    • Medical Scanner – Star Fleet College of Medicine Standard (This is the "Feinberger" McCoy often carried; see the Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual.)
    • Anabolic Protoplaser – Star Fleet College of Medicine Standard – Minor Injury Version
    • Anabolic Protoplaser – Star Fleet College of Medicine Standard – Massive Injury Version
    • Surgical Scalpels – Star Fleet College of Medicine Standard

The two "technical orders" for the anabolic protoplasers are actually printed in REVERSE order; the large version, according to the table of contents, should have been printed first. Orientation of the page headings suggests that the page was bound on the wrong edge.

Support Services Section[]

  • Communications:
    • Communications – Main Bridge Station – Class I Starships
    • Communications Control Console – Main Bridge Station – Class I Starships
    • Communicator – Standard Field Equipment Item
    • Communicator – Circuitry Diagram – Type I (This is described as being "20th Century Terran Early Development.")
    • Ear Receiver – For Non-Public Reception
    • Universal translatorU.F.P Standard

The circuitry diagrams of the Main Bridge Ear Receiver, MK05 and the hand-held model of the Universal translator are not printed.

The internal arrangements of the impulse and main warp engines are marked CLASSIFIED, as their technology is considered subject to the Prime Directive. Also, a later, on-line only, version of the manual shows a simplified version of the controls console for the transporter; this is not printed in the hard-copy versions.

  • Leisure:
    • Vulcan Lyrette – Orchestral Model Musical Instrument
    • TriDimensional Chess – Regulation Tournament Board
    • Tridimensional Chess – Regulation Tournament Playing Pieces (This also includes some rules for playing the game using the board and pieces whose designs are provided.)

Miscellaneous Section[]

  • Appendix A

Background information[]

  • None of the book editions feature a page numbering.

Production use[]

While this book has long been considered apocryphal, it has itself has been used as a source and on-screen reference both from dialogue and visual sources in four Star Trek motion pictures, and at a number of episodes.

USS Enterprise details and specs

Enterprise details and specs

  • Joseph's material appeared again in the Star Trek: Discovery second season episode "Brother", where the specifications for the "Class I Heavy Cruiser – MK-IX" were copied onto the display graphic of the USS Enterprise.


The Technical Manual was first published as a vinyl-jacketed hardcover in 1975. The actual book, removable from the vinyl jacket, was labeled "Star Fleet Technical Manual" on a solid red cover, printed in a fashion to look like a real technical manual or textbook, with no mention of Star Trek at all. Later printings have all been paperbacks with updated covers, all mentioning Star Trek prominently:

  • 1986 – a "Star Trek 20 years 1966–1986" logo was added to the top left of the cover
  • 1991 – a "Star Trek 25th Anniversary!" logo is displayed in the left corner
  • 1996 – an all-new cover with a "Star Trek 30 years" logo in the same corner
  • 2006 – "Star Trek" portion of title enlarged, with the "40 Years" logo on the middle right and "Star Fleet" spacing slightly changed to appear as two words rather than just one

Titan Books also published their own version of the book in the UK in 1991, coinciding with the 25th anniversary.

Cover gallery[]


40 Eridani A; destroyer; dreadnought; Entente, USS; Federation-class; heavy cruiser; Hermes-class; NCC-500; NCC-585; NCC-3801; NCC-4000; Ptolemy-class; Saladin-class; scout; Valiant, USS; warp factor scale

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