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Star Trek Stickers were a collectible sticker set produced in Canada by Morris National Sales in 1975. The set consisted of 33 stickers, available on thirty sheets or three or four per sheet. Numbers 1 and 24 appear on only one sheet, while the others appear multiple times in different combinations. Each pack also contained a puzzle piece, all thirty of which combined to form a large art image of the USS Enterprise. This image was also available as a mail-order poster, and appeared in the collectors album. The album contained a pull-out poster (one of four designs), and combined with the stickers, created a story entitled "The Siege".

Base set

Card # Title Card # Title
1 James T. Kirk 18 Spock materializing
2 Mr. Spock 19 Spock and T'Pau on Vulcan
3 Montgomery Scott 20 Art - "Hostile early off-shoot of Klingon civilization..."
4 Dr. "Bones" McCoy 21 Art - Alien humanoid
5 USS Enterprise 22 Art - Alien aquatic humanoid
6 McCoy, Chekov, Spock and Kirk 23 Art - Robot
7 Ensign Chekov with tricorder 24 James T. Kirk
8 McCoy, Kirk and Chekov on planet surface 25 Kirk in command chair
9 Kirk with phaser rifle 26 Engineering
10 Kirk firing at "would-be Galactic Conqueror" 27 USS Enterprise
11 Gorn 28 "Ensign Martin (actually Hikaru Sulu) before viewscreen"
12 Kirk enmeshed by the Gorn 29 "Ghostly face"
13 Kirk fighting the Gorn 30 Spock with phaser raised
14 Spock and Kirk captured 31 Phaser cannon
15 Spock and Scotty 32 Kirk, Spock and McCoy
16 Spock at his station 33 Sickbay
17 Spock, McCoy and Scotty on the bridge

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