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Star Trek Timelines is a Star Trek multiplayer mobile strategy RPG developed by Disruptor Beam. [1] [2]


Explore the Final Frontier in the ultimate sci-fi strategy RPG, Star Trek Timelines! Join Starfleet and overcome challenges as you boldly go where no game has gone before – across the entire history of Star Trek.
  • ASSEMBLE YOUR CREW, with hundreds of characters from all the Star Trek worlds including The Original Series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, and Discovery. Each character has their own unique skills and abilities. Play as your favorite character: Spock, Picard, Captain Kirk, Data, Worf, Janeway, Burnham, and many more to choose from.
  • COMMAND ICONIC STARSHIPS, including the USS Enterprise, Voyager, Defiant, a Klingon Bird-of-Prey, the Borg Cube, and many more.
  • ENGAGE YOUR ENEMIES in stunning 3D ship battles with exciting PvE play or in PvP Battle Arena where you’ll test your crew's mettle against the best captains in the galaxy.
  • EXPLORE THE GALAXY, gaining influence among a dozen factions, including the Federation, the Maquis, the Dominion, the Terran Empire (TOS: "Mirror, Mirror"), and the infamous Section 31.
  • CLIMB THE LEADERBOARDS and win rare rewards with special event missions.
  • STUNNING GRAPHICS bring the 24th century to life in the most immersive and thrilling Star Trek experience available.


The game features many different characters and ships, some with different versions.

  • Characters
    • Robert April
      • Commodore Robert April
    • Jonathan Archer
      • Away Team Archer
      • C.O.P. Founder Archer
      • EV Suit Archer
      • Humbled Archer
      • North Star Archer
      • Test Pilot Archer
      • Ushaan Archer
      • Xindi 'Prisoner' Archer
    • Jonathan Archer (mirror)
      • Mirror Archer
    • Michael Burnham
      • Away Team Michael Burnham
      • Desert Michael Burnham
      • EV Suit Burnham
      • First Officer Burnham
      • Graduation Michael Burnham
      • Prisoner Michael Burnham
      • Prospect Michael Burnham
      • Tactical Michael Burnham
    • Richard Castillo
      • Richard Castillo
    • Katrina Cornwell
      • Prisoner Katrina Cornwell
    • Hugh Culber
      • Dr. Hugh Culber
    • James T. Kirk
      • Admiral Kirk
      • Captain Kirk
      • Command Wrap Kirk
      • Evil Kirk
      • Gangster Kirk
      • Incognito Kirk
      • Kal-if-fee Kirk
      • Mirror Kirk
      • Nexus Kirk
      • Platonian Kirk
      • Romulan Kirk
      • Rura Penthe Kirk
      • Survivalist Kirk
    • Geordi La Forge
      • Age of Sail La Forge
      • Alan-A-Dale
      • Assimilated La Forge
      • Captain La Forge
      • Chief Engineer La Forge
      • Doctor La Forge
      • Geordi La Forge
      • Interfaced La Forge
      • Lt Commander La Forge
      • Musketeer La Forge
    • Geordi La Forge (mirror)
      • Mirror Geordi La Forge
    • Ellen Landry
      • Commander Ellen Landry
    • Gabriel Lorca (mirror)
      • Captain Lorca
      • Prison Break Lorca
      • Usurper Lorca
    • L'Rell
      • Vengeful L'Rell
    • Leonard McCoy
      • CMO 'Bones' McCoy
      • "Dark Ages" McCoy
      • Drafted McCoy
      • Dr. Leonard McCoy
      • Gladiator McCoy
      • Katra McCoy
      • Prisoner 'Bones' McCoy
    • Jean-Luc Picard
      • Admiral Picard
      • Augment Picard
      • C.O.P. Founder Picard
      • Detective Dixon Hill
      • Ensign Picard
      • Enterprise-D Picard
      • Enterprise-E Picard
      • Galen
      • Irumodic Syndrome Picard
      • Locutus of Borg
      • Mambo Picard
      • Musketeer Picard
      • Robin Hood
      • Romulan Picard
      • Smitten Jean-Luc Picard
      • Stargazer Picard
      • Tommy Gun Dixon
    • Jean-Luc Picard (mirror)
      • Mirror Jean-Luc Picard
    • Christopher Pike
      • Captain Pike
      • Christopher Pike
      • Tribunal Pike
    • Thomas Riker
      • Lt Thomas Riker
    • William T. Riker
      • Admiral Riker
      • Age of Sail Riker
      • Anbo-jyutsu Riker
      • Angel I Riker
      • Augment Riker
      • Commander Riker
      • First Officer Riker
      • Jazz Musician Riker
      • Mintakan Riker
      • Will Riker
    • Sarek
      • Ambassador Sarek
      • Sarek
      • Suus Mahna Sarek
    • Saru
      • Away Team Saru
      • First Officer Saru
      • Lieutenant Commander Saru
    • Spock
      • Ambassador Spock
      • Captain Spock
      • Commander Spock
      • Fugitive Spock
      • Gangster Spock
      • Gladiator Spock
      • Kal-if-fee Spock
      • Kolinahr Spock
      • Laborer Spock
      • Mountaineer Spock
      • Recovering Spock
      • Talos IV Spock
    • Spock (mirror)
      • Mirror Spock
    • Paul Stamets
      • Navigator Stamets
      • Off-Duty Stamets
    • Paul Stamets (mirror)
      • Mirror Stamets
    • Sylvia Tilly
      • Cadet Sylvia Tilly
      • Off-Duty Tilly
    • Sylvia Tilly (mirror)
      • Captain Killy
    • Ash Tyler
      • Celebratory Ash Tyler
      • Lt. Ash Tyler
      • Tyler, Son of None
    • Voq
      • Torchbearer Voq


The game features regular patches that correct the bugs and add other features. On 4 August 2017, it was announced that Star Trek Timelines would be updated to include characters and ships from Star Trek: Discovery, including Philippa Georgiou, Michael Burnham, and Saru. [3] [4]

In October 2017, more Discovery characters will be added to the game including Gabriel Lorca, Ash Tyler, and Harry Mudd. [5]

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