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The Star Trek Trivia Game was a trivia boardgame which was produced by Mattel in 2000. It encompassed all four (at the time) Star Trek series: Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager.

The game included four tokens representing the USS Enterprise, the USS Enterprise-D, the USS Defiant, and the USS Voyager. The box included a game board which represented the four quadrants of the Star Trek galaxy, twenty Starfleet insignia-shaped markers which represented each Trek series (5 for each: red for TOS, green for TNG, purple for DS9, blue for VOY), four decks of trivia cards (one for each series in the same color schemes as the markers), and one standard six-sided game die.

The TOS cards included questions about the first six Star Trek films while the TNG cards included questions about Star Trek Generations and Star Trek: First Contact. The DS9 cards covered all seven seasons but due to the game's release date, the VOY cards only incorporate events up until the end of its sixth season.

The object of the game was to circle the board while landing on spaces to answer questions in five possible categories:

  • Tricorder Readings were questions based on events, objects and story lines
  • Life Forms quizzed the players on characters and species
  • Astrometrics asked about locations, planets and major plot points
  • Temporal Anomalies inquired about time, chronology, ages, dates, etc.
  • Q Continuum questions were General Knowledge questions, often delving into behind-the-scenes or all-over Trek-related questions

Answering a question about a series in that series' quadrant earned an insignia marker in that series' color. Correctly answering a Q Continuum question also let the player move any ship (including their own) to any other space on the board while answering it incorrectly forced you to the nearest Borg Space (see below).

Special spaces on the board included:

  • The corner Wormholes allowed movement to any other corner
  • Engage! permitted the player move to any space of the same color as the Engage! space
  • Lock Phasers! let the player challenge another player for one of their insignia markers
  • Borg Spaces forced the player to "defend" their last-earned insignia marker by answering another question about the marker's corresponding Trek series

Getting at least one of each of the four Starfleet insignia markers allowed the player to use a Wormhole space to move to the center Starfleet Command space, and required the player to answer one more series and category question (chosen by the player's opponents) to win the game.

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