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Star Trek Universe Starships Collection magazine spread

Magazine spread

Star Trek Universe: The Official Starships Collection is a British partwork magazine and product line, conceived along the exact same lines as its two immediate predecessors Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection and Star Trek: Discovery The Official Starships Collection, that premiered in March 2021[1] and was published by Eaglemoss Collections under its Hero Collector imprint.

The line was available to the UK, EU, and US, being marketed in a number of other countries as well. Subscriptions were available to select countries,[2] and products were widely retailed by the company's international webshops and other retailers.

Each issue includes a sixteen-page magazine (measuring 168 × 217 mm [3]) and a 150 to 240 mm-long hand-painted [4] scaled replica of a starship from Star Trek: Picard and/or Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.

Also featuring vessels from Star Trek: Discovery as part of its scope, this line superseded the prior Discovery Starships Collection[5], and was expected to grow to encompass future Star Trek projects that were concurrently in production. This was in compliance with the "Star Trek Universe"-concept the franchise had instituted earlier that year as part of the 55th anniversary celebrations, and Eaglemoss became the first Star Trek merchandise manufacturer to adhere to the (mandatory) concept by applying the new branding to their product lines.

Received directly from the shows' VFX teams, production-used CGI studio models were adapted for use as printable 3D miniatures (and for 2D renders in the magazines) and converted into CAD files by Fabio Passaro's Meshweaver Productions, under the supervision of Eaglemoss' Development Manager, John Ainsworth. [24]

Cast in ABS and die-cast metal, a number of starship designs were reproduced here (as miniatures) for the first time by any manufacturer.

Once again, Ben Robinson was the senior manager of the project and a co-author and co-editor of the accompanying magazines, which bore the then-current (sub-)titles, Star Trek: Picard The Official Starships Collection and Star Trek: Discovery The Official Starships Collection.

Gift premiums had been released to subscribers and larger Special Edition starship and figurine models were scheduled. Additionally, XL Edition models of some popular "hero ships" from the aforementioned Star Trek shows were available in the Official Starships Collection.

A number of starship profile articles from this series were also published in the second edition of the Star Trek: Shipyards - Starfleet Ships 2294 to the Future reference book.

A sister publication of the Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection, Star Trek: The Next Generation Build The USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D, and Star Trek Online Starships Collection lines, it was authorized and licensed by Paramount Consumer Products.

On 12 July 2022, the collection came to a sudden and unexpected halt, when the company was forced to cease its business activities under the UK Insolvency Act – meaning a company is no longer able to pay off its debts. [25][6] Bankruptcy was declared on 5 August 2022. [26] The remainder stock was eventually acquired by (new) Master Replicas, who started to resell individual issues on a piecemeal basis on their own revived website from April 2023 onward, until the left-over stock was depleted, which included releasing one further, model-only issue (#16) of the Universe collection, Eaglemoss itself had not been able to.


2021 | 2022 | 2023
No. Cover Title/Contents Model Lng* Scale
(01) Star Trek Universe Starships Collection issue 1 La Sirena

07/03/2021 [7]

  • Contents, p. 2
  • La Sirena Specification, p. 3
  • La Sirena, pp. 4-7
  • Designing The La Sirena, pp. 8-14
Eaglemoss La Sirena 190 mm l
122mm w
(02) Star Trek Universe Starships Collection issue 2 USS Zheng He

09/03/2021 [8]

  • Contents, p. 2
  • USS Zheng He Specification, p. 3
  • USS Zheng He, pp. 4-7
  • Designing The USS Zheng He, pp. 8-14
Eaglemoss USS Zheng He 209 mm l
105 mm w
(03) Star Trek Universe Starships Collection issue 3 Romulan Bird-of-Prey


  • Contents, p. 2
  • Romulan Bird-of-Prey Specification, p. 3
  • Romulan Bird-of-Prey, pp. 4-7
  • Redesigning The Romulan Bird-of-Prey, pp. 8-14
Eaglemoss Romulan Bird-of-Prey PIC 116 mm l
146 mm w
(04) Star Trek Universe Starships Collection issue 4 Seven of Nine's Fenris Ranger Ship


  • Contents, p. 2
  • Seven of Nine's Fenris Ranger Ship Specification, p. 3
  • Seven of Nine's Fenris Ranger Ship, pp. 4-7
  • Designing Seven's Ship, pp. 8-14
Eaglemoss Fenris Ranger Ship 220 mm 1:76
(05) Star Trek Universe Starships Collection issue 5 Romulan Vessel


  • Contents, p. 2
  • Romulan Vessel Specification, p. 3
  • Romulan Vessel, pp. 4-7
  • Designing The Romulan 'Fighter', pp. 8-14
Eaglemoss Romulan Vessel PIC 110 mm l
216 mm w
(06) Star Trek Universe Starships Collection issue 6 Narek's Snakehead


  • Contents, p. 2
  • Narek's Snakehead Specification, p. 3
  • Narek's Snakehead, pp. 4-7
  • Designing Narek's Snakehead, pp. 8-14
Eaglemoss Narek's Snakehead 145 mm 1:58
(07) Star Trek Universe Starships Collection issue 7 Wallenberg Class Tug


  • Contents, p. 2
  • Wallenberg Class Tug Specification, p. 3
  • Wallenberg Class Tug, pp. 4-7
  • Designing the Wallenberg Class Tug, pp. 8-14
Eaglemoss Wallenberg Class Tug 214 mm 1:1383
(08) Star Trek Universe Starships Collection issue 8 Romulan Flagship


  • Contents, p. 2
  • Romulan Flagship Specification, p. 3
  • Romulan Flagship, pp. 4-7
  • Designing the Romulan Flagship, pp. 8-14
Eaglemoss Romulan Flagship 124 mm l
136 mm w
(09) Star Trek Universe Starships Collection issue 9 Section 31 Deimos-Class


Eaglemoss Section 31 Deimos Class 220 mm l
112 mm w
(10) Star Trek Universe Starships Collection issue 10 Romulan Warbird


  • Contents, p. 2
  • Romulan Warbird Specification, p. 3
  • Romulan Warbird, pp. 4-7
  • Designing the Romulan Warbird, pp. 8-14
Eaglemoss Romulan Warbird PIC 115 mm l
216 mm w
(11) Star Trek Universe Starships Collection issue 11 USS Discovery NCC-1031-A


  • Contents, p. 2
  • U.S.S. Discovery Specification, p. 3
  • Discovery-A, pp. 4-7
  • Redesigning the U.S.S. Discovery, pp. 8-14
Eaglemoss USS Discovery-A 249 mm 1:2351
(12) Star Trek Universe Starships Collection issue 12 Book's Ship


  • Contents, p. 2
  • Book’s Ship Specification, p. 3
  • Book’s Ship, pp. 4-7
  • Designing Book’s Ship, pp. 8-14
Eaglemoss Book's Ship 115 mm l
196 mm w
(13) Star Trek Universe Starships Collection issue 13 USS Voyager NCC-74656-J


  • Contents, p. 2
  • U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656-J Specification, p. 3
  • U.S.S. Voyager NCC-74656-J, pp. 4-7
  • Redesigning the Voyager-J, pp. 8-14
Eaglemoss USS Voyager NCC-74656-J 225 mm 1:2013
(14) Star Trek Universe Starships Collection issue 14 USS Nog NCC-325070


  • Contents, p. 2
  • U.S.S. Nog NCC-325070 Specification, p. 3
  • U.S.S. Nog NCC-325070, pp. 4-7
  • Designing the U.S.S. Nog, pp. 8-14
Eaglemoss USS Nog 203 mm 1:5970
(15) Star Trek Universe Starships Collection issue 15 USS Liu Cixin NCC-325060


  • Contents, p. 2
  • U.S.S. Liu Cixin NCC-325060 Specification, p. 3
  • U.S.S. Liu Cixin NCC-325060, pp. 4-7
  • Designing the U.S.S. Liu Cixin, pp. 8-14
Eaglemoss USS Liu Cixin NCC-325060 169 mm 1:3394
Scheduled but cancelled 2022 release-ready issues/2023 post-bankruptcy (model-only[9]) releases
(16) Star Trek Universe Starships Collection issue 16 USS Jubayr[10]
  • n/a
Eaglemoss USS Jubayr 155 mm 1:7367

Size and scaling info courtesy of [27]
*Starship length as measured from bow to stern, where applicable.

Unrealized planned issues[]

Assets for the following issues were already in the initial stages of pre-production for a planned 2022 and beyond release, [28] but cancelled[11] nonetheless due to the 5 August 2022 bankruptcy of Eaglemoss Collections.

Temp. cover Title Image
Star Trek Universe Starships Collection - Discovery temp cover USS Armstrong Eaglemoss USS Armstrong
Star Trek Universe Starships Collection - Picard temp cover Synth Attack Ship Synth ship, ventral
Star Trek Universe Starships Collection - Discovery temp cover
USS Dresselhaus NCC-325019[12]
Eaglemoss USS Dresselhaus
Star Trek Universe Starships Collection - Discovery temp cover
USS Tikhov NCC-1067-M[13]
Eaglemoss USS Tikhov
Star Trek Universe Starships Collection - Discovery temp cover
USS Annan
Saturn class, aft
Star Trek Universe Starships Collection - Discovery temp cover
USS Curie NCC-81890-J[13]
Eaglemoss USS Curie
Star Trek Universe Starships Collection - Discovery temp cover Hunhau Transport Ship Eaglemoss Hunhau Transport Ship

Special Edition Figurine issues[]

March 2022, the first 'Special Edition Figurine - Spock (Ethan Peck) Figurine' of the Collection was added to the company UK and EU webstores for pre-order with a targeted release of April 2022. It is the first in the collection to have a Digital only magazine which is accessed via the QR code within the packaging. The figurines are scaled: 1:10.

Characters from the modern Star Trek TV series Discovery, Picard, and Strange New World were slated to become part of the Special Edition Figurines, before the collection was cut short by the August 2022 bankruptcy.

No. Box Title Model Height Scale
1 Eaglemoss Star Trek Universe Collection Special 01 Spock box Spock (Ethan Peck) Figurine (Discovery Season 2)


Eaglemoss Star Trek Universe Collection Special 01 Spock 19cm 1:10

Bonus Edition issues[]

On 16 November 2021, the first two "Bonus Editions" of the Collection were added to the company UK and EU webstores, after one of them debuted at Destination Star Trek London between 12-14 October 2021. It concerned two Inquiry-class sister vessels of the USS Zheng He, the USS Varian Fry and the USS Maui (β), both assumed to be part of the fleet that forced the Romulans into a stand-off in "Et in Arcadia Ego, Part 2", the first season finale of Star Trek: Picard, even though this had not been confirmed onscreen, prior to Varian Fry's canon appearances in Picard's third season. Each model came with its own individual livery deco and was retailed with the same generic Inquiry-class magazine as gift issue USS Toussaint (listed below). The releases for the European webstores were limited to 200 copies each. [29](X) [30](X) They were added to the US webstore on 30 November 2021 as shop exclusive limited editions.

No. Box Title Model Lng* Scale
1 Eaglemoss USS Varian Fry box USS Varian Fry (NCC-87883) (t) and USS Maui (NCC-96761) (β) (b) Limited Edition Variants


Eaglemoss USS Varian Fry 209 mm l
105 mm w
2 Eaglemoss USS Maui box Eaglemoss USS Maui

Pin badge set[]

First previewed as a forthcoming retail product through the company's US webshop in early 2021, this set is also distributed as a gift premium.

Title Set
La Sirena Pin Badge Set Star Trek Universe Starships Collection gift pins

Limited Edition prints[]

The line's first Limited Edition print began to ship to UK subscribers in July 2021 and is limited to 850 copies. EU subscribers began to receive the print between issues 4 and 5, in an edition limited to 3500 copies.[14] The second print was released along similar lines in November 2021, though this time around limited to 570 copies for the UK and 2500 for the EU. A third print was released on 10 March 2022.

Each 30 × 40 cm (including the border around the 19.5 × 26.5 cm image) print's artwork was created by DIS starship designer Ryan Dening, and is reproduced on 310 gsm Hahnemühle German Etching paper, also including a Certificate of Authenticity.

The subscriber email announcement claims of being subscriber "exclusives", was somewhat watered down when all three prints, now called "Giclee Art Print[s]", became offered for general sale to the public at large in the company's webstores from early November 2021 onward.

No. Title Print
1 "USS Discovery NCC-1031-A" Star Trek Universe Starships Collection Limited Edition Print 1
2 "Starfleet 3189" Star Trek Universe Starships Collection Limited Edition Print 2
3 "Booker's ship & USS Discovery-A" Star Trek Universe Starships Collection Limited Edition Print 3


Gift premiums are dispatched to subscribers at predetermined delivery milestones during the duration of the partwork's run and vary in different territories.

Delivery Title Gift
1st La Sirena Pin Badge Set
(early subscriber bonus)
Star Trek Universe Starships Collection gift pins
2nd Collector's "mini" binder[15] Star Trek Universe Starships Collection binder
3rd 'The Speed of Light Club' metal plaque
(USS Leondegrance)
Star Trek Universe Starships Collection Speed of Light plaque
5th Metal mug with Starfleet Headquarters logo[16]
(early subscriber bonus for UK/EU)
Star Trek Universe Starships Collection mug
6th Star Trek Universe Starships Collection gift issue 6 Inquiry-class (USS Toussaint-NCC-87111 (β))[17]
  • Contents, p. 2
  • Inquiry-class Specification, p. 3
  • Inquiry-class, pp. 4-7
  • Designing the Inquiry-class, pp. 8-14
Eaglemoss USS Toussaint
8th Star Trek Universe (La Sirena)-themed print (UK/EU)
The 31 × 21 cm print came within a grey passe-partout, enlarging the overall print dimensions by 5 cm.
Star Trek Universe Starships Collection gift print

Background information[]

In July 2020, the company announced that its Discovery starship line and its subscriptions would be suspended after the release of issue 33, due to production delays with the third season of Discovery, the resulting lack of new CG assets, ànd because of the mandatory new "Star Trek Universe" branding.

Eaglemoss further reported in October 2020 that it planned to release more starship models from DIS in a future starships line, combined with ships from Picard and Strange New Worlds, [31] and later indicated that the 32nd century Federation fleet from the third season of DIS would be produced. [32] Additionally, a number of unused Klingon starship designs from the DIS partwork might eventually be put into production. [33]

In February 2021, Robinson reconfirmed that the Universe line would begin with ten ships from Picard and then pivot to Discovery vessels. Robinson had yet to receive any CG assets of starships from the Strange New Worlds production but revealed that he had received four variants (two unique physical models in two distinct liveries) of the Inquiry-class starship from PIC's producers. [34]



  1. Originally slated to premiere on 1 April 2021, limited quantities of the first two issues were inadvertently shipped to some UK customers in early March.
  2. As had been the case with the preceding Discovery Starships Collection, non-British EU customers were allowed to take out a subscription through the UK website, if a local official website was not available to them in their home countries, which had been the case for countries like the Netherlands, Belgium, and Denmark. Subscription services to US customers only became available on 1 December 2021, almost nine months after the Europeans were afforded to. [1]
  3. The partwork's A5 format magazines are the same size as those from the preceding Star Trek: Discovery The Official Starships Collection.
  4. The models are painted freehand and with the use of paint masks (templates), alongside pad and tampo printing processes. From CAD files made from conversions of the original CGI studio models, the earliest prototypes are 3D printed in resin and, once approved by Eaglemoss and the licensors, are tooled and manufactured in China using a variety of injection, vacuum, and compression molding techniques. [2]
  5. Alongside a few Discovery (XL Edition) ships in the Official Starships Collection, this partwork was intended to present the company's future (regular) DIS starship releases, following the release of the thirty-third numbered issue of the Discovery Starships Collection.
  6. 6.0 6.1 Eaglemoss was due to COVID-19 pandemic and Brexit related problems, already far behind with the fulfillment of the obligations to their subscribers, and most of the 2022 releases were first offered up at their webstores instead of being sent out to subscribers, which essentially constituted a breach of contract. When the company was forced to cease their activities in July 2022, almost all of the 2022 releases had yet to be received by the vast majority of subscribers (with US subscribers even still having to await most of the 2021 releases), issue 11 being the last most subscribers were sent in June.
    Ironically, issues 12 through 15 not being sent out to subscribers but only sold through the webstores (as has indeed applied to the vast majority of all 2022 Eaglemoss releases, including those from other media franchises [3]), meant that they have now become very expensive rarities in the aftermarket, as subscribers dutifully awaited for the company to fulfill their subscription obligations, in vain as it turned out – the handful of issues that did reach their respective fanbases through the webstores, were confirmed by reviews diligent customers posted on YouTube. [4] It has upon Eaglemoss' bankruptcy instantaneously resulted in what Robert Meyer Burnett had called "a mad dash" of collectors (of whom Burnett was one himself [5]) trying in desperation to snatch up the few remaining 2022 issues still available in the aftermarket at that point in time and causing retail prices to soar explosively to hugely inflated levels, [6] a frowned upon practice employed by third-party retailers who are colloquially known as "scalpers". [7]
    Still, after they had acquired the remainder stocks from the bankrupt company, (new) Master Replicas came to the rescue of the frustrated collector base in March 2023, when they started to resell items from the Eaglemoss model partwork lines at the last known normal retail price, which included several 2022 issues from the Universe Starships Collection. Incidentally, no customer had ever received any notification that their subscriptions had been terminated.
  7. Originally slated to premiere on 1 April 2021, limited quantities of La Sirena were inadvertently shipped in early March to some UK customers.
    The UK releases started to regularly experience delays beyond the release dates as initially planned by the company for all their partwork releases from early 2020 onward due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the Brexit-inspired move of the company's warehouse and distribution centre from London, UK, to Waghäusel-Kirrlach, Germany, later on in early January 2021. (see also footnotes of main article) It has resulted in a delay ripple effect for not only the launch of the Universe collection, but for the international releases as well, since the UK release was leading for the others – even for Germany and the EU, somewhat ironically. The post-January 2021 release dates mentioned in all tables, are therefore indications of intent rather than the actual release dates.
  8. Originally slated to premiere on 21 April 2021, limited quantities of the USS Zheng He were inadvertently shipped in early March to some UK customers.
  9. All scheduled, but cancelled Eaglemoss releases had already entered regular production when the company went bankrupt and commercial quantities in the 500/1500-copy range of the display model at least had actually been produced by the manufacturer in China before production had to cease. [8][9] They were acquired from the administrators by (new) Master Replicas along with the regular remainder stock, and sold to the public after all through their webstore, starting in April 2023 with the XL edition of the USS Stargazer and the regular edition of the USS Vancouver from the main and Lower Decks collections respectively, [10] several of them selling out within a day. Third-party UK and Far Eastern eBay retailers who had managed to get their hands on a handful of these unreleased Eaglemoss issues previously – and selling them at hugely inflated prices – , had already reported that these previously unreleased models came without the magazine, they apparently not having entered the regular print-run yet by the time of the bankruptcy, [11](X) a state of affairs confirmed later on by the ones marketed by Master Replicas.
    Master Replicas only included magazines if they had already been packaged with the model (which was for the previously released issues not always the case, explaining in the process the large stock of back issues), some of which in German, the only foreign language version (besides Japanese, which however fell under the auspices of DeAgostini) still being printed by the time Eaglemoss had gone bankrupt; an 100,000-copy magazine (back-)issue stock did exist at two printer-owned warehouses somewhere (possibly also holding magazines of the unreleased issues as well), but the printer refused to release them until debt owned by the bankrupt Eaglemoss was fulfilled in full. As the new formal (model) inventory owners, Master Replicas had entered into legal negotiations with the disgruntled printer and was able to resolve the issue in August 2023. [12][13][14] The sale of this magazine stock started on 26 December 2023. [15]
  10. Though coming without a magazine, it was assumed by Master Replicas that the model of this issue at least was the last of the Star Trek lines to reach the regular bulk manufacturing stage. [16]
  11. On his Twitter account, Robinson shared tooled prototype model pictures of the cancelled USS Armstrong, Synth Attack Ship, USS Annan, and the USS Curie issues.
  12. In August 2023 Ben Robinson started a rumor that the Dresselhaus had actually entered regular model production and that some stock had already been produced, [17] getting the hopes up of Star Trek collectors. [18] Master Replicas first reported that only the Dresselhaus packaging was found and not the models themselves, [19] but even that turned out to be false due to poor record-keeping on the part of Eaglemoss in their dying days. [20] All this meant that the Jubayr had indeed been the very last Eaglemoss Star Trek issue to enter regular production, but without reaching market.
  13. 13.0 13.1 According to Ben Robinson and CGI modeller Keene Sin, the USS Tikhov had, apart from the USS Curie, reached the prototype display model construction stage as well, [21] and had their respective in-universe magazine articles already written too, they already having seen publication in the second edition Star Trek: Shipyards - Starfleet Ships 2294 to the Future reference book (pp. 298-302 & 282-285 respectively).
  14. The Limited Edition print is part of the partwork for which customers have taken out a subscription and should not be confused with the "Star Trek Universe-themed" print (gift premium) shown above. This out-of-the-ordinary element of the collection was almost certainly introduced as a means to keep collection releases going for subscribers in order to mask experienced/expected reception delays of production assets for the regular publication. Subscribers were not impressed by this scheme as evidenced by the falling "exclusive" copy numbers, which resulted in the unsold/returned/canceled copies becoming available in the company's web-stores to the general public.
    Incidentally, the variant release numbers for the UK and EU editions, reflect the company's respective customer base sizes; see also the footnotes of its main article in this regard.
  15. After issue 10, subscribers were sent an additional binder, which was this time around automatically charged against subscriber accounts that had given Eaglemoss permission to do so during sign-up. Measuring exactly the same as its Discovery predecessor, 167×244×45 mm, the binder turned out to have become the collection's standard binder when it became offered for general sale on the company's web-shop sites in June 2022 – a month before the company went into receivership.
  16. The metal mug is identified as a "Starfleet Archivist Beverage Container" on its box.
    It only turned out after the Eaglemoss bankruptcy, that there had been a third variant metal mug release (the second variant concerned a gift premium for the Build The Enterprise-D partwork) planned with a Starfleet Academy logo, but the bankruptcy prevented its release. It was left to remainder stock owner (new) Master Replicas to start selling the 2,600 already produced mugs through their webstore. [22]
  17. The USS Toussaint variant of the Inquiry-class model features a different nacelle design than some of its sister ships (like the USS Zheng He) from the same class. Both variants were seen on-screen, and each design was rendered with two distinct liveries. [23]
    Additionally, some variants display red nacelle elements rather than yellow parts, as rendered in the second edition of the Star Trek: Shipyards - Starfleet Ships 2294 to the Future reference book. All these variants were also showcased in the in-universe chapters of the magazine that came with this gift issue and the two later released class variant bonus issues mentioned above, though the design chapter was lifted one-on-one from the magazine that came with regular issue 2.

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