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Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country Blu-ray cover Region A

Region A cover

Region A cover
Blu-ray Disc release
Series: Star Trek films
No. of discs: 1
Run time: 110 minutes
Director: Nicholas Meyer
Region A release date: 26 June 2009 (Japan)
22 September 2009 (US)
6 September 2022 (US reissue)
Region B release date: 11 May 2009
18 July 2016 (UK Steelbook)
20 July 2016 (Italian Steelbook)
21 July 2016 (German Steelbook)
2 August 2016 (French Steelbook)
5 September 2022 (UK reissue)
8 September 2022 (Germany reissue)
Rating(s): MPAA - Parental Guidance Suggested BBFC - Parental Guidance IFCO - Parental Guidance FSK - Freigegeben ab 12 Jahren NICAM - Mogelijk schadelijk tot 12 jaar (Watch out with children under 12) MCCYP - 15 OFLC (Australia) - Parental Guidance DJCTQ - Livre
Language: English (Dolby TrueHD 7.1)
Subtitles: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Japanese (Region A)
Arabic, Danish, Dutch, Croatian, English, French, Finnish, German, Italian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish (Region B)
Dubbed: French, Portuguese, Japanese (DD Mono, Region A)
French, German, Italian, Spanish (DD Stereo, Region B)
Reference: ASIN B0026121OY (Region A, Japan)
ASIN B002I9Z8DK (Region A, US)
ASIN B0B45ZWYQP (Region A, US 2022 reissue)
ASIN B001S3GE0S (Region B)
ASIN B01FM6SPR6 (Region B, UK Steelbook)
ASIN B01F3SKQQG (Region B, Italian Steelbook)
ASIN B01KADTML4 (Region B, German Steelbook)
ASIN B01FV3FLP4 (Region B French Steelbook)
ASIN B0B77XPM3Z (Region B, UK 2022 reissue)
ASIN B0B5X2YH8J (Region B, Germany 2022 reissue)
Year: 2293
Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country Blu-ray cover Region B

Region B cover

Region B cover

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country is the Blu-ray Disc release of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, and had made its debut as part of the earlier issued Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection. Reissued as an individual release with new cover art, it features the theatrical cut of the film, marking the first time the theatrical version of the film has been released, and in its original aspect ratio.

Excepting the text commentary by Mike and Denise Okuda, all the extras originally featured on the 2004 Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Special Edition) DVD are included on the release, addended with new special features in high definition.

Region B saw a 2016 reissue in the Steelbook variant, which was initially intended to be a part of the 10 Movie Star Trek Collector's Set - Limited Edition Steelbook Collection. Nonetheless, all ten films saw almost concurrent individual European general, non-limited retail releases in the UK, Germany, Italy, and France, the Steelbooks typically packaged in transparent plastic slipcases with the usual Blu-ray band imprinted at the top. In all cases the text imprints on the back of the Steelbooks were language adapted.

While in some cases still being marketed as region-restricted, of the 2016 reissues is known that these are in actuality region-free as this has increasingly become commonplace for the Blu-ray format.

Improved 2022 reissue[]

In September 2022 the Star Trek: The Original Motion Picture 6-Movie Collection box set was released, which contained the in 4K UHD 2160p resolution re-remastered first six Star Trek films which were also issued separately. Additionally, to 1080p downscaled Blu-ray versions of each film were concurrently issued as well. The Undiscovered Country reissue was essentially the technically improved upgrade version of the otherwise identical 2009 original release, featuring the same below-mentioned special features. The Region A release though, had an additional digital download version available as well, obtainable by a to North-America geo-restricted redeemable code, which was not included on the Region B release.

While the 4K UHD counterpart contained both the extended "Director's Cut" (formerly the "Special Edition") as well as the "Theatrical Cut", it was decided that the Blu-ray reissue would only be that of the theatrical release. Contrary to the 2009 editions though, no DVD counterparts were released for the reissue editions, as has increasingly become commonplace.

Special features[]

  • Commentary by Nicholas Meyer and Denny Martin Flinn
  • Commentary by Larry Nemecek and Ira Steven Behr *
  • Tom Morga: Alien Stuntman * †
  • To Be Or Not To Be: Klingons and Shakespeare * †
  • Starfleet Academy: Praxis * †
  • Library Computer *
  • BD Live: Star Trek I.Q. *
  • The Perils of Peacemaking
  • Stories from Star Trek VI:
    • It Started with a Story
    • Prejudice
    • Director Nicholas Meyer
    • Shakespeare & General Chang
    • Bring it to Life
    • Farewell & Goodbye
  • Conversations with Nicholas Meyer (this is actually an error as it concerns "It Started With a Story", the first segment of "Stories from Star Trek VI", and not the original source feature as intended)
  • Klingons: Conjuring the Legend
  • Federation Operatives
  • Penny's Toy Box
  • Together Again
  • DeForest Kelley: A Tribute
  • Original cast interviews
  • Production gallery
  • Storyboards
  • 1991 Convention Presentation by Nicholas Meyer
  • Trailers †

* - new for this release.
† - in HD (others in standard definition)

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