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Star Trek VI The Undiscovered Country LV32301-WS LD


LaserDisc release
Series: Star Trek films
No. of discs: 1
Director: Nicholas Meyer
Release date: 25 June 1992
Other release date(s): 10 February 1993 (1st P&S Japan)
1993 (rental only Japan)
10 March 1994 (2nd P&S/WS Japan)
1996 (France)
Rating(s): MPAA - Parental Guidance Suggested
Reference: LV32301 (P&S US)
LV32301-WS (WS US)
PILF-1571 (1st P&S Japan)
PILR-1210 (rental only Japan)
PILF-1771 (WS Japan)
PILF-1771 (2nd P&S Japan)
PLFFB-34791 (France)
PL1025 (Hong Kong)
Year: 2293

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country was the LaserDisc release of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.


The first release on LaserDisc was in Japan in early 1992 as part of the box set Star Trek: The Complete Collection. Later that year, both a pan and scan and widescreen version were released in the US. 1993 saw a standalone pan and scan version released in Japan along with a rental only widescreen copy. In 1994, another pan and scan version and a standalone widescreen version were released in Japan. The UK and Germany got a copy in the box set Star Trek - The Screen Voyages in 1996 while France got a standalone copy. The final release was in 1998 when the box set Star Trek: The Bilingual Collection was released in Japan. It was also released at some unknown time in Hong Kong and Taiwan.

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