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Star Trek Voyager: A Celebration is an officially licensed hardcover reference book that was authored by Ben Robinson and Mark Wright and was released in November 2020 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Star Trek: Voyager.


Solicitation blurb
Celebrating the 25th anniversary of the TV series in 2020! Everything you want to know about Captain Kathryn Janeway's Starship Voyager and crew.
STAR TREK: VOYAGER first appeared on TV on 16 January 1995, running for 172 episodes over seven seasons. Charting the adventures of the 24th Century Starfleet Vessel USS Voyager, this multi award-winning series followed the starship and its crew to the distant side of the galaxy. Celebrating 25 years since its first broadcast episode, this book explores the very best of STAR TREK: VOYAGER, with chapters looking at the greatest episodes, alien characters, visual effects, hair and makeup, costumes and guest stars. Plus the actors talk of their memories of the show, and recall their personal highlights over its six-and-a-half year run.

Excerpts of copyrighted sources are included for review purposes only, without any intention of infringement.


  • Far From Home, p. 8
  • The Title Sequence, p. 18
  • Janeway: Taking Command, p. 20
  • Key Episode: 'Caretaker', p. 28
  • Chakotay: The Strong Right Hand, p. 30
  • The Kazon, p. 38
  • Key Episode: 'Meld', p. 40
  • Tuvok: The Full Vulcan, p. 42
  • Key Episode: 'Tuvix', p. 50
  • The Vidiian, p. 52
  • Tom Paris: Charming Rogue, p. 54
  • Key Episode: 'Future's End', p. 62
  • B'Elanna: Divided Nature, p. 64
  • Key Episode: 'Distant Origin', p. 72
  • Harry Kim: The New Ensign, p. 74
  • Key Episode: 'Scorpion', p. 82
  • It's a Big Ship, p. 84
  • Neelix: Cook, Ambassador, Guide, p. 86
  • Key Episode: 'The Gift', p. 94
  • Kes: The Mayfly, p. 96
  • Key Episode: 'Year of Hell', p. 102
  • The Doctor: Vanity and Vulnerability, p. 104
  • Key Episode: 'The Killing Game', p. 112
  • Seven of Nine: The Wolf Child, p. 114
  • Designing the Ship: Inside and Out, p. 124
  • The Borg, p. 136
  • Writers in the Room, p. 140
  • Key Episode: 'Timeless', p. 144
  • Art Department, p. 146
  • The Lost Barge of the Dead, p. 154
  • The Delta Flyer, p. 156
  • I'm a Doctor, Not a..., p. 158
  • Key Episode: 'Think Tank', p. 160
  • Costume Department, p. 162
  • Key Episode: 'Course: Oblivion', p. 168
  • Voyager's Journey, p. 170
  • VFX Department, p. 172
  • Key Episode: 'Someone to Watch Over Me', p. 186
  • Directors: Pushing the Envelope, p. 188
  • Directing School: Grace Under Pressure, p. 193
  • Key Episode: 'Life Line', p. 196
  • Makeup Department, p. 198
  • The Hirogen, p. 204
  • Starship Gallery, p. 206
  • Captain Proton, p. 216
  • Life on Set, p. 218
  • Species 8472, p. 222
  • Music Department, p. 228
  • Enter the Borg Queen, p. 230
  • Key Episode: 'Endgame', p. 232
  • Season 1, p. 234
  • Season 2, p. 236
  • Season 3, p. 238
  • Season 4, p. 240
  • Season 5, p. 242
  • Season 6, p. 244
  • Season 7, p. 246

Background information

  • The book's initially slated publication date of 28 July was first pushed back to October and then to November 2020, due to disruptions from the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Volumes in this series measure 22.86 × 29.21 cm and are released as hard covers in a dust jacket, Eaglemoss' standard format for the majority of its Star Trek-related reference books.
  • Richly illustrated in full color, co-author Ben Robinson envisioned this book as a vastly improved take on the Star Trek: Voyager Companion reference book, which had been poorly received when it was published in 2003. In service of that goal, over thirty new interviews with Voyager's cast and crew were conducted by both authors, and Robinson added, "It’s the book that Voyager always deserved and has never had. I am really pleased that we’ve been able to deliver it." [1]
  • The formula for this book differed slightly from its 2003 predecessor by featuring short summaries for all episodes, while much of the expanded behind-the-scenes material focused on a limited number of chronologically-presented "key episodes". As such, some felt this book's content organization had more in common with the 1990s Star Trek series-themed issues of Cinefantastique than with the "Companion" reference book series as released by Pocket Books during the same era.
  • Jennifer Lien, who was prematurely dismissed from the series on less-than-amicable terms, was the only primary cast member who declined to be interviewed anew by Robinson. Nonetheless, a candid (and sensitive) exploration of the reasons for her dismissal was provided in this book, for the first time in an officially-sanctioned Star Trek reference work. [2]

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