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Since 1966 there have been eleven Star Trek series, eight main series and three companion series. All three companion series are associated with Star Trek: Discovery, with two being aftershows. Other series are planned: one featuring Jean-Luc Picard; an animated series about a Starfleet support crew; one about the Terran Philippa Georgiou working for Section 31; and an animated kids show.

The main seriesEdit

  1. Star Trek: The Original Series (TOS)
  2. Star Trek: The Animated Series (TAS)
  3. Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG)
  4. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (DS9)
  5. Star Trek: Voyager (VOY)
  6. Star Trek: Enterprise (ENT)
  7. Star Trek: Discovery (DIS)

Companion seriesEdit

Proposed seriesEdit

See Undeveloped Star Trek projects for information on proposed series that were unnamed.

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