The Starbase 375-type was a research station and starbase design in use by the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet during the mid-23rd and 24th centuries.

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This type of station had a capacity of at least one hundred twenty seven. (VOY: "The Omega Directive")

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This type of starbase had at least 11 docking bays, including large bay capable to garaging a Jem'Hadar fighter. (DS9: "Sons and Daughters", "A Time to Stand")

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It was equipped with a conference room. (DS9: "Sons and Daughters")

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The offices contained a desk, with desktop monitor, chairs and a wall monitor. Some had exterior windows. (DS9: "A Time to Stand", "Behind the Lines", "Favor the Bold")

Sisko's office was described as "small, yet functional"; Ross' was described as "a minor redress of Sisko's office as seen in "A Time to Stand." The basic configuration is the same, but some of Ross's personal items are on the walls."

Brig Edit

Starbase 375-type brig


The brig contained a single padded mat for the prisoner to rest. (DS9: "The Magnificent Ferengi")

This brig, like that of the Regula I type station, was a reuse of the brig set from USS Voyager.

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Orbital office complex model

Penny Juday with the final configuration of the model ("Inside Starfleet Archives", TNG Season 2 DVD special features)

The Starbase 375-type was the final modification of the orbital office complex studio model. For more information on that model, please see film studio models.

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