Starbase 9 was a Starfleet outpost in operating during the 23rd century.

In 2267, the starship USS Enterprise was en route to Starbase 9 for resupply, when it encountered a previously-uncharted black star, which trapped the starship in its gravity well. The Enterprise was able to escape by utilizing full warp power in reverse, but the resulting whiplash effect propelled the ship into a time warp, through which the Enterprise traveled to the year 1969. (TOS: "Tomorrow is Yesterday")



  • Issue 2 of the comic book Who's Who in Star Trek establishes the starbase as having been constructed sometime during the 22nd century, and located close to Sector 001, near the border of the Miaplacidan Alliance. The comic also states the location was chosen due to the proximity of the nearby black star which provided an opportunity for scientific study, and the base consisted of both planetary and orbital facilities.
Starbase 9 in Star Crossed comic

Starbase 9 as it appears in Star-Crossed

  • According to the comic book Star-Crossed, in the late-2250s, the USS Eagle docked at the Starbase 9 space station facility before embarking on a planetary survey of Caperna IV, during Commander James T. Kirk's first month as starship first officer.
  • Starbase 9 is referenced in the Pocket TNG novelization of Relics, in which the Enterprise is headed for shore leave at the starbase when Lieutenant Commander Montgomery Scott celebrates his birthday in the year 2267. Commander Tattinger is also assigned to the starbase at the time.
  • In the comic book The Quality of Mercy, Commodore Markessan is the commander in the mid-23rd century. He resided on the starbase's planetside facility with his family. In the early 2370s, Markessan's son, Tak Markessan, was involved in a tragic ground vehicle accident which cost the life of his girlfriend, Lorina. Grief-stricken, Tak left Starbase 9 shortly thereafter in a shuttlecraft, bound for the Miaplacidan Alliance.

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