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From the back cover
A noble calling
The Federation's foremost institution
The adventure begins...
Welcome to Starfleet Academy
The soul of Starfleet resides in the Academy... where young beings from many worlds are educated and trained to take up their roles in the vast organization that is Starfleet. From across the Federation they come, entranced by a sense of discovery, attracted by the challenge, drawn to the promise of adventure. Here, cadets learn the meaning of the words Honor, Truth, Duty. In the end, they earn the right to call themselves Starfleet officers -- the finest men and women known to history. Now you can enter the Academy and experience for yourself what it takes to become a member of the Federation's elite cadre.
Starfleet Academy includes:
Book One: The Academy Handbook
  • New character creation rules -- the personality archetype.
  • Dozens of new traits.
  • 15 devices used by cadets.
  • 125 course descriptions from the Academy's curriculum.
  • Starfleet Academy campus. Visit Kirk Hall and take the Kobayashi Maru test, or study warp dynamics at the Cochrane Building.
  • Over a dozen characters: Take a class on Klingon physiology with Professor H'okh; go on a field trip to the Sakathean Burial Mounds with Professor Novakovich; or get some sage advice from Boothby.
Book Two: Narrator's Guide
  • Advice for Narrators on running an Academy-based series. Now, your Star Trek: The Next Generation games don't have to start with your first tour of duty.
  • Two complete adventures.
Book Three: The Cadet's Guide to Sector 001
Plus two double-sided, full color maps, including the Sol system, the Academy campus, the moon and Mars, and Academy uniforms!

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Starfleet Academy is a sourcebook for the Last Unicorn Games Star Trek RPG.

Starfleet Academy Handbook

  • Introduction
  • Welcome to the Academy
  • Academy Facts
  • Starfleet Academy Campus
  • The Curriculum
  • Advanced Programs
  • Faculty and Staff
  • Creating Academy Cadets
  • Academy Technology

Narrator's Guide

  • The Academy Series
  • "Survival Test"
  • "The Medusa Syndrome"

A Cadet's Guide to Sector 001: Earth

  • The Sol System
  • Earth