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The Academy Board

The Starfleet Academy Board, also known as the Starfleet Academy Council, was an assembly of Starfleet officers responsible for deliberating and ultimately passing judgment on important issues regarding the student body.

In 2258, the Academy board was headed by Admiral Richard Barnett. In that year, the board called cadet James T. Kirk to account for his actions in covertly installing and activating a subroutine into the programming code of the Kobayashi Maru scenario, altering the conditions of the test making it possible to win. Kirk was placed on academic suspension pending the board's ruling, although this was ultimately delayed due to an attack on the planet Vulcan. Later, subsequent to Kirk's valiant actions in stopping the Romulan Nero from destroying Earth, the board voted to promote Kirk to the rank of captain, and directed him to report to newly promoted Admiral Christopher Pike, for duty as Pike's relief as commanding officer of the USS Enterprise. (Star Trek)


For the Kirk hearing, nineteen members were present.
Dialogue in the film refers to this body both as a board and a council. The film's script uses the term council for setting and stage directions.
A sign was also created for Richard Daystrom's alternate reality counterpart, but was removed due to its featuring two ranks and misspelling his name as "Daystream". [1]

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