The following is a partial list of Starfleet Academy faculty and staff.

23rd centuryEdit

Academy administrationEdit

Name Position Room number
Commander J. Mitchell Battalion Commander 612
Mark III simulator 215
Mark IV bridge simulator 216
Mark X simulator 217
Admiral J.R. Jennings Director of Educational Services – STC 202
Rear Admiral M.C. Minor Commandante Cadets 203
Rear Admiral L. Cole Supervisor of Curriculum 204
Vice Admiral D. Gluck Receivingship 200
Captain D. Maltese InstructorBeam Technology 205
Lt. Commander T. Grodnick Instructor – Astrogation 206
Captain M. Becker Instructor – Communications 207
Commander D. Gabrielle Instructor – Inter-stellar Ethnology 208
Captain C. Graffeo Instructor – Beam Technology 209
Lt. Commander J. Longo Instructor – Engineering 210
Vice Admiral G. Rescher Engineering 211
Commander D. Arakelian 212
Captain Xon 213
Lt. Commander Gort 214
Captain R. Fletcher 218
Captain A. Henry 219
Commander D. Wise 220
Commander J. Wong 221
Lt. Commander Sofak 222
Office of General Services 223

Professors and instructorsEdit



Training cruise personnelEdit

Class J starshipEdit

USS EnterpriseEdit

24th centuryEdit

Academy administrationEdit

The Superintendent of the Academy has also been referred to as the Commandant. In 2364, Jean-Luc Picard was offered this position but turned it down.

Professors and instructorsEdit




Language ArtsEdit




Training cruise personnelEdit

USS ValiantEdit

Other staffEdit

Dedication plaque personnelEdit

The following information is solely from various starship dedication plaques.

USS Brattain (NCC-21166)Edit

Captain John Nestorowitz was noted for his work with Starfleet Academy on the USS Brattain on stardate 22519.5. (TNG: "Night Terrors")

USS Phoenix (NCC-65420)Edit

Captain Adele Simmons was noted for her work with Starfleet Academy on the USS Phoenix on stardate 40250.5. (TNG: "The Wounded")

USS Sutherland (NCC-72015)Edit

Captain Adele Simmons was noted for her work with Starfleet Academy on the USS Sutherland on stardate 44820.5. She was previously noted for her work on the USS Phoenix. (TNG: "Redemption II")


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