A sign for Starfleet Operational Support Services

Starfleet Operational Support Services was an agency within Starfleet Command. This branch worked in conjunction with starbases and other Starfleet facilities. Their duties included routine maintenance of Starfleet starships, the upgrading of ships' computers, and the repairing of damaged ships.

Starbase 74, orbiting Tarsas III, worked with this agency in performing routine maintenance and computer upgrades on the USS Enterprise and in repairing the USS Melbourne in 2364. (TNG: "11001001")

In that year, there were several additional events connected to this division:

  • Prior to stardate 41044.2, this division ordered the USS James Fennimore Cooper to transfer personnel to the USS Discovery.
  • Prior to stardate 41547.8, this division ordered the USS Equicon to transfer personnel to an unknown posting.
  • On stardate 41601.3, this division advised the USS Atlantis that a refit to its transporter system was pending based on a final determination.
  • Prior to stardate 41775, this division sent a mission order about starbase operations to Starbase 045. This order informed the starbase that its surveillance of a sector was to cease, as Fleet Ops determined that this sector could be more effectively monitored by remote sensor drones.
  • Prior to stardate 41775, this division sent a mission order to the USS Non Sequitur informing the starship that it was to modify its defensive coverage of the Neutral Zone by increasing sensor drone surveillance in the sectors 045 to 052 while decreasing it in sectors 004 to 010. In these latter sectors, active patrol duty required approval by the Admiral’s office.
  • Prior to stardate 41775, this division assigned the Nightwing to McKenzie Project. During its assignment, the starship rendezvoused and worked with another spacecraft toward a successful completion of the project. (TNG: "Conspiracy", okudagrams)


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