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Starfleet Operations Manual is a roleplaying game supplement published by Decipher in 2003.


From the book jacket:
Let's see what's out there…
- Picard to Riker, "Encounter at Farpoint"
Welcome to Starfleet!
You are the best the galaxy has to offer: the men, women, and aliens of Starfleet. With the Starfleet Operations Manual, you have the wisdom of more than two centuries of five-year missions distilled into one place. Your Star Trek Roleplaying Game characters can use the guidelines, hints, and rules in this sourcebook to keep their starships flying smoothly, to meet challenges on their own terms, and to outwit the most devious Romulans – or the most cunning Narrators!
The Starfleet Operations Manual includes:
- Over fifty new professional abilities for starship officer characters, 10 new advancement packages, and three new development packages, including the phaser control officer.
- Eight new Federation member species suitable for Starfleet player characters, from the sensual Deltans to the gruff Tellarites.
- Twenty-six new pieces of proven Starfleet technology, including rocket boots, psycho-tricorders, and the fearsome tetryon pulse launcher.
- Ten Starfleet ships of the line covering over 200 years of Federation history, all with full Star Trek RPG statistics.

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Chapter 1 Standard operations

Chapter 2 Officer skills and traits

Chapter 3 Officer training programs

Chapter 4 New species in Starfleet

Chapter 5 Mission equipment

Chapter 6 Ships of the line

Fleet deployment

  • 3rd Fleet (standing fleet)
  • 5th Fleet (standing fleet)
  • 7th Fleet (standing fleet)
  • 8th Fleet (mobile fleet)
  • 16th Fleet (mobile fleet)
  • 20th Fleet (mobile fleet)
  • 22nd Fleet (standing fleet)
  • Colonization Fleet (support fleet)
  • Evacuation Fleet (support fleet)
  • Rapid Response Fleet (support fleet)



Starfleet personnel forms


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