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Sol sector assignment patch in 2154

Starfleet Security was an agency in Starfleet. This agency was one of the oldest with its origins dating back to the United Earth Starfleet. The agency was located at Fleet Operations Center in San Francisco, Earth, Sol Sector. The agency was responsible for safeguarding the Federation from internal and external threats, for conducting criminal investigations, and for guarding Federation facilities. (ENT: "Demons", directories)

22nd centuryEdit

Collins (Commander)

Commander Collins, a Starfleet Security officer in the 22nd century

Harris was a member of Starfleet Security until 2149, at which point he became a member of the covert operations group known as Section 31. (ENT: "Divergence")

In 2154, Commander Collins was an officer in Starfleet Security. When Doctor Phlox was abducted in San Francisco as part of a Klingon plot, she was in charge of the investigation. (ENT: "Affliction")

Their assignment patch clearly states "Security Division, Sol Sector", indicating that they have jurisdiction over the entire Solar System. The mission patch was designed by Scenic Art Supervisor Michael Okuda. (Star Trek: Costumes: Five Decades of Fashion from the Final Frontier, p. 217)

That same year, the dedication plaque of the Columbia NX-02 listed the names of notable officers assigned to this agency who protected the shipyard where the starship was constructed and tested. (ENT: "Affliction", Columbia dedication plaque)

In January of 2155, the directory placards at Starfleet Command's Fleet Operations Center, Sol Sector listed the names of notable officers who had offices at the center. (ENT: "Demons", directories)

  • L. Ward (previously worked on Columbia)
  • S. D'Errico (previously worked on Columbia)

23rd century Edit

In the 2260s of the alternate reality, information on this agency was located in the Federation database. (Star Trek Beyond)

This agency was mentioned in a list of Starfleet agencies, which appeared to the left of the personnel file for Balthazar Edison. [1]

24th centuryEdit

Starfleet security team, 2364

A team of shipboard security officers

In the 2350s, a secret group at Starfleet Security engaged in an illegal operation to develop a Starfleet phasing cloaking device, in direct violation of the Treaty of Algeron. The phasing cloak was tested aboard the USS Pegasus in 2358, under the command of Captain Erik Pressman, but ended in disaster when it appeared the Pegasus was destroyed. The entire affair was subsequently covered up by Starfleet Intelligence. Twelve years later, the Chief of Starfleet Security at the time, Admiral Raner, oversaw an operation to retrieve the experimental cloaking device. (ENT: "These Are the Voyages..."; TNG: "The Pegasus")

Thomas Henry

Admiral Thomas Henry, a Starfleet Security officer in the 24th century

In 2367, Vice Admiral Thomas Henry, who was attached to Starfleet Security, boarded the USS Enterprise-D to observe a hearing overseen by former Starfleet admiral Norah Satie, concerning an attempt to uncover a supposed conspiracy at the heart of Starfleet. (TNG: "The Drumhead")

In 2371, due to skepticism related to Constable Odo's abilities as security chief, Starfleet Security assigned Lieutenant Commander Michael Eddington to Deep Space 9 to oversee security issues pertaining to Starfleet matters. (DS9: "The Search, Part I")

Starfleet Security often sent Odo criminal activity reports. (DS9: "Heart of Stone")

Starfleet Security had documented several incidents of Cardassians being surgically altered with the purpose of infiltrating an enemy. It was determined by the USS Voyager crew that Seska was another of these incidents – surgically altered as a Bajoran, she infiltrated the Maquis. (VOY: "State of Flux")

A Starfleet Security investigation determined that Ambassador Krajensky had been kidnapped or killed by the Dominion on his way to Risa. (DS9: "The Adversary")

In an alternate timeline experienced by Kim in 2372, Admiral Strickler had a meeting with the female head of this branch at eleven hundred hours. (VOY: "Non Sequitur")

Sisko, head of security

Benjamin Sisko, acting head of Starfleet Security in 2372

In 2372, Admiral Leyton made Benjamin Sisko acting head of Starfleet Security in the face of the apparent Changeling infiltration of Starfleet. In this capacity, Sisko discovered that Leyton was using the recent bombing of the Antwerp Conference as an excuse to attempt to seize power by the military by instilling paranoia about the threat posed by the Dominion. Sisko subsequently uncovered Leyton's conspiracy, forcing him to resign, and returned to Deep Space 9. (DS9: "Homefront", "Paradise Lost")

After Sisko was attacked by a member of the Cult of the Pah-wraiths in early 2375, he gave a statement to Starfleet Security. (DS9: "Image in the Sand")

Security officersEdit

Also, in the final draft script of ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II", Admiral Black's bodyguard in that episode was said to be working for Starfleet Security in the mirror universe.

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According to the Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 1, p. 369), the prison guards from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock were wearing the Starfleet insignia for Starfleet Security on their left breast.

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