Richard Robau

Captain Richard Robau in a command uniform of this era

Starfleet uniforms of the 2230s were drastically modified from the design used in the mid 22nd century. They were designed as tight fitting body suits with black piping running across the front of the yoke and onto the upper sleeves. A Starfleet insignia, or assignment patch, was worn on the upper left breast pocket. There were at least three division colors: blue for the command division, including tactical, a goldish green, presumably engineering, and a pearl grey, which was presumably non-medical sciences and/or security. The medical staff wore white. (Star Trek)

The uniform was replaced by a new design in the late 2230s. (ST: "The Brightest Star")

Duty uniforms Edit

The duty uniform consisted of a tight fitting shirt with black piping running across the yoke and down the sleeve until the elbow. These shirts were divided into the three division colors, and came with appropriately colored pants. The pants themselves had two pockets on the front and were worn with a gold belt and buckle that a communicator could be attached to. Rank was displayed on the sleeve cuffs.

Medical uniforms Edit

A series of white medical uniforms were also worn during this period. These were produced in several varieties, all of which featured white shoes and bore assignment insignia in the same location in which it was worn on duty uniforms. One variety consisted of an almost knee-length, high-collared white tunic worn over white trousers. The tunic featured a mandarin collar, and could be worn with a thin, white plastic-like coat. A second type consisted of a single piece tight, knee-length skirt/tunic with a wide, open collar. Unlike other uniforms of this period, these uniforms featured closures along the left side, which ran from the collar along the shoulder and down the side of the torso.

Two varieties featured untucked hip-length folded-collared shirts, similar in design to those popular in 20th century male formal wear on Earth. Both varieties included white trousers and a clear plastic-like outer shirt worn over the white uniform shirt, excepting the folded collar, and were fastened under a thin flap along the front of the shirt. They differed only in the length of the sleeves of the white shirt portion of the uniform.

Rank insignia Edit

No insignia
(Enlisted ranks)
2230s lt
2230s lt cmdr
Lieutenant commander
2230s cmdr
2230s capt

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Background information Edit

Michael Kaplan designed the 2230s Starfleet uniforms.

The design and look of the uniforms was inspired by science fiction movies of the 1950s. (Star Trek Magazine issue 146)

Apocrypha Edit

Starfleet uniforms in the late 2230s, Countdown to Darkness

Robert April (far left) and starfleet officers in the uniforms of the late 2230s

Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness, Issue 2 depicts this style of uniform was phased out by, at least, 2239 in the alternate reality, and replaced with a new design.

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