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Starfleet uniforms, 2364

Starfleet uniforms (2364)

Starfleet uniforms, late 2360s

Starfleet uniforms (2369), with optional tricorder and phaser holsters, and armbands

In the early 2350s, the Starfleet uniform was completely redesigned. Closer in appearance to those in service during the late 2260s, the new Starfleet uniform spawned several variants, most notably in 2366, and inspired versions yet to come.

The next major redesign came in the late 2360s, and was used in conjunction with this design for a few years before both styles were completely phased out.

Standard duty uniform[]

Type A[]

Starfleet commander, Type A standard duty uniform (2350s-2370s)

Command red

Operations uniform, 2365

Operations gold; note that male and female styles are identical

Starfleet uniform opened, 2364

Sciences blue, open

Introduced as early as 2353, the standard Starfleet duty uniform in use aboard Starfleet starships, at starbases, and at Starfleet Headquarters on Earth, consisted of form-fitting jumpsuits, primarily black but prominently displaying the wearers' division of service. (TNG: "Suddenly Human", "Encounter at Farpoint")

As with earlier Starfleet uniforms, the divisions were distinguished by color, with red for command, gold for operations, and blue for sciences, but switching the command and operations division colors from the earlier uniform designs, while the science division color stayed the same, with the colors shown on the chest, back and sleeves, as well as in piping along the shoulders, collar, and pant cuffs.

Worn with a Starfleet insignia combadge on the left breast, this uniform also displayed rank insignia – in the form of round pips – below the collar on the right side.

Closing at the front, the Starfleet uniform was adaptable for away team missions, including areas to attach phasers, tricorders or other equipment. While most officers wore the single-piece duty uniform, variants were available, such as the "skant" and medical skant versions.

While an updated version of this uniform was introduced in 2366, the 2350s variation remained in service, usually for lower-ranking personnel. This 2350s uniform disappeared from common use between 2367 and 2370. (TNG: "Encounter at Farpoint", "The Child", "Shades of Gray", "Suddenly Human", "The Best of Both Worlds, Part II", "Violations", "All Good Things..."; ENT: "These Are the Voyages...")

A similar uniform design was in use by the Starfleet of the alternate reality by 2379. (DIS: "Terra Firma, Part 1")

Designed by Star Trek: The Original Series veteran costumer William Ware Theiss, this uniform style was first seen worn in the premiere episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, "Encounter at Farpoint". It was phased out of use by regular actors following "Shades of Gray", though appeared on background actors until the fourth season, when existing costumes were altered to reflect the uniform change. Reportedly, these uniforms caused discomfort to the actors wearing them, causing back problems as well as being hot under studio lights. This may explain why Dr. Pulaski was seen in a unique, two-piece skant uniform during her second season tenure on TNG.

Chronologically within the Star Trek universe, these uniforms appeared as early as 2353, in a photograph of Connor Rossa, holding baby Jeremiah Rossa, in "Suddenly Human". It was also worn by the crew of the USS Stargazer as early as 2355, as seen in "The Battle". A vision of Picard after Jack Crusher's death on the Stargazer was also wearing this type of uniform in "Violations". The uniform last appeared in the TNG finale, "All Good Things...", but made a minor appearance in the Star Trek: Enterprise finale, "These Are the Voyages...", in archival footage intended to represent 2370. While this presents something of an anachronism, it is most likely a production error (the real-world explanation is that the footage is taken from "Ménage à Troi", set in 2366, when its use among lower ranks was still fairly common) and not an indication that these uniforms remained in service that long.


Introduced alongside the standard duty uniform jumpsuit, a skirt or "skant"-style uniform was also available to Starfleet officers as early as 2364. Similar to its jumpsuit counterpart, the skant uniform was a short-sleeved dress that could be worn with or without trousers, and included knee high, or shorter, black boots.

It was worn by all genders – though men tended to wear the shorter boots – until it was phased out of service in early 2365. (TNG: "Encounter at Farpoint", "Where No One Has Gone Before", "The Child", "All Good Things...") In 2381, Ensign Mariner asserted that "nobody wears those anymore," in response to Ensign Boimler's suggestion that they wear skants to the Command Conference held at Starbase 25. (LD: "An Embarrassment Of Dooplers")

According to the book The Art of Star Trek (p. 88), "the skirt design for men 'skant' was a logical development, given the total equality of the sexes presumed to exist in the 24th century."

The uniform was used primarily by background actors, though "Encounter at Farpoint" featured both Deanna Troi and Natasha Yar in skant-type uniforms, the latter only briefly. Troi wore the uniform with obvious hosiery, while Yar was shown bare legged. While Troi got a new look entirely for subsequent episodes (according to the Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion, 2nd ed., p. 27 she was seen as too "loose" and cheerleader-like in the skant), Yar remained in her jumpsuit uniform for the rest of her stay aboard the Enterprise, never donning the skant after the pilot episode. Male crewmembers wearing the skant were only seen in a few episodes, "Encounter at Farpoint", "Haven", "Conspiracy", "Where No One Has Gone Before" and "11001001", though the footage seen in the last episode was re-used from "Where No One Has Gone Before".

The skant was primarily seen in the first season, appearing in the second season only four times, worn with black trousers, in the episodes "The Child", "The Outrageous Okona", "The Schizoid Man", and "Samaritan Snare". After that its final appearance was in the flashbacks during "All Good Things..."

Transitional versions[]

A transitional version, between the Type A and Type B, of the uniform, introduced in early 2366, was designed with two vertical seams down the front of the jacket and dart seams in the underarm areas to create a more tailored look. The male design lacked the waistband found in the final Type B jacket revision. (TNG: "The Survivors") The uniforms were gradually phased out over a few months. (TNG: "The Price")

In 2366, one junior officer wore an unusual hybrid of the two primary uniform designs: a Type A one-piece uniform with division-colored shoulder and ankle piping, but featuring the Type B collar with neckline piping. (TNG: "Sarek")

Type B[]

Beginning in 2366, a new uniform variation was introduced to officers serving in Starfleet.

Retaining the same, distinct two-tone style as before, the newer version featured a higher, more formal collar. Division color piping was relocated from the yoke to the top of the collar, leaving a flat black look. The combadge remained on the left breast. Division colors were retained, with wine-red for command/helm, mustard-yellow for operations/security, and teal-blue for science/medical. Uniforms also came with a division color undershirt beneath the uniform jacket that was tucked into the pants just below the breast. (TNG: "Ensign Ro")

This alteration to the standard duty uniform was introduced to senior officers only at first, but was ultimately trickled down to lower-ranking crewmembers by 2368. Still, while all officers aboard starships wore the same basic uniform, senior officers and department heads generally wore the belted version while other crew members wore the tighter, non-belted versions.

Officers continued to wear this style uniform, even after the introduction of the next uniform redesign, which at first was used only aboard starbases. Still, while the two uniforms were worn in service together (giving officers aboard ship a greater choice of wardrobe), the more formal duty uniform fell out of use aboard starships by 2371. It continued to see use by officers serving at Starfleet Command on Earth or in other diplomatic service as late as 2374. (TNG: "Evolution"; DS9: "Tears of the Prophets"; VOY: "Caretaker")

This modification was first seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Evolution" and was last seen in the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Pathfinder" (although it was used again for the 24th century scenes in the Star Trek: Enterprise finale, "These Are the Voyages..."). Benjamin Sisko also wore this uniform in a flashback scene, created by the Prophets, showing him during the birth of his son in 2355 in the episode DS9: "Emissary".

William Ware Theiss's original first and second season uniforms reportedly caused the cast discomfort as the tight-fitting (and revealing) spandex pulled down on the actors' backs. With his arrival at TNG during season three, costume designer Robert Blackman's first charge was the modification of the existing design to make Starfleet-wear more bearable. Experimenting with different materials, Blackman utilized a jumpsuit-style form-fitting wool gabardine material in the early days of season three before ultimately settling on looser-fitting versions consisting of a jacket and trousers.
The Theiss-designed costume remained unmodified for use by background actors until season four, when they were altered to reflect the new look. They are easily spotted next to the two-piece uniforms, distinguished by their prominent front zipper.

In keeping with Gene Roddenberry's idea that there are no zippers or other contemporary closures by the time of Picard and company, the TNG-style uniform demonstrated the miraculous ability to open from the front like a jacket in the episode "Ensign Ro". To achieve this illusion, producers used both a jumpsuit-style uniform and a two-piece jacket and trouser combination, indicating amazingly undetectable closure technology.
The TNG-era uniforms would continue their service into DS9, appearing alongside the DS9/Voyager-style uniforms, and the later Star Trek: First Contact-style uniforms. The in-universe use of the uniform is unclear, but appeared to used by members of a Federation/Starfleet delegation well into DS9's sixth season. Alterations seen in the alternate timeline in "Yesterday's Enterprise" were based on this style.
Somewhat tongue-in-cheek, the cast of Star Trek: The Next Generation referred to their uniforms as "spacesuits".

Captain's variant[]

Jean-Luc Picard wearing captain's jacket

The captain's variant

In 2368, Starfleet had a uniform variant jacket made available to commanding officers in service aboard starships. (TNG: "Darmok", "Unification I", "Cause And Effect", "A Fistful of Datas")

For more information, see Casual duty attire#Captain's variant.

Maternity uniform[]

Starfleet maternity uniform, 2370

A maternity uniform in 2370

This appears to be a looser-fitting uniform designed to better accommodate the growth of a crew member while pregnant. (TNG: "All Good Things...")

Uniform undershirt[]

Starfleet uniform undershirt 2360s

Ro Laren wearing the Type B undershirt

The Type B uniform had a sleeveless undershirt in the wearer's division color, worn beneath the uniform jacket and tucked into the uniform pants just below the breast. (TNG: "Ensign Ro")

Considering the use of different styles of uniform undershirts on latter Starfleet uniforms, there might have been a lower waistline version available.

Flag officer uniform[]

Type A[]

Janeway's admiral uniform, 2350s

Flag officer uniform, pre-2358

Sometime before 2358, this uniform was available to Starfleet flag officers.

This uniform consisted of a double-breasted jacket that could presumably be opened like the jacket of the previous style, along with a featureless black belt, pants, and boots. The jacket opening was trimmed in gold, as were the black shoulders and large black cuffs. Gold trim also ran down the back in the same manner that black piping had ran down the back of the previous uniform style. Rank insignia was worn on the right shoulder just above the trim halfway between the jacket opening and the center of the collar, as well as on the cuffs. (VOY: "Coda")

The alien impersonating Vice Admiral Janeway in "Coda" wore this unique Admiral's uniform not seen before (or after), which presumably was available to Starfleet personnel before 2358. Janeway's daughter did not seem to find what her "father" was wearing as abnormal, even the 2370s combadge instead of the 2360s combadge and the 2365 rank insignia paired with the uniform, but there was little normal with the situation.

This uniform style would seem to be an effort to show a transition between the "red jacket" style of uniforms seen in the TOS movies and the style of uniform used on TNG, since it combined features of both.

Type B[]

Savar's admiral uniform, 2364

Admiral Savar in 2364

This uniform variant, available to Starfleet admirals and other higher-ranking flag officers as early as 2364, featured a design distinguishing it from the standard duty uniform.

Consisting of a short, burgundy and black tunic, with black trousers, this uniform featured gold braid at the yoke, shoulders and collar. It was also marked by a distinct wedge of black material extending from the right shoulder down to the left waist. (TNG: "Too Short A Season", "Coming of Age", "Conspiracy")

Type C[]

Nakamura's admiral uniform, 2365

Vice Admiral Nakamura in 2365

As early as 2365, another admiral's service uniform was available. Consisting of a short tunic top, with gold braid and yoke piping, the uniform was worn with black trousers.

The uniform rank insignia was displayed as a box-shaped insignia with pips inside, on either side of a high collar. (TNG: "The Emissary", "The Measure Of A Man")

As seen in "The Emissary", this uniform could be worn without the Starfleet insignia combadge.

Type D[]

Brand's admiral uniform, 2368

Rear Admiral Brand, wearing the post-2366 flag officer's uniform

With the alteration of the standard duty uniform in 2366, a new wave of uniforms for flag officers and admirals came into service.

This alteration featured a long service jacket and trousers. Similar to the standard duty jacket, the flag officer's uniform was marked by a V-shaped black cutout, trimmed in gold.

The rank insignia were enclosed pips worn on either side of the uniform collar, as well as displayed on both sleeves with four widely spaced, thin gold braid stripes ending at the cuff. (TNG: "The Defector", "Man Of The People")

One unique flag officer uniform seen during this period, though intended to be in use a few decades later, is the one worn by the hologram Picard in "Future Imperfect".

Type E[]

In 2369, a new flag officer's uniform was introduced. Retaining the familiar long jacket and trousers, this newer version was simpler, abandoning the distinctive black wedge cutout from the previous design for a gold-trimmed closure running down the front of the uniform. The sleeves of the uniform were also modified, now bearing the rank insignia within a wide, black cuff.

This version was ultimately retired from service in the year 2374 in favor of yet another design. (TNG: "Realm Of Fear"; DS9: "Behind the Lines")

First appearing sans combadge in the The Next Generation sixth season episode "Realm of Fear", this was the final variation of the admiral's uniform before the appearance of the First Contact-style uniform in "Favor the Bold"

While only command-division red admiral's uniforms appeared during the run of TNG, the Deep Space Nine episode "The Die is Cast" demonstrated the existence of other division colors with the appearance of Vice Admiral Toddman in operations gold. Despite this, a sciences division admiral's uniform has not been seen.

Like the Starfleet dress uniform, the admiral's uniform was a costume that was often tinkered with by the production staff during the run of the The Next Generation.

Dress uniform[]

Type A[]

In the early 2360s, Starfleet personnel were issued a standard dress uniform that had a long wraparound tunic top worn with black leggings. An officer's standard rank insignia were not worn; instead, a band of gold braid ran the entire length of the jacket closure. (TNG: "Lonely Among Us", "Coming of Age")

An admiral's version of this uniform also existed, which was worn in the same style, save for the gold braid, which was much thicker. Q once wore this uniform during his second encounter with the crew of the USS Enterprise-D. (TNG: "Hide And Q")

Type B[]

Introduced in 2365, this version of the dress uniform introduced rank insignia to the right shoulder and swapped the single gold braid for two narrower braids running parallel to each other (one gold, one silver), which together were the same thickness as the original. The gold braids also no longer extended below the black material that covered the shoulders from the yoke upwards. By 2366, the leggings had given way to a more standard black pants and boots. (TNG: "Manhunt", "Sarek"; LD: "Reflections")

Type C[]

Starfleet dress uniform, 2368

Picard in his dress uniform in 2368

In 2367, the dress uniform was again modified, this time removing several inches of material at the bottom, bringing the bottom of the jacket to mid-thigh just below the hands. A small section of the gold trim that ran vertical from the end of the top opening to the yoke was also removed, leaving only the trim above the rank insignia that ran around the collar. (TNG: "Data's Day", "Qpid", "Cost Of Living", "The Perfect Mate", "Chain Of Command, Part I")

Type D[]

"I do not see why it is necessary to wear these ridiculous uniforms."
"They look like dresses."
"That is an incredibly outmoded and sexist attitude. I'm surprised at you. Besides, you look good in a dress."

By 2370, the dress uniform jacket had again been shortened, this time just removing enough material to bring the bottom to the hands, just below the waist. This uniform style was used by Starfleet until its retirement in 2374, though officers aboard the USS Voyager used it throughout their mission in the Delta Quadrant ending in 2378. (TNG: "Liaisons", "Sub Rosa"; DS9: "The Adversary", "Crossfire"; VOY: "Course: Oblivion", "Someone to Watch Over Me", "Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy", "One Small Step", "Ashes to Ashes")

In the Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion? ed., p. ?, costume designer Robert Blackman expressed his feelings about the Starfleet dress uniform: "There was constant tinkering throughout the series. I would just keep doing different takes on the original design: shorten it, add pants..." Ultimately, the designer threw out the existing uniform style entirely and started anew for the dress uniforms first appearing in Star Trek: Insurrection.

Medical attire[]

Lab coat[]

Beverly Crusher, uniform with overcoat

Dr. Crusher in her lab coat

Starfleet medical personnel generally wore standard duty uniforms. In some situations, officers like Chief Medical Officer Beverly Crusher of the starship USS Enterprise-D wore medical lab coats over their sciences division uniform. (TNG: "Evolution").

Dr. Crusher wasn't seen in the next uniform style in Star Trek Generations, but the Jupiter Station Diagnostic Program Alpha-11's use of a wrinkled, off-white lab coat in "The Swarm" seems to indicate that the practice continued and was at least informally accepted by uniform regulations. Crusher wore several different designs of light blue lab coats. In the first season of TNG, she wears a thigh-length design in solid blue fabric with a crossover front that could be closed, a raised collar, and various stitched linework detail and slanted waist pockets. In TNG: "Evolution" and TNG: "The Survivors", she wears a more straight-front open design in a heathered blue fabric with diamond-style lapels, slant waist pockets, and a slanted bottom cut going from hip-length in the front to thigh-length in the back . From TNG: "Who Watches The Watchers" through the end of the series, she wears a straight-front knee-length open coat in a similarly-heathered blue fabric with no lapels, and two straight hip pockets. This coat was baggier in early seasons and somewhat more tailored in later seasons.

Medical skant[]

A variant of the Type A standard duty uniform available to medical personnel. This uniform featured a tunic with a cut similar to that of the Skant style uniform, but apart from black shoulders, was completely medical-division blue. This tunic was worn untucked over separate black trousers, and standard duty boots. The initial design of this uniform featured two front pockets and a raised band in the midsection; these elements were later eliminated from the uniform. (TNG: "The Child", "Where Silence Has Lease")

CMO Dr. Katherine Pulaski appeared to prefer this uniform to the Type A duty jumpsuit. (Star Trek: The Next Generation season 2)


Starfleet surgical scrubs

Dr. Pulaski operating in surgical scrubs

During surgical sessions, scrubs were provided to doctors, consisting of burgundy-colored gowns and caps. Medical personnel also wore rubber-like surgical gloves during more intensive medical procedures and surgeries. (TNG: "Samaritan Snare", "Ethics"; DS9: "Life Support", "Profit and Lace", "Tears of the Prophets")

When she first learned that she would be wearing one of these costumes in a scene from the episode "Ethics", Nurse Ogawa actress Patti Yasutake was delighted by that prospect. "I thought those red operating outfits looked so comfortable," she related, "compared to the regular uniforms [....] When I got into it, I found it was a very crisp fabric that wouldn't give. They had to doctor it a couple of times because every time I moved my head, the hat would not move. It would cover my eyes." The cumbersome outfit caused Yasutake to spend most of that scene walking very stiffly. (Cinefantastique, Vol. 23, No. 2/3, p. 77)

Utility uniform[]

The mid-24th century uniform issue included a utility jumpsuit for technical personnel. The jumpsuit, in the three standard department colors, was worn over a black, long sleeve mock turtleneck, although some versions had a short black collar built in, and was worn with black boots. Another variation had division-color boots and black sleeves. Personnel wearing utility jumpsuits were sometimes issued combadges. (TNG: "The Naked Now", "Where No One Has Gone Before", "The Big Goodbye", "Datalore", "11001001", "Home Soil", "Coming of Age", "Heart of Glory", "Symbiosis", "Skin Of Evil", "Conspiracy", "The Neutral Zone", "The Child", "Where Silence Has Lease", "Contagion", "Peak Performance", "Galaxy's Child", "The Nth Degree", "Schisms", "Eye of the Beholder")

"Eye of the Beholder" was the last appearance of the utility uniform before Star Trek Nemesis. While previous TNG seasons had featured all three division colors, only the operations gold version seemed to make it through season four. See below for a full list of episodes this uniform appeared in.

Covert ops attire[]

Worf wearing covert ops uniform

Beverly Crusher and Worf in covert ops uniforms

In certain instances of covert operations or espionage, Starfleet officers were afforded specific attire to aid in the completion of their mission.

As early as 2369, some officers wore a black, tight-fitting jumpsuit uniform, not marked with an insignia or any kind of outwardly identifying marks. Distinguished by an optional jumpsuit hood and black boots, this uniform was sometimes worn with a backpack and technical gear for grappelling or other physically daunting tasks. (TNG: "Chain Of Command, Part I", "Frame of Mind")

Cadet uniform[]

During the late 2360s, cadets at Starfleet Academy wore distinct duty uniforms consisting of a black, two-piece jumpsuit with division-colored shoulders, which is a reversal of the Starfleet duty uniform colors, resembling the next uniform design.

Originally, the cadet uniform maintained the low collar of the original uniform design, trimmed in black, and had no rank insignia. Two years later, the cadet uniform featured a high collar, with rank (or student year) insignia being added shortly thereafter. Both versions of the cadet uniform bore several large pockets running down the trousers. (TNG: "Allegiance", "The Game", "The First Duty", "Journey's End")

This uniform was in use aboard Terrasphere 8, Species 8472's recreation of Starfleet Headquarters and the Academy in San Francisco, in 2375 alongside the next version of the standard duty uniform. (VOY: "In the Flesh")

The cadet uniform was first introduced in "Allegiance", but it was not until "The Game" two seasons later that the uniform was refined into the version seen throughout the duration of TNG.

The uniform seen in "Allegiance" is the only example of a cadet uniform of this type in a different division color than command red. This operations gold uniform was worn by the illusory Cadet Haro, and since Captain Picard didn't seem to find anything wrong with Haro's uniform, it's safe to conclude that there were different cadet uniforms based upon the division of study.

The cadet rank insignia, silver oval-shaped pips, were introduced in "The First Duty". Some of the imposter cadets in "In the Flesh" wore no rank insignia.

Provisional uniform[]

The provisional uniform was worn by crewmen such as acting ensigns. There have been two variations of this uniform; the first had a light blue turtleneck tunic with navy blue shoulders and collar bordered with the colors of all three divisions. The blue division stripe crossed over the others to form an upward-pointing arrow on the left shoulder, while the red division stripe crossed under to point down. The uniform's navy blue pants matched the shoulders. The second variation was a heathered battleship grey turtleneck with matching trousers and dark charcoal gray ribbed shoulders and collar.

The first variation was worn with no combadge; the second worn with an entirely silver-colored combadge.

Other uniform features[]

Some officers wore alternate uniforms at times. Deanna Troi often wore casual clothing while on duty. Other officers, such as Worf, were allowed to wear accessories relating to their culture with their uniforms, but this was at the discretion of the captain. Bajoran officer Ensign Ro Laren was allowed to retain her culture's traditional earring, despite the reservations of some of her fellow officers (TNG: "Ensign Ro", "Chain Of Command, Part I"), and once wore a headband the same color as her division. (TNG: "The Next Phase") Benzite officer Mendon, participating in the Officer Exchange Program wore a uniform variant with a higher collar. It is unknown if this was in some way related to the breathing apparatus attached to his chest.

Rank insignia[]

The rank insignia were simplified from complex symbols from the previous uniform to small circular pips. These pips were colored either gold or black, to signify full or partial rank, respectively.

Enlisted Ensign Lieutenant junior grade Lieutenant Lieutenant commander Commander Captain
Chief petty officer pip Ensign pip Lieutenant junior grade pips Lieutenant pips Lieutenant commander pips Commander pips Captain pips
Flag officer ranks
Admirals Jameson and Quinn's insignia (2364) Admiral Savar's insignia (2364) Admiral Aaron's insignia (2364) Vice admiral (2365)
Admirals Jameson and Quinn's insignia (2364) Admiral Savar's insignia (2364) Admiral Aaron's insignia (2364) Vice admiral pips (2365)

These charts represent the rank insignia seen on screen throughout these uniforms' appearances.

The officers who have been known to used this style of insignia (Savar, Aaron, Gregory Quinn, and Mark Jameson) were only referred to as "admiral" (Jameson) or "senior admiral" (Quinn, Savar, and Aaron) in dialogue and the episode scripts. [1] [2] [3]


Background information[]

Unused TNG uniforms

Gene Roddenberry reviews a preliminary TNG uniform design

Final TNG uniform review

Studying the final uniforms

Robert Blackman with uniforms, 1989

Robert Blackman examines the original uniform design

The Starfleet uniforms worn during The Original Series were designed by William Ware Theiss, who returned to design the Star Trek: The Next Generation uniforms (which were further adapted into future versions in DS9, VOY and the TNG-era films by Robert Blackman).

It is possible that the the command and operations division colors from The Original Series (gold and red, respectively) were switched for The Next Generation to make Patrick Stewart and Jonathan Frakes more "commanding." [4]

Patrick Stewart claimed that the change from this Starfleet uniform to the new version after the second season of TNG was thanks to his chiropractor, who recommended Stewart sue Paramount for "lasting damage done to [his] spine." Evidently, the producers wanted to have a smooth, unwrinkled look to the Starfleet uniforms, which put strain on Stewart's shoulders, neck and back after two seasons in a lycra costume that was one size too small. [5]

Among the costumes and uniforms which were sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay, was an operations division uniform from this era. [6]


Type A

Type B

Skant uniform

Utility uniform

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