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By the 32nd century, the Starfleet uniform was mostly gray in color, and trimmed with the division color of its wearer. Additionally, a Starfleet tricom badge was worn on the left breast. (DIS: "Die Trying") By 3190, a new variant of the uniform was in use, which made the jacket predominantly division-coloured. (DIS: "Kobayashi Maru")

Standard duty uniforms

Fleet uniform

Type A

This uniform style was used commonly by Starfleet Headquarters and starship personnel until 3189.

Type B

By 3190, some starship crews began to transition to this new uniform style, while others continued to use the previous design. It consisted of a jacket in division colors with a black vertical stripe worn over a black sleeveless jumpsuit. (DIS: "Kobayashi Maru", "Anomaly (DIS)")

Space station uniform

This uniform style was used on Federation space stations such as Deep Space Repair Beta Six. (DIS: "Kobayashi Maru")

Flag officer uniform

The flag officer's uniform was a two-piece outfit. Rank was denoted by flag epaulets, and a mostly golden tricom badge was worn on the chest. It dated back to at least 3177. (DIS: "Forget Me Not", "Die Trying")

Cadet uniform

Cadets wore red duty uniforms. (DIS: "All Is Possible") They also had a distinct version of the tricom badge, which lacked the oval backing.

Federation Security uniform

A specialized uniform was worn by Federation Security officers. It featured a black "honeycomb" design, and additional padding. As with the standard duty uniform of this era, a tricom badge was worn on the chest. Senior officers wore a gorget patch on the collar of their uniform, while junior officers apparently did not. (DIS: "Die Trying", "Rubicon") Several variants of the Federation Security uniforms existed, either black and grey or all black, or white and grey in case of holograms. (DIS: "Die Trying", "That Hope Is You, Part 2", "Rubicon")

Dress uniform

The dress uniform was gray in color for most officers, blue for cadets, and red for captains. (DIS: "Kobayashi Maru")

Special use uniforms

Excursion uniform

(DIS: "Kobayashi Maru", "The Examples")

Arctic gear

For extremely cold environments, officers were given appropriate wear including a hooded jacket, gloves, and boots. Officers wore black-colored arctic jackets, while cadets wore red ones. (DIS: "All Is Possible")

EV suit

EV suits were used for extravehicular activities or situations without active life support systems. (DIS: "Stormy Weather") The suits had accents in division colors, with black for command instead of red. (DIS: "Rosetta")

Casual wear


Exercise outfit

Lieutenant Commanders Joann Owosekun and Keyla Detmer in sportswear

These outfits were worn during sporting activities and exercise. (DIS: "Stormy Weather")



A Starfleet cadet wearing a dress uniform with blue gloves

Gloves in division colors were worn by some officers with duty uniforms or dress uniforms. (DIS: "The Examples") In the case of cadets, the optional gloves were red when worn with duty uniforms, and blue with dress uniforms. (DIS: "All Is Possible")

Other uniform features

Certain officers aboard the Federation Headquarters space station wore attire other than the standard uniform, though they still wore tricom badges. (DIS: "Die Trying")

Eli's bow tie was inspired by performer Brendan Beiser coming in to a meeting with Alex Kurtzman with a bow tie, and Kurtzman asking Phillips to integrate it into his costume. (TRR: "Unification III")

Rank insignia

Officer rank insignia was indicated in various ways:

  • All officers' ranks were indicated by pips on the right side of the tricom badge, with admirals also having the bottom part of their badges colored light gold, as opposed to the light silver coloring used by all other ranks.
  • Captains wore shoulder straps with an additional insignia on either side of their uniform, as well as one rank bar gorget patch, all showing the same number of pips.
  • Admirals wore two rank bars - one on either side of their collar - in the form of gorget patches, as well as on epaulets.
Crewman tricom badge
Ensign tricom badge
Lieutenant junior grade tricom badge
Lieutenant junior grade
Lieutenant tricom badge
Lieutenant Commander tricom badge
Lieutenant commander
Commander tricom badge
Captain tricom badge
Commodore tricom badge
Fleet Admiral tricom badge
Fleet admiral



Type A

Type B

Space station uniform

Cadet uniform

Dress uniform

Background information

Uniforms with various division stripes

The 32nd century Starfleet uniform was designed by costume designer Gersha Phillips, and was first seen in "Forget Me Not". Phillips describes the design process and what makes these uniforms unique in a segment for The Ready Room: "Federation uniforms for the 32nd century." Phillips chose the particular fabric for the "cleanness that it gives, it makes it so clean and so streamlined."

The costume design team looked to old Star Trek video games for ideas on how to change up the uniforms and add new elements. Parts were 3D printed, molded with thermoplastic, and laser cut to provide an added "techy" look. Most of the uniform was put together with a bonding system so no stitching would be visible. The new uniform boots were made by a company in Portugal. (TRR: "Unification III")