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In the mid 2160s, a new Starfleet uniform design was introduced over the previous design used from the early 2140s to the early 2160s. There were at least three colors: yellow (command), blue (science and medical), and red (operations). (Star Trek Beyond)

A new design replaced this version of the Starfleet uniform some time prior to the 2230s. (Star Trek)

Standard duty uniform Edit

The standard Starfleet duty uniform of the mid-2160s was a gray jumpsuit, similar to the ones worn by Starfleet officers in the 2140s to early 2160s. This one was gray with the division color on the shoulders with that same color as a stripe that went from the zipper and around the back. It had the same colored lining on the legs of the jumpsuit. It had the mission patch for the ship the officer served on sewed onto the right shoulder and the Starfleet insignia sewed on the other. (Star Trek Beyond)

A pair of concept sketches of this type of duty uniform can be found at TrekCore.

Bomber jacket Edit

Starfleet bomber jacket, mid 2160s

Scott wearing the bomber jacket

This uniform featured a bomber jacket that could be worn on away missions. It was a black leather jacket with the mission patch on the shoulders. (Star Trek Beyond)

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