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Picard and Raffi, 2385

The Flag Officer uniform and the Standard duty uniform (Operations division)

By the year 2382, the standard Starfleet uniform was again modified from its previous incarnation, returning to the collar of the uniform in the late 2360s, and the division colors of the early 2370s. The shoulder area on flag officer uniforms showed had gold accents framed by the division coloring. (LD: "Second Contact"; ST: "Children of Mars"; PIC: "Remembrance", "The End is the Beginning", "Nepenthe")

By 2399, the Starfleet uniform would once again be modified. (PIC: "Remembrance")

Standard duty uniform

The standard duty uniform consisted of a black long-sleeved undershirt, a black top and a pair of black trousers. The color of the shoulders and the angled sleeves indicated the division an officer belonged to: red for command, gold for operations, and blue for sciences. Unlike the late 2360s variant of the uniform, the division color did not stretch across the torso. A black stripe also ran through the division color, from the torso to the upper back.

Rounded rank insignia were worn on the right side of the mandarin collar, which was black regardless of the division color. The combadge, which returned to the design used in the 2370s, was worn on the officer's left torso.

Division colors were continued from the previous uniform iteration, except the sciences blue, which became less green. The shade of blue adopted for sciences division uniforms in the 2380s had not been seen in Starfleet uniforms since the 2350s uniform was phased out.

Flag officer uniform

Picard in uniform, 2385

Admiral Jean-Luc Picard in his flag officer uniform

The flag officer uniform was very similar to the standard uniform, with red division coloring along the shoulders and a gold accent on the chest below the shoulders and the angled sleeves. (PIC: "The End is the Beginning")

Tactical vest

Starfleet tactical vest, 2385

A deceased Starfleet officer wearing a tactical vest during the Attack on Mars

A tactical vest could be worn over the standard uniform in combat situations. (PIC: "Maps and Legends")

Worker's uniform

Workers at Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards wore bright orange jumpsuits with two pockets on the sides of the legs. The sleeves of the jumpsuit were fastened around the worker's wrists with an elastic band, while an orange belt was strapped around their waist. A pair of protective gloves, which were black on the palm side and orange on the reverse side, were also worn. Non-android workers wore a brown hard hat, while android laborers did not. Android workers also lacked the badges present on the jumpsuits worn by organic workers. (PIC: "Maps and Legends")

Rank insignia

Tng lt
Tng ltcmdr
Lieutenant commander
Tng cmdr
Tng capt
Tng adm


Star Trek Picard - Countdown, issue 3 Textless

Before the premiere of Star Trek: Picard, the 2380s uniform debuted in the Star Trek: Picard - Countdown comic series (2019)


Background information

The Starfleet uniforms seen in Star Trek: Picard flashback scenes were designed by Christine Clark. Clark noted, compared to the severity of the uniforms of 2399, "there's more of an elegance there... we wanted this graceful, beautiful tribute [to Patrick Stewart]" for the fans' first sight of Picard as an admiral. (TRR: "Away Mission Special")


In Star Trek: Picard - Countdown, the prequel comic to Star Trek: Picard, this uniform is highly depicted, with all three division colors being shown throughout the story.

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