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Starlog photo guidebook Special Effects was a series of five books that consisted of in-depth articles about the various aspects of the production for movie and television productions in the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres of visual effects, then still called special effects (the distinction between the two only came in vogue during the second half of the 1990s with the advent of CGI).

Published by Starlog Press (the first volume still under the original imprint O'Quin Studios, Inc.), the series was an offshoot of Starlog's Starlog photo guidebook-series, they themselves being an offshoot of the magazine Starlog, and the "Special Effects" article series from staff writer David Hutchison's that ran in that magazine from 1977 to 1984. But while the original guidebooks were little more than photo books organized around themes with limited accompanying texts, the Special Effects series contained in-depth articles. Some were edited articles by Hutchison himself, originating from the magazine, but most were newly written, either by effects staffers of the actual productions themselves, or with heavy input from them. The series being a specialty publication was reflected in the production value of the publications as they were bound soft cover books, devoid of any form of advertising, with high quality paper and better reproduction of photos than was the case with the magazine. The first four volumes were published in the years 1979-1984, with a "Johnny-come-lately" fifth volume, released twelve years later in 1996.

Notable issuesEdit

Of particular relevance to Star Trek are the following volumes (volumes 1 and 3 not containing any Star Trek material):

Volume Cover Contents
2, 1980 Starlog photo guidebook Special Effects cover volume 2
ISBN 0931064228

- "Matte Artistry", David Hutchison (also covering matte paintings done for TOS and Star Trek: The Motion Picture), pp. 10-33
- "The Enterprise", David Hutchison (on the studio model at the time of The Motion Picture), pp.92-98
4, 1984 Starlog photo guidebook Special Effects cover volume 4
ISBN 0931064651

- "New Worlds Aborning", David Hutchison & Jim Veilleux (on the creation of the Genesis Planet, cave and effect), pp. 62-71
5, 1996 Starlog photo guidebook Special Effects cover volume 5
ISBN 093455112X

- "Entertainment Visual Design: A Look Back", Andrew Probert (on his designs for Star Trek: The Motion Picture and TNG Season 1), pp. 88-113
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