The Starnes Exploration Party logs were a series of logs kept by the Starnes Exploration Party on a mission to the planet Triacus. (TOS: "And the Children Shall Lead")



  • "Log date: 5025.3. Ever since our arrival on Triacus, I've felt a certain growing feeling of uneasiness. At first I attributed it to the usual case of nerves associated with any new project. However, I've found that the rest of my associates are also bothered by these... anxieties. The only ones not affected are the children -- bless them, find the whole thing an exciting adventure. Ah, to be young again."
  • "Log date: 5032.4. The feeling of anxiety we've all been experiencing is growing worse."
  • "Log date: 5038.3. Professor Wilkins finished his excavation today. Although whatever civilization that might have been here was destroyed by some natural catastrophe, it appears one of the race took refuge in the cave. And, for our efforts, we are becoming only more apprehensive, as if some unseen force were... influencing us."
  • "I'm being influenced to do things that do not make sense. I even went so far as to call Starfleet Command, to request a spaceship to be used as a transport. It was only when I couldn't tell them what I wanted to transport that I began to realize that my mind was being directed. I decided to send a dispatch to Starfleet, warning them. God forgive us! We must destroy ourselves! The alien upon us! The enemy from within! The enemy!"
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