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Starship Duel I is one of four Star Trek mini-games created by FASA in 1984. It came out in conjunction with the release of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

It allows you to command either the refit USS Enterprise, Kruge's "K-22 Klingon Bird-of-Prey" (roughly equivalent to a B'rel-class scout) the or the larger "L-42 Stronger Bird" (similar to the K'vort-class cruiser). Rule variations allow for even matching of ships – the damaged Enterprise versus the K-22, or the full-strength Enterprise versus the L-42.

Although the box back specifies play for two players, the rules include options for solitaire play as well. It is compatible with the Starship Duel II game for combined play. Presumably, more Starship Duel games were planned, but never produced.

Game description

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You are in command of the Enterprise. She is heavily damaged from the Khan Incident and has lost most of her power. Having just reached the Genesis Planet, you're ready for the search for Captain Spock's container. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a Klingon Bird-of-Prey class scout appears. The Klingon commander begins maneuvering his ship for the kill. You move the Enterprise away from his first volley of fire and now the duel begins.
The Starship Duel series by FASA uses a unique and fascinating movement system governed by the Starship Navigation Wheel. Players plot their moves on their wheels then check to see in which view-port the enemy is located. If you were able to outguess your opponent, FIRE!!! Each game includes 2 Starship Navigation Wheels, 3 Statistic cards, 75 counters, 2 dice and the rulebook. All Starship Duel games are interchangeable with each other and may be combined for even more fun. A game for 2 players ages 12 and up.

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