Unofficially, many starships are classified by their design type. Although Starfleet tries not to classify their vessels in any such categorization, there have been numerous occasions where a Starfleet officer referred to Starfleet or enemy vessels by type during a fleet engagement, such as in Operation Return when Captain Sisko calls upon Galaxy wings to engage Galor-class destroyers. (DS9: "Sacrifice of Angels")

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In some unclear terms, the designations for several starship classes have been the issue of some confusion. Some examples are:

  • The Oberth-class has sometimes been confused with the scout designation, though it is officially a science vessel rather than a scout.
  • Similarly, the Constitution-class starship has been classified in multiple categories as well, most notably as a heavy cruiser and as a battle cruiser.
  • The Constellation-class has also been the subject of some confusion. It may have been a new kind of heavy cruiser in its early life, then later called a medium cruiser, light cruiser, and possibly even a destroyer in its late life. Another possibility was being classified as an explorer, which is similar to a heavy cruiser. If this is still its unofficial designation, then it would contradict its current status, thus the confusion.
  • The Galaxy-class was officially an explorer, but has also been referred to as a heavy cruiser (in one script reference). In an alternate, more militaristic, timeline, the equivalent of the Galaxy-class was classified as a battle cruiser.

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