In 2370 numerous log entries were made in the station log on Deep Space 9. (Star Trek: Deep Space 9)


Entries Edit

Station evacuation Edit

Cardassian orphans Edit

  • "Station Log, Stardate 47177.2. The arrival of Gul Dukat only powers my suspicion that we are being manipulated in some unseen manner. Doctor Bashir and Garak continue to search for anything of relevance in the adoption files. So far, they've found nothing. The decision on custody for Rugal cannot wait much longer."
  • "Station Log, Stardate 47178.3. After long and difficult deliberations, I have decided to allow Pa'Dar to take his son back to Cardassia. Although I am convinced his Bajoran foster parents treated him with love, Rugal has been the clear victim in this conspiracy. I believe it's time for his healing to begin." (DS9: "Cardassians")

Nidell's recovery Edit

Skrreean refugees Edit

Investigation of unknown lifeform aboard DS9 Edit

  • "Station Log, Stardate 47391.7. Engineering crews have been working for over 15 hours searching conduits. There have been no additional incidents and no further evidence of the alien lifeform has been found." (DS9: "The Alternate")

Among the results of various station logs recorded between Stardate 47550.0 and Stardate 47569.4.

  • "...discovered a new lifeform previously unreported. We have tentatively classified it as a protozoic species, but still have to..." (Recorded by Dax)
  • "...a request by the Chamber of Ministers that I find absolutely ridiculous. They have actually requested that we begin to screen all arriving ships..." (Recorded by Kira)
  • "...were completed at 1700 and seem to be functioning with no further difficulties. A level 1 diagnostic..." (Recorded by DeCurtis)
  • "...the Admiral seemed satisfied that the Cardassians would not violate the treaty." (Recorded by Sisko) (DS9: "Whispers")

Scouting mission Edit

  • "Station Log, Stardate 47573.1. To respond to questions about setting up colonies near the wormhole, Chief O'Brien and I have set out to survey near-by star systems." (DS9: "Paradise")
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