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Doctor Stavos Keniclius was a Human scientist who lived on Earth in the era of the Eugenics Wars.

During that period, he planned to clone the perfect specimen prototype into a master race. The concept was considered antihumanistic by Earth leaders, and Dr. Keniclius was exiled. Later essays further explained that he intended to use his master race as a peace-keeping force throughout the galaxy.

Keniclius eventually left Earth and continued his search for the perfect specimen, becoming known in legends as the modern day Diogenes, before finally ending up on the distant planet Phylos. Unfortunately, Keniclius was a carrier of a non-native staphylococcus bacterium, to which the Phylosians, a species of "intelligent plants," had no resistance. The bacteria spread like a plague and nearly destroyed all life on Phylos. Keniclius worked to save the Phylosians from his disease. The Phylosians eventually referred to Keniclius as "the Master."

Before his death, Keniclius was able to produce several clones of himself, including Stavos Keniclius 5, to continue his search for the perfect specimen. (TAS: "The Infinite Vulcan")

Background Information

According to Dr. McCoy, Keniclius was born over 250 years ago from 2269. Based on the statement, he was born some time before 2019. According to Kirk, the clones of Stavos seemed to be out of date in their knowledge of galactic affairs by about two centuries. Based on this statement, Stavos arrived on Phylos in the late 21st century.

When Keniclius' face first appears in "The Infinite Vulcan", the episode's script reads, "It is the same man [as Keniclius 5] except for the differences in size. The accompanying chart reads 5'10' tall."

Some voice actors in the episode pronounced the character's name as "Keniculus."

According to the Strange New Worlds 9 story "The Rules of War", Keniclius was a specific enemy commander with whom an ancestor of Captain Archer negotiated the evacuation of school children from a war zone, an incident mentioned in ENT: "Hatchery".

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