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A stellar cartography lab aboard the Enterprise-D in 2370

Stellar cartography was an area of a starship dedicated to the science and practice of charting planets or space. It fell under the direction of the department head of stellar sciences department. (TNG: "Lessons")

During the USS Enterprise's mission to Pollux IV in 2267, Captain James T. Kirk ordered the cartographic detail to stand by before ordering all cartographic sections to "implement standard orders," which was otherwise described as "all cartographic standards full automatic." (TOS: "Who Mourns for Adonais?")

Aboard the USS Enterprise-D, it shared a deck with biological research and astrophysics, the three combined taking up most of the deck. Reginald Barclay mistakenly believed it to be located on Deck 11. (TNG: "Liaisons", "Realm of Fear")

In 2369, the stellar cartography section of the Enterprise-D charted the globular cluster FGC-13, located in the Amargosa Diaspora. During the mission, they needed a better position to study the cluster, requiring the Enterprise to be brought about. (TNG: "Schisms")

Later that year, Lieutenant Commander Nella Daren transferred in as the department head of the stellar sciences department aboard the Enterprise-D. She later approved the transfer of Ensign Cabot from quantum mechanics to stellar cartography, without first consulting with Commander William T. Riker. Riker considered this to be a breach in protocol. (TNG: "Lessons")

Another, larger lab in 2371

In 2370, Captain Jean-Luc Picard was about to order stellar cartography to begin doing something when the ship started behaving strangely. (TNG: "Emergence") In 2371, Captain Picard and Lieutenant Commander Data visited stellar cartography in an effort to research the motivations behind the actions of Dr. Tolian Soran to track the Nexus' course for using the trilithium weapon: the solar probe to destroy two stars: the Amargosa and the Veridian. (Star Trek Generations)

Aboard the USS Enterprise-E, stellar cartography was on deck 11 and considered a vital system. (Star Trek: First Contact)

On the USS Voyager, Jenny and Megan Delaney served in stellar cartography. (VOY: "Time and Again") After Chakotay suggested placing Quinn, a Q, in stellar cartography, Captain Janeway quipped that they could shut down Stellar Cartography with all the knowledge he would bring to the job. (VOY: "Death Wish")

In 2372, the people in Voyager's stellar cartography quickly nicknamed a newly-discovered planet Planet Hell. Not long thereafter, they were hoping for Captain Janeway to review their latest report. (VOY: "Parturition", "Persistence of Vision")

After a massive amount of telemetry was gathered by an experimental warp flight conducted by Tom Paris, Captain Janeway ordered his shuttle logs transferred to stellar cartography for analysis, noting that it could be made into a star chart. (VOY: "Threshold")

Voyager's stellar cartography was never seen and stopped being mentioned on Voyager after the upgrade of the previously unmentioned and unseen astrometrics lab early in season four. Astrometrics then began filling a role similar to how stellar cartography was used on the Enterprise-D.

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