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Steve Epting (born 18 October) is a comic book artist.

Epting attended the University of South Carolina before working for First Comics in 1989 as an artist on backup stories for Nexus, Dreadstar, and Whisper. In early 1991, First Comics was out of business and Epting had moved to Marvel Comics, where he worked on Avengers as a full-time penciller. He worked closely with Bob Harras and Tom Palmer in crafting the stories before leaving the title in 1994 to work on the X-Men titles.

In the late 1990s, he moved to DC Comics and worked on Aquaman with Dan Jurgens before the title was cancelled with issue #75. He returned to the Avengers briefly before moving to CrossGen and working on Crux. When CrossGen folded, he began working on Captain America and the FF title.

In 1996 Epting contributed pinup art to Star TreX.

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