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Steve Rosolio is an award-winning, freelance animator who worked as a set decoration production assistant on 2009's Star Trek, along with Melani Petrushkin.

Rosolio earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Art from Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. He also took extended animation courses at the University of California in Los Angeles.

As an animator, Rosolio works primarily with Adobe Flash although he also works in traditional animation. He is a web page designer, as well. Rosolio won the Grand Prize Award from the GEICO Golden Gecko Nationwide film/animation competition for one of his animations.

From August 2005 through January 2007, Rosolio worked as Marketing Coordinator at Sony Pictures Television. Later in 2007, Rosolio began working as a set decoration production assistant on the upcoming Disney film G-Force, directed by Star Trek: The Motion Picture photographic effects camera operator Hoyt Yeatman.

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