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Steven-Charles Jaffe produced Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country with Ralph Winter. He was also the film's Second Unit Director. He is the son of fellow film producer Herb Jaffe (1921–1991), with whom he frequently worked.

In his role as second unit director, Jaffe directed much of the assassination event in zero gravity aboard the Kronos One. (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Special Edition) DVD-special feature, "text commentary")

Both William Shatner's memoirs Star Trek Movie Memories (1995, p. 371) and Cinefantastique magazine (Vol 22 #5, 1992, p. 27) incorrectly stated that Jaffe was the son of Paramount Communications Vice-President Stanley R. Jaffe, who at the time, as interim Paramount Pictures President, was actually involved with the production of The Undiscovered Country, by reversing the movie's cancellation decision of the recently fired executive David Kirkpatrick.


Jaffe has worked with Star Trek VI director and co-writer Nicholas Meyer on several other projects directed by Meyers. Jaffe was an associate producer and second unit director on Meyers' 1979 film Time After Time, which starred Malcolm McDowell and Star Trek VI performer David Warner. (His father, Herb, was the producer of this film.) Next, Jaffe was the second unit director on the controversial 1983 made-for-TV movie The Day After, which featured Bibi Besch and cinematography by Gayne Rescher. Afterwards, Jaffe was the producer and second unit director of Meyers' 1991 film, Company Business, starring Kurtwood Smith and Terry O'Quinn.

Jaffe also worked on several films directed by Kathryn Bigelow, beginning with the 1987 film Near Dark (featuring Jenette Goldstein and Roger Aaron Brown). This was followed by the 1995 science fiction action thriller Strange Days, which he produced with James Cameron. He also directed that film's second unit photography. His subsequent collaborations with Bigelow were as an executive producer on the 2000 thriller The Weight of Water and as a co-producer the 2002 Paramount Pictures submarine thriller K-19: The Widowmaker.

In addition, Jaffe was associate producer on 1977's Demon Seed (starring Gerrit Graham and Fritz Weaver and featuring Michael Dorn, with music by Jerry Fielding), produced 1989's The Fly II, and was the executive producer of Paramount Pictures' popular 1990 film Ghost (starring Whoopi Goldberg and Vincent Schiavelli). Most recently, Jaffe produced, directed, and photographed an acclaimed documentary on cartoonist Gahan Wilson.

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