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Steven Berkoff (born 3 August 1937; age 83) is an English actor who played Hagath in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine fifth season episode "Business as Usual".

He has appeared in motion pictures such as Rambo: First Blood Part II as Col. Podovsky (which also starred Charles Napier and Julia Nickson-Soul), Beverly Hills Cop as Victor Maitland (co-starring Ronny Cox, Michael Champion, Jonathan Banks and Doug Warhit), Octopussy as General Orlov (with Vijay Amritraj), and as Tom in A Clockwork Orange, with Malcolm McDowell, who also happens to be the uncle of Alexander Siddig, who starred as Julian Bashir on Deep Space Nine and directed "Business as Usual." In 2001 he was one of the actors in the film In the Beginning; in the same film were also Star Trek actors William O. Campbell and David Warner. Berkoff starred as the 15th century Italian renegade monk Savonarola in both the 1990 film A Season of Giants and the 2011 television series The Borgias.

He also starred as Stilgar on the Children of Dune miniseries, with Alec Newman and Alice Krige, and in the War and Remembrance mini-series as German dictator Adolf Hitler. The series starred a plethora of Star Trek actors, among them William Schallert, Natalia Nogulich, Logan Ramsey, Paul Lambert, Charles Napier, Bruce French, George Murdock, John Rhys-Davies, and Jeremy Kemp.

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