For the CBS Digital flame artist, please see Steven Miller (CBS Digital).

Steven Miller was a Human male. He was the husband of Victoria Miller, the father of Wyatt Miller and a close personal friend of Ian and Betazoid Ambassador Lwaxana Troi. For some time including 2364, he lived on Earth with his wife, though earlier they lived elsewhere.

Troi had sensed his erotic thoughts about her, although she noted his limited imagination.

His son and Deanna Troi were genetically bonded when they were children as required by Betazoid custom. His wife and Lwaxana argued over the wedding arrangements, especially the Betazed tradition of the wedding party being naked. He did not have any objections to this, and agreed to be naked along with Lwaxana during the ceremony. (TNG: "Haven")

Steven Miller was played by actor Robert Ellenstein.
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