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Stone and Anvil is a Star Trek: New Frontier novel – the fourteenth book in the series – written by Peter David. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in hardback in October 2003.

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From the book jacket
Fans of Peter David's best selling New Frontier saga have been eagerly awaiting a new adventure featuring Captain Mackenzie Calhoun, Captain Elizabeth Shelby, and the crews of the Starships Excalibur and Trident. Now at last Calhoun and Shelby return in an exciting page-turner the explores the past of both captains – while simultaneously confronting them with a perilous dilemma in the present.
A crewman has been murdered aboard the USS Trident, and all evidence points to Ensign Janos of the Excalibur. Calhoun is reluctant to accept that Janos, a powerful non-humanoid whom the captain has known and trusted for years, could be a killer an immediately launches an investigation into the crime. But this troubling murder mystery soon escalates into a full-fledged diplomatic crisis that threatens to pit Calhoun and Shelby against the entire United Federation of Planets and the starship Enterprise.
Meanwhile, the turmoil involving Ensign Janos forces Calhoun to recall his own tempestuous past, his rocky relationship with a young Elizabeth Shelby, and a long-ago exploit that may have everything to do with the deadly emergency that now confronts them all.

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Memorable quotes Edit

"I couldn't exactly see myself running a school for gifted youngsters."

- Picard, on Starfleet Academy
This refers to Patrick Stewart's role in X-Men.

"This may take longer than half an hour."

- Captain Calhoun, to Captain Shelby after discovering the body of Lt Cmdr Gleau

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  • The audiobook version was abridged by George Truett.
  • The first printing of the hardback came with a CD-ROM containing eBooks of all the New Frontier novels to date. These digital copies were compatible only with Adobe Reader 3.0

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Captain Mackenzie Calhoun
Captain Elizabeth Shelby
Robin Lefler
Doctor Selar
Zak Kebron
Si Cwan
Kalinda Cwan
Kat Mueller

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USS Excalibur (NCC-26517-A) 
Galaxy-class Federation starship.
USS Trident (NCC-31347) 
Federation starship.

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