Stonn was a male Vulcan who married T'Pring in 2267.

Although T'Pring had been bonded to Spock as a child, she preferred Stonn instead, and claimed Kal-if-fee at the koon-ut-kal-if-fee wedding ceremony. Spock would have to fight for her and Stonn expected he would be T'Pring's choice as champion.

When she chose James Kirk as her champion, he protested, but was ordered to be silent by T'Pau, who was the master of the ceremony. T'Pring's choice of Kirk as her champion ensured that Stonn would be her consort, because neither Spock nor Kirk would want her if they won, and even if Spock did marry her, there would have been little difference because he would be gone most of the time and she intended to have an affair with Stonn anyway.

As Spock returned to the USS Enterprise he told Stonn that T'Pring was now his but cautioned him that he might not find having as pleasing as wanting. (TOS: "Amok Time")

Stonn was played by Lawrence Montaigne.
In the script for "Amok Time", Stonn was characterized as "a tall muscular Vulcan with a handsome and non-horrifying face." The script also specified that his name was to be "pronounced 'Stahn'."

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