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Strange & Amazing Facts About Star Trek is a volume of (presumably) little-known facts about the Star Trek stars, the original TV series, and first three movies. The volume is illustrated with stills from both the television series and movies.


From the book jacket
Are you a Trekker?
Do you know how a Vulcan's eyes are different from an Earthling's eyes?
Do you know who played Captain James T. Kirk in the pilot episode of Star Trek? (It wasn't William Shatner.)
Do you know how Khan Noonien Singh escaped from Earth?
Whether you know the answers to these questions or not, if you like Star Trek, you'll enjoy this book. It's filled with facts and trivia about:
So open the cover of this book, and get ready to go "where no man has gone before."

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The book is split into numbered chapters as follows:

  1. The History of Star Trek
  2. Captain Kirk
  3. William Shatner
  4. Mr. Spock
  5. Leonard Nimoy
  6. The Crew
  7. The Enterprise
  8. Star Trek Technology
  9. Villains
  10. Aliens and Alternate Universes
  11. The Films
  12. The Fans
  13. Star Trek Trivia Quiz

Background information[]

  • One of the notes on the back cover is incorrect, as William Shatner did portray James T. Kirk in the second pilot of Star Trek. Kirk did not appear in "The Cage" at all.