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This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Lower Decks, and thus may contain spoilers.

Riker and Kolrami playing Strategema

For the ENT episode with a similar title, please see "Stratagem".

Strategema (strata-JAY-mah) was an electronic game played between two opponents.

The equipment for the game consisted of a holographic projector that created the image of three panels. Using a set of controls that were placed on each finger, the players attempted to move their game pieces to change the color of the panels to the assigned color of the player while the opponent attempted to do likewise. When one player completely changed the color of the panels to his assigned color, the game was won.

Sirna Kolrami was quite skilled at this game, having reached third level grand master, but his arrogance encouraged challenges such as when he was supervising a war game exercise on the USS Enterprise-D. However, Kolrami's skill was too formidable, and no player except Lieutenant Commander Data presented much of a challenge.

Data, after his first loss, did find a means to defeat Kolrami on his second try. To do so, Data took the unorthodox strategy of deliberately playing for a stalemate with the focus of blocking Kolrami's moves for an indefinite length of time. The game in question broke the record for duration and only ended when Kolrami forfeited the game in frustration, thereby conceding to Data the win. At the time of Kolrami's forfeit, Data and Kolrami had over 33,000 moves each. (TNG: "Peak Performance")

When the USS Cerritos crew had R&R time on the way to the Kontaran system in 2381, Brad Boimler proposed a Strategema tournament to Beckett Mariner, Sam Rutherford, and D'Vana Tendi. However, the others all already had plans. (LD: "wej Duj")