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Admiral Strickler was a male Starfleet flag officer who worked at Starfleet Headquarters on Earth during 2372.

In an alternate timeline, Lieutenant Lasca and Ensign Kim were to have a presentation with Admiral Strickler regarding the newly designed Yellowstone-class runabout. Strickler was familiar with the ship's specifications and thought it was an interesting design. However, he was more interested that they address the dilithium fracture problem in the ship's warp drive. His query was cut short when Ensign Kim was unable to make his presentation, subsequently cutting their meeting short. Strickler was unable to reschedule because he was already scheduled to conduct a three-week tour of the Cardassian border a few days later. Following the aborted meeting, Strickler had a meeting with the head of Starfleet Security.

The following day Kim was arrested for accessing classified Starfleet records regarding the USS Voyager. Admiral Strickler presided over the informal inquiry, and later ordered restrictions on Kim's movements. (VOY: "Non Sequitur")

Admiral Strickler was played by Jack Shearer, who would go on to appear as Vice Admiral Hayes in several additional appearances.
Strickler's name, which was not mentioned during the episode, comes from the script, the Star Trek Encyclopedia (2nd ed., p. 479), the Star Trek: Voyager Companion (p. 66), The Official Star Trek: Voyager Magazine issue 5 and the unofficial reference book Beyond the Final Frontier (p. 284).
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