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Struggle for the Throne is one of four Star Trek mini-games created by FASA in 1984. It came out in conjunction with the release of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock.

Game materials are based on the FASA version of Klingons, which itself is based on their depiction in John M. Ford's novel The Final Reflection. This includes a Klingon Empire whose homeworld is called Klinzhai instead of Qo'noS, that still has an Emperor in the "movie era", and incorporates "thought admirals" (high-level officers who are masters of tactics and strategy) into the Klingon ranks.

Game description

From the game box back
The Klingon Emperor is dying, and the Struggle for the Throne has already begun between the powerful Thought Admirals. Each Admiral uses bribery, assassination, spies, threats, battles and even making deals to gain power while the Emperor still lives. Klingon diplomacy is intense, for when the Emperor dies it will be open war among the Thought Admirals. The strongest will surely attain the throne and glory for his family.
In the easy to play Micro-Adventure Game from FASA each player plays the part of a Klingon Thought Admiral trying to win the Struggle for the Throne. In order to win players must interact with each other in making deals, bribing other players, and attempting to influence the Emperor. Included in the game are 76 Action cards, 112 playing pieces, a modular map, 2 dice and the rules. Struggle For The Throne is a 2 to 6 player game designed to give hours of enjoyment for all.

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