Hawkins using stun baton

Hawkins using his stun baton aboard the Seleya


MACO W. Woods wearing an equipment belt with a stun baton on the right side of the belt

A stun baton was a non-lethal weapon that immobilized targets with a powerful electrical shock. During the 22nd century, stun batons were used by Tandaran guards at Detention Complex 26, in attempts to maintain order among Suliban prisoners there. (ENT: "Detained") In the 2150s, stun batons were also frequently used by Military Assault Command Operations (MACO) officers and by Orion workers at an Orion slave market on Verex III. (ENT: "The Xindi", "North Star")

At Detention Complex 26, Major Klev routinely carried a stun baton in regular inspections of the facility's Suliban internees. When a Suliban man accidentally dropped a cup amid one of the inspections, Klev jabbed the male prisoner with the stun baton. On another inspection, Klev used the handle of his stun baton to painlessly nudge a Suliban boy into line and to subsequently separate Travis Mayweather from Jonathan Archer, as Colonel Grat had asked to speak to the latter Starfleet officer alone. Klev later used his stun baton to painfully prod Malcolm Reed, while Reed was disguised as a Suliban and was being shepherded – along with Mayweather – out of a cell by Klev, as both Reed and Mayweather were late for an inspection. Klev had his stun baton with him when he died in an explosion, moments later. (ENT: "Detained")

This Tandaran weapon is not named on screen; the reference to it as a stun baton comes from the final draft script of "Detained". Although Reed recovers fairly quickly from being struck by Klev's stun baton in the episode's final version, the weapon caused Reed to fall to his knees, dazed, in the script. Reed and Klev then struggled with each other for the stun baton, Reed finally hitting it against Klev's jaw, knocking him unconscious.

During a rescue operation conducted by Major J. Hayes in a trellium-D mine, S. Money was able to use her stun baton to defend herself against an enemy. (ENT: "The Xindi")

A Xindi-Reptilian was stunned by a MACO using a stun baton. The Reptilian committed suicide. (ENT: "Rajiin")

Private F. Hawkins was using his stun baton aboard the Vulcan D'kyr-type combat cruiser Seleya in 2153 against the crewmembers after one of them disarmed him when he was using his particle rifle. (ENT: "Impulse")

In 2154, one of the Orion slavers at the Verex III slave processing station struck his baton against a holding pen containing T'Pol, to put an abrupt end to a discussion between her and Jonathan Archer, who was outside the pen, along with the Orion slavers. After Archer and Doctor Arik Soong enabled the slaves there to escape, the Orion slavers attempted to control the escaped slaves by striking them with the batons. Conversely, Soong, who Archer had been keeping in handcuffs, managed to escape by electrocuting Archer with one of the batons. Soong then used his baton to administer an electric shock to his own neck, where a Starfleet transponder had been implanted. He was thereby able to deactivate the transponder. (ENT: "Borderland")

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