David encased in styrolite

Styrolite was a hard, transparent substance occasionally used in medicine to secure highly contagious or infectious specimens for transport when quarantine fields alone are insufficient. The specimen was placed in suspended animation and encased in a skin-tight contoured layer of styrolite. Once encased, the specimen was effectively isolated from the surrounding environment. Styrolite was often used in conjunction with quarantine force fields as an added measure of redundancy.

There were different types of styrolite. Number 6 is one example.

During her time aboard the USS Enterprise-D, Doctor Katherine Pulaski used styrolite to transport a genetically-engineered Human male aboard the ship for examination. With the assistance of Chief Miles O'Brien, a site-to-site transport protocol was implemented wherein the styrolite materialized slightly ahead of the patient, thus ensuring consistent quarantine. In addition to this precaution, a level 10 quarantine field was employed until integrity of the styrolite was confirmed. (TNG: "Unnatural Selection")

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