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Sue Henley (born 10 July 1961; age 63) is a former actress who worked as a stand-in and photo double for lead actress Kate Mulgrew as Captain Kathryn Janeway on all seven seasons of Star Trek: Voyager. She also appeared as Brooks in several episodes and was previously featured in several episodes of the second and third seasons of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. She worked as stand-in for several guest actresses and for Gates McFadden on Star Trek: Insurrection and appeared in other background roles in Voyager as well.

Lewis and Henley, Insurrection

Henley and Susan Lewis standing in on Insurrection

Henley auditioned for the stand-in part for Geneviève Bujold at the beginning of Star Trek: Voyager on Wednesday 7 September 1994 along with Linda Harcharic but was not hired. When Bujold left the production and Kate Mulgrew was cast as the new captain, Henley auditioned again for the stand-in part on Thursday 22 September 1994 and Friday 23 September 1994 along with Harcharic and Joni German. She was chosen by the producers and had her first day at work on Monday 26 September 1994 at Paramount Stage 8 for the first season episode "Caretaker".

Stand-ins, Caretaker

Henley and the other stand-ins during filming of "Caretaker"

The character Henley in the episode "Learning Curve" was named after Henley. According to an interview with Henley, she did little background work on the first season because of her strong likeness to Mulgrew. Occasionally she wore a wig, which she described as a "hideous black dead-rat-looking wig". [1] Almost every time two "Janeways" are seen on screen and no computer effects were integrated, Henley worked as on screen photo double for Mulgrew, for example in the last episode "Endgame", where she replaced Admiral Kathryn Janeway in several scenes. Her costume from this episode was later sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [2] Parts of her Starfleet uniform were also sold off and were worn by fellow background performers Alicia Lewis and Anna Deng. [3] [4]

Sue Henley end credits

Henley credited as "Ensign Brooks"

Henley received screen credit for her part of Ensign Brooks twice throughout the series. She was credited as "Ensign" in the end credits of "Darkling" for her turbolift scene which she filmed on Monday 9 December 1996 alongside Robert Picardo on Paramount Stage 9. Here, she spoke her first words on the series, "Deck 10". Her second credit as "Ensign Brooks" was in the end credits of the episode "Year of Hell". Here she filmed her mess hall and corridor scenes on Thursday 14 August 1997 on Paramount Stage 9 and she spoke a second time on the series, "Seven".

Her work as photo double for Kate Mulgrew for the first season episode "The Cloud" was filmed on 2nd unit on Friday 6 January 1995 on Paramount Stage 8 but was later not part of the episode. In this episode only hand double Trisha Burton and an unknown pool professional doubled for Mulgrew.

Stand-ins on location, caretaker

Henley and fellow stand-ins on location for "Caretaker"

For her appearance as Pelian pedestrian in the episode "Non Sequitur", she filmed her scenes on Tuesday 25 July 1995 and Wednesday 26 July 1995 on location at the New York Street backlot. Henley is listed twice as background actress on the call sheets of the episode "Future's End". The scene as a Santa Monica Beach goer was filmed on Monday 12 August 1996 on location at the Santa Monica Pier. On Tuesday 13 August 1996 and Wednesday 14 August 1996, Henley is listed as a car passerby with her own car for the scenes filmed at the Griffith Observatory.

The call sheet for Friday 6 September 1996 of the episode "Warlord" listed Henley as "Phones – 1 Sue" in the optical palace interior scene which was built on Paramount Stage 16. For "Darkling", she filmed her scene as "Alien" in the planet lodge on Thursday 12 December 1996 on Paramount Stage 16. Her scenes as Borg in the seventh season episode "Unimatrix Zero, Part II" were filmed on Thursday 20 July 2000 on Paramount Stage 9.

During the filming of the third season episode "The Swarm" on Thursday 1 August 1996, Henley went to Paramount Stage 9 for a laser scan as a "Gudge" along with Tracee Lee Cocco and Louis Ortiz for the unreleased video game Star Trek: Voyager - Retribution. She had a makeup call at 10:00 am and a set call at 1:00 pm. On Friday 25 July 1997, Henley also worked as stand-in for Mulgrew for a video sequence of a Paramount Images CD-Rom video on Paramount Stage 9.

On the set of Voyager she met Keith Rayve, another regular background actor and stand-in. They bonded and married shortly after Insurrection. The couple has one daughter. Henley's work on Deep Space Nine and Voyager was her only work in the television and film industry.

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